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NEW YORK — Three in four Americans wouldn’t mind getting rid of all their holiday traditions — as long as they can create new memories with their loved ones. A survey of 2,000 Americans examined how families spend time together when the holidays roll up and found that 73 percent bond with their loved ones during the festivities more than any other time of year.

Four in five look forward to that special time together (81%) and even more always try to make it happen every year (82%). Among parents, 73 percent say even their children are more excited about spending time with loved ones during the holidays than they expected.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Chinet, over three in four respondents shared that their favorite memories include seeing their loved ones during the holiday season (77%). Americans add that “being with family exchanging gifts,” “chatting around the fireplace,” and having “Christmas cookies at grandma’s house” rank as some of their favorite memories over the years.

1 in 3 always play host

Loved Ones HolidaysThe average American spends two whole weeks with their loved ones during the holiday season – doing everything from cooking or baking together (56%), to catching up on the year’s gossip (52%), to playing games (48%). While more people meet up for the festivities at a loved one’s home in or out of state (37%), a third are the designated host at their own home.

On average, people have 14 guests over for holiday gatherings and they’re ready to host the same number of people this year after not seeing them during the pandemic. Three in five Americans haven’t celebrated the holidays with their loved ones in at least two years (62%).

Of those that do celebrate the holidays, a third still think they’re equally as fun as when they were children (34%). Some people are more sentimental than ever, though, with three in four agreeing that they have a greater appreciation for what the holidays represent since the start of the pandemic.

“Whatever holiday traditions you have, this season is really about spending time with the people we care most about,” says Alexis Guetzlaff, brand manager at Chinet, in a statement. “After the challenges the last 18 months have thrown at us, we expect to see an even greater focus on taking time to really connect to moments that matter.”

(Finally) home for the holidays

Loved Ones HolidaysA similar number admit they’re thankful that they can spend time with their loved ones this holiday season (77%). Most of those who celebrate the holidays believe