Study: Having attractive husband makes women likelier to fixate on body image

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The attractiveness of one’s partner may play a role in their decision to improve their body image, particularly when it comes to women, a new study finds.

Researchers at Florida State University examined 113 newlywed, 20-something couples in Texas to try to evaluate the importance that attractiveness plays in a relationship.

Woman looking at mirror
A new study finds that women who felt their husbands were more attractive than them are more likely to fixate on their body image.

With previous studies having shown that a marriage is more likely to be successful when the wife is more attractive than her husband, the phenomenon of a more-attractive husband particularly piqued the researchers’ interest.

The experiment conducted by the researchers had multiple components.

First, participants were instructed to take a questionnaire examining one’s desire to diet or have a lean figure. Then, a diverse group of researchers evaluated the desirability of each partner in a couple, basing their evaluations on the individual’s facial and body attractiveness.

Based on their findings, their hypothesis — that less-attractive wives felt compelled to appease more-attractive husbands — seemed to have merit.

Women, for example, were found to be more likely to diet and seek a slim figure when they had attractive husbands.

Men, on the other hand, did not diet based on their partner’s attractiveness — or lack thereof.

“The results reveal that having a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives, especially if those wives are not particularly attractive,” says researcher Tania Reynolds in a university news release.

These findings are critical in that they offer insight into the causes of more grave conditions caused by a desire to become or stay svelte, such as eating disorders.

“The research suggests there might be social factors playing a role in women’s disordered eating,” Reynolds adds.

Future research could look into whether also being exposed to less-judgmental female companions would help reverse much of the self-inflicted stigma that burdens many women.

The study’s findings are published in the September 2017 edition of the journal Body Image.


  1. Or…. wives don’t want to go through the effort of looking nice if their husband looks like a slob (unless they plan on divorce). It’s extremely annoying to put in effort for a good and healthy body image when your spouse doesn’t take care of themselves and isn’t attractive with that extra 50-100lbs. Yep, speaking from experience.

    1. Are you saying you have an extra 50 to 100 pounds? Or is that all the extra weight from your female entitlement and ego being carried around your over the hill turkey neck. Men are not here to be your eye candy nor make you feel special after all we are all equal right and you don’t need no man? Maybe the reason your ex gained so much weight is because you are a vacuous selfish moron with sociopathic outlook and it made him wonder “what’s the point”. Stay a salty single hag just like all the other nasty single independent cat owners.

        1. Most women have no real love and care for men. Just go MGTOW and be free of these disgusting selfish creatures.

        1. Whats typical…… is that you are using your many fake learning disorders to cover up the fact you are a low IQ moron incapable of a real argument. Women are not victims they are whiny spoiled idiots crying for attention as the children that they are.

          After all my name is not “distracted reader” maybe get some self awareness and then some help with your ADD.

      1. Current husband, not an ex. He doesn’t care to be healthy for our two daughters (one in the oven and another 17 months old) and that makes me a hag? No, I have to stay married for our daughters so I can’t talk about that stuff with him without being a nag. We don’t talk about his bad health. Frankly, anything I would say would go in one ear and out the other, so I don’t say crap to him. Someone like a doctor would have to tell him to be more healthy.

      2. And no, I weigh 123″ at 5′ 2″ and he weighs 340 at 6′ 7″. However I am going into my third trimester, so my normal weight is 115. And I’m 27 years old. The military made me love working out and he enjoyed that about me. He just didn’t enjoy doing it himself or anything else physical.

      3. And , no. He was 350lbs and decided that he wanted a hot wife and didn’t want to be pigeonholed into marrying a fat woman because he was fat. So he lost the weight. And we got married nary 4 months from my departure from the Navy. He kept it off for almost two years then let his old habits back in. I worked at Caterpillar until I was laid off. But he wanted a stay at home wife for all the babies. With a decent severance package, I conceded. Still help with our rental property, over 50 chickens, 17 month old and currently pregnant with our second daughter due in September. I feel better about myself caring for my appearance and not being one of “those” wives that gain weight. But if I’m putting in effort, shouldn’t he? I want to desire my husband, but with all the fat, it’s very HARD. If he was at least trying to be healthy, that would be one thing.

    2. Angela, your comment shows you are likely both a slob and a little bit dumb.
      The study shows a gender DIFFERENCE.

