CBD helping some Americans battle stress, sleep issues during challenging 2020

NEW YORK — If it feels like 2020 has been the longest year of your life, you’re certainly not alone. A new survey of 2,000 Americans finds 75 percent are counting down the days until this year is over. With mental health care taking front and center for so many stressed out adults, many are looking for ways to keep a healthy mind.

Like a watched kettle that refuses to boil, this year has felt like an excruciating marathon for so many. Most respondents (65%) say they’re absolutely exhausted by how constantly overwhelming this year has been.

Among respondents living with someone else (1,700 out of 2,000), 46 percent say they’re on the verge of going crazy over a lack of privacy during lockdowns. Overall, the average American gets eight hours of alone time per week. However, 8 percent report getting absolutely no time to themselves whatsoever.

Commissioned by R+R Medicinals CBD, the survey finds many Americans (55%) have struggled to find time for self-care this year. Forty-three percent believe they’re “beyond the point of return” and have given up on even thinking about self-care in 2020.

Among those still trying to get in some self-care, the average respondent only engages in four self-care routines per week. Nearly half (44%) want to find more time for self-care, but don’t know how to reach that goal.

Potential benefits from CBD

Four in 10 say they’ve found some relief via the marijuana ingredient cannabidiol, or CBD. Eleven percent use CBD on a daily basis, while 28 percent only break it out occasionally. When asked why they continue to use CBD, respondents answered that it helps with stress (24%), anxiety (22%), sleep (19%), and pain management (14%).

On the other end of the spectrum, 44 percent have never tried CBD and eight percent had never even heard of it. From this group, 31 percent say they would be willing to try CBD. Another 10 percent went so far as to say they are “very likely” to try CBD in the future.

“We’re encouraged by the momentum developing around CBD (cannabidiol) as Americans add it to their stress management routines,” says Jeff Krueger, CEO of R+R Medicinals CBD, in a statement. “With most Americans trying CBD for the first time, it’s our duty to ensure they see results. Many Americans are resistant to try CBD due to cost and skepticism. We eliminate this sentiment through our model of responsible pricing, by third party testing for quality, and through our satisfaction guarantee. It’s our intent to develop trust and acceptance of CBD as an effective supplement by allowing Americans to really put it to the test.”

For participants already using CBD, two in 10 use the cannabinoid specifically for better sleep. This is especially noteworthy because 47 percent of the poll who work from home say their sleep has suffered considerably since they started working remotely. Another 48 percent have a rough time falling and staying asleep due to working from home.

It’s clear that quarantines and lockdowns have extracted a heavy mental toll on Americans. A full 50 percent say their work-life balance was “destroyed” this year.

The study was conducted by OnePoll.

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