      1. Um, no. I love working out, enjoy the gym, but my hubby has +200lbs on me. When we married, he cared about his physique and made time for it. Now, he just wants to veg infront of the TV.

  2. …Or maybe, when she keeps the weight off, she doesn’t develop heart disease or diabetes which have a much higher incidence and mortality rate than “eating disorders”? Sounds like this study was rigged to produce the “Eating disorder so men are bad” outcome. LOL!

    1. Condescending troll. I’ll bet you’re a true gem. Men know they suck and just want to blame women for their woes. Thanks for the laughs.

      1. Uh… Don’t try to say that all men think they suck. Your personal experiences may lead you to believe that you are a piece of 5h17, but that just means that men think you suck. You’re probably married to a cow and think you deserve it, lol.

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  3. Hey…I’m a physician…I just don’t understand how these researchers get funding making these inane findings…
    Here’s a theory…men with sm genitalia get few dates…and I received no grants yet to prove my theory…
    Any avg looking females waning to contribute…

    1. You’ll never find volunteers for your study for the simple reason that men with small peckers won’t admit to it.

  4. Show me a fat slob couch potato and I’ll show you …… a female fat slob couch potato.

    that was easy.

    1. I suggest you work on your reading comprehension. attractive partner does not affect men’s behavior, while it does affect women’s behavior.
      Women are also more likely to have breast augmentation when the male is more attractive.

      1. Everyone who hurts my fee fee’s is a troll that looks like hitler, maybe stop being a weak little biitch and grow up.

  5. I hope the American taxpayer isn’t funding this alleged “research.” I could spend less than ten minutes thinking about this topic and come up with the same conclusions.

  6. Why are we repeatedly subjected to the photo of the abs of some guy with no discernible d*ćk after every two comments?

      1. Not sure how personalized they are. I never visit click-bait sites re: “what three foods doctors consider ‘death foods'” nor anything like that. And I believe his complaint is that for “personalized” ads, their clearly inaccurate algorithm could at least pick more than one to display repeatedly.

  7. If my wife is unattractive-she will come to terms with her deficit in the relationship and let me walk all over her. Got it!

    1. On the other hand if your woman is fat and ugly and does nothing about it, it is because she deems you fatter and uglier than she.

      1. Lol. Yep, that’s what they’re saying.
        “Honey, you haven’t been to the gym in a long time.”
        Wife replies (with a mouth full of chocolate cake while looking at the TV), “shut up and give me the remote.”

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      1. actually the data show otherwise. A man marrying an ugly women is of no benefit to the man. A woman marrying an ugly man seems to have reduce worry about self image

        1. Who cares how the woman feels regardless of her appearance? It’s not about them. It’s all about the men!

  9. Stupid.
    Fat, unhealthy women get inspired to improve their health and physique….and this is a Bad thing?!?!?
    Get off it. Healthy is beautiful. Fat and slovenly is Not. If women are improving themselves, then that is a net positive for the world.

  10. What Daniel Steingelding fails to recognize is that it is the swordsman, not the sword. Seeking some adornment to make himself look better is a sure sign of inferiority. I am not sure a gelding will get any kind of woman, Danny, uh….

  11. Even if true the study is irrelevant because it’s not as if women are going to start dating less attractive men for the health benefits. Women are even more prone to being blinded by emotion and hormones than men are, They will convince themselves that Mr Tall Dark and Handsome is not as big a meathead douche-bag as he seems. The phenomenon of women getting wet over “bad boys” is proof enough that logic and reason are not a big part of their mating thought process.

    1. Pairing is transactional. For partnering women are attracted to men’s earning power, status, dominance and to a lesser degree attractiveness (ie health). That is well documented
      Men are attracted to physical attractiveness in women to a much higher degree than other factors.
      1) all of human history
      2) every serious study

  12. Sorry, but none of the women I’ve known with eating disorders, like anorexia, were married or even dating…They seem to have such low self-esteem that they effectively turn off any would be suitors.

    As to women that eat too much…It seems to cut both ways…Many men appreciate a plump and voluptuous woman…And they seem to have no trouble attracting handsome guys as long as they feel good about themselves.

    As to morbidly obese women…You could argue it’s health concerns and not attraction issues that really motivate them to want to slim down…Regardless of how good looking their man is they have real medical issues to contend with, as I’m sure their doctors have told them.

    Seems like pretty shallow research to me.

  13. Obviously, this is a major contributor to global climate change(a.k.a. global warming) Why not? Everything else is…….

  14. How shallow. If this doesn’t take the cake, nothing does! Hey Buddy, marriage has nothing to do with who is prettier. You pick a mate to raise a family and live together in mutual effort. If you worry about looks, eventually you are going to lose them. If that is the criteria, then marriages will all break down as soon as the people age. Good lord. What on earth would anyone want to partner up with someone who bases their love on looks???

    1. BTW, have you ever noticed how people look so good in their wedding pictures, but later on, they start to age and look like Walmart shoppers?
      Looks are fleeting. It is what is inside a person, their character and their drive that makes them attractive, not their temporary looks.

  15. “The results reveal that having a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives…”

    Can someone explain to me why this is negative? “Oh jeez, we don’t want women to feel like they have to take care of themselves and not get fat.” It’s not like god or evolution ordained it to be this way. It’s not like long life and heathy mindsets come from thousands of generations of people rejected for reproduction. What’s going on here?

  16. Ah yes, we don’t get to the feminist point till the end of the article = attractive husbands cause eating disorders.

  17. And therefore the song: “When you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife, so from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you.”

  18. “The results reveal that having a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives….”

    Pure speculation, and quite dubious speculation.

    Since when is it “negative” to avoid obesity?

    It’s just as likely, probably more likely that having a physically attractive husband may have *very positive* consequences for wives. Since obesity is far more common in the US than are anorexia or bulimia, “one’s desire to diet or have a lean figure” may be a *very healthy* attitude. That hypothesis is at least as valid as the opposite one stated in this article.

    The failure to consider an obvious, quite probable alternative view undermines the credibility of STUDYFINDS.ORG. Perhaps the “study” was an attempt to prove a preconceived position, to advance an agenda, rather than to discover facts.

  19. Just got back from the store, where half the women I saw were morbidly obese. No wonder they want the men to let ourselves go. Me? I’m hitting the gym this weekend. You waddling feminist whales can watch me strolling down the street with my hot, submissive girl and smolder with rage about it. I want you to.

  20. ya, bit of a hard one here. If u pick your spouse based on looks you might very well find her lacking morals and or wonder where she’s been or where she goes. Or you pick one you want around the house and want to sneak off with all the time. As a pastor I know has said ,’ go ahead and pick you out a pretty one , cuz there all crazy’.

  21. Perhaps the woman was already fixated on outward appearances and that’s why she ended up with an attractive husband in the first place… geniuses…

  22. So if a wife eats junk food all day, only wears sweat pants and doesn’t stay well groomed, does that mean the husband is fat and unattractive? Asking for a friend.

    1. And , has ‘tats’ all over as if it will hide the blubber and “enhance” ‘Its’ “beauty”?…

      See “People of Walmart” …


      1. “See ‘People of Walmart’ ”

        No bias there, no negative, denigrating stereotyping there!

        Fascinating how prejudiced (“prejudice”, from “pre-judge”) negative stereotypes are uttered so freely (even proudly) when directed toward *some* targets (often those
        targets not respected by the preachers of sacred canons of orthodox PC dogma). The Rule appears to be that prejudice must be avoided *except* when directed at “others”, then bias is a virtue. Just add a smiley face after denigrating and smearing an entire group; then it’s OK, even funny?

        Negative racial stereotyping, racism, racial denigration and discrimination, etc. have long been universally condemned, but now it’s OK, even virtuous if directed against “People of Walmart”?

        So, does our current Newspeak now endorse a new socio-economic (“Walmart People”) bigotry; is that part of “social justice”?

          1. “…seen it on YouTube…?”

            Of course, a derogatory stereotype is certified, ratified, justified, even cool if and when it appears on YouTube!

            Similarly, since both are on film, can one cite Stepin Fetchit and Amos and Andy to justify racial stereotypes and bigotry?

          2. Typically, there are NO narrations on “those” types of YouTube videos, just film footage of REALITY that’s so hard for regressives to accept. REALITY….

          3. What happened to the vaunted, self-appointed “vanguard of the proletariat”?

            What happened to the time when liberals, leftists, progressives claimed to champion the poor and downtrodden, rather than gleefully looking down on and denigrating them (as “irredeemable … deplorables” or “People of…”)? Betrayal?

            “NO narrations”

            So what? Would silent films be “reality” if they had “no narrations”? And, the title “People of Walmart”, is in effect a narration — a comment. The Walmart customers weren’t wearing t-shirts or carrying signs declaring “People of Walmart”. A more honest and accurate title would be “A Few Walmart Customers, Selected and Presented to Denigrate Them All.”

            “… film footage of REALITY….”

            Quite a claim! Whatever snippet, no matter how selective or contrived, becomes “reality” when posted? If one posted film of a few Japanese residents of Maine, would calling it “People of Maine” be an accurate, honest, realistic representation of the entire population of Maine?

            “so hard for regressives”

            How persuasive! Those having a rational fact-based argument to make needn’t rely on name-calling, clichés, or ad hominem calumny.

          4. You need to do field research at a larger city Walmart. Until then, you don’t know REALITY.

          5. “must do ‘field research’ ”

            I must???

            Oh no, it’s your assertion, therefore, it’s your burden of proof. (All caps and Latin quotes aren’t substitutes for proof or evidence.)

            You must prove what you claim is “REALITY”; one may not claim that “angels exist unless someone else proves that they don’t exist.”

            “Onus probandi” – from Latin “onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat” the burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim, not on the person who denies (or questions the claim). It is a particular case of the “argumentum ad ignorantiam” fallacy, here the burden is shifted on the person defending against the assertion.

            “When debating any issue, there is an implicit burden of proof on the person asserting a claim. ‘If this responsibility or burden of proof is shifted to a critic, the fallacy of appealing to ignorance is committed’.”
            Misplaced Burden of Proof:

            And notice how you ignore the other issues.

            — Denigrating the poor and downtrodden:

            Wouldn’t that shock St. Benedict, who was “always mindful of the poor and the needy”?

            — No proof or claim to represent all “People of Walmart.”

            — One selective snippet is not an accurate, honest, realistic representation of an entire population.

            — Why still relying on clichés, personal attacks, name-calling (“a blind eye, or denial of reality in order to feel better”)?

            So, given all that, adios!

          6. Notice how you ignore the issues.

            Those having a rational fact-based argument to make needn’t rely on name-calling, clichés, or ad hominem calumny.

          7. You can’t handle the truth (REALITY), and you won’t accept it, even when it’s shown to you. You’re the horse, lead to water, but will never drink. Go thirsty, socialist. Enjoy. MAGA!

          8. When you look at reality (video of “People of Wal-Mart”), and pretend that it is something different than what it is, you are delusional. It is unhealthy for society as a whole NOT to acknowledge when our culture is sick, than to pretend otherwise, and a link was provided for you to view what is seen in public, but you won’t admit it. No one in his or her right mind could look at those videos and think that our culture is NOT in need of great help. (St. Benedict faced reality, and that is why he was inspired to write and live by “The Rule.” It would be a great help for our sick culture, especially for those who believe in socialism/communism, but instead Ora et Labora.) Therefore, until you’re ready to look at life as it is, instead of what you pretend it to be, then you will go thirsty.
            You should really read your comments, then reflect on what you wrote about “emotional chants, clichés, slogans, and name-calling…” LOL

          9. Excellent! Actual arguments rather than substantial reliance on name-calling; arguments which can be discussed; factual arguments which reveal significant agreement.

            The Challies cite is interesting and very revealing, but it seems to be used in support of a non sequitur. My cite concerned the great number and nature of angry online comments, including “tweets”. Mr. Challis made no attempt to prove that online porn *comments* outnumber angry ones, that wasn’t his point.

            “You’re the one who somehow thinks the videos are an indictment of everyone who shops at Wal-Mart….” — svh

            Not at all. Rather, I contend that such selective, propaganda videos were produced in bad faith, produced with the intent to misrepresent and denigrate Walmart and all who shop there. As stated above, they’re as unrepresentative of the whole as would be my hypothetical “People of Maine” video.

            But that’s *not* a claim that society is free of sickness (nor is it a claim that all Walmart customers meet your lofty standards). So, we seem to agree that 1) societal sickness exists {as evidenced by enraged internet comments, porn, etc.} and 2) Walmart videos don’t accurately portray all or most of its shoppers.

            While I agree that our culture is “in need of great help”, I’d refrain from using propaganda videos except as evidence of anti-Walmart animus. A good argument is not well served by poor or suspect evidence.

            Discussing, analyzing evidence reveals our positions better than complete reliance upon name-calling. I knew you could do it if you tried!

            So, adios — again.

          10. Excellent? Aren’t you so full of yourself, as if you’re grading a “paper?” Do yourself a favor, and get over yourself already. (You’d have more friends that way.) You are long winded, and you get off topic. (That’s constructive criticism, backed up by your long comments on such a simple topic.)
            To your detriment, and others, you still deny reality. You should learn to keep it simple, and you’d have an easier time accepting reality. There are countless videos on You Tube (and alike) of public behavior that shows a very sick culture. If you cannot accept it, that’s not my problem, but at least I tried.
            P.S. You must have driven your parents (and teachers) insane with always trying to make such elaborate points on subjects that are really so, so simple. Why don’t you take a lead from a great genius, Einstein, and just keep it simple?

          11. “subject … so, so simple.”

            If “so simple”, why not stick to that “simple” issue rather than veering off into *distracting* calumny?

            And how simple an issue is it; how “sick”? Exactly when was the the Utopian Era of Cultural Health? For example:

            Was our pre 20th century culture healthy, with slavery and very limited suffrage? Were we healthier when Jim Crow laws and restrictive racial realty covenants prevailed?

            But then, how can a society sanctioning the killing of millions of the unborn be considered even *relatively* healthy? So simple, really?


            Cheer up, your relapse/return to angry name-calling is probably correctable; focus. I’m just trying to help! (NOTE: the latest issue-free post contains the word “you” almost 20 times!)

            “get off topic.”

            I’m mostly *replying* to svh posts!

            A “sick culture.”

            Yes, we *agree* at least in part, as I previously stated. Try taking “yes” for an answer, anger may be reduced.
            “Not taking ‘Yes’ for an answer?” – American Psychological Association

            So, lighten up. 🙂

          12. See? You did it again. You have NO idea how to stick to the subject. You cannot accept reality, even when shown to you.

          13. If “so simple”, why not stick to that “simple” issue rather than veering off into *distracting* personal attacks?

  23. This study could just as easily have read “Women obsessed with image are more likely to have attractive partner”. But, of course, nothing could ever be women’s fault.

  24. But,but….how does this affect Transgenders?!? I mean , doesn’t the balance of the Universe hing on that ,ever since Obergefell?…..

  25. “Appease?” About the term “please”. There is nothing wrong trying to keep your mate happy, which includes your appearance and personal hygiene.

    This is a two way street. Men try to please their wives in many ways.

    And, staying slender is, if done properly, a very healthy thing to do. What is the big deal here?

    Maybe the headline should be: When attractive men marry homely women, women hardest hit.

    Or, advice to men:: Attractive men shouldn’t marry homely women because that is exploitation. Let the homely women marry homely men and have homely children.

    I don’t want to bring up politics, but this astounding stupidity among our intellectual superiors is one reason why you got Trump.

    1. “Maybe the headline should be: When attractive men marry homely women, women hardest hit.” Hee! Hee! That is a much better headline. BTW: MAGA!

  26. “They offer insight into the causes of more grave conditions caused by a desire to become or stay svelte, such as eating disorders.” Or conditions like a toned, fit body, more resistance to disease, a healthy heart, stronger muscles, less likelihood of diabetes or stroke, and a longer life, as opposed to becoming a 500 pound pile of cottage cheese riding around Walmart on a scooter and having to stop and wheeze to catch your breath after you have to reach to get that giant pack of Twinkies off the shelf.

  27. “Future research could look into whether also being exposed to less-judgmental female companions would help reverse much of the self-inflicted stigma that burdens many women. ” Good luck to women finding “less judgmental female companions.” From working in offices to social settings, not easy. For example: I have two middle aged, female relatives who fat shame everyone, who are always bringing up uninvited weight issues at every get together. They’re all about outward appearance, and are overt about it.
    From my personal experience, many women are verbally worse, gossiping about weight and fat shaming, without any shown compassion for an obese person’s health conditions that could have caused weght.
    Why is it that women are the ones who make themselves up (make up, hair color) to look more attractive, but men don’t do half as much? Who’s causing anxiety?

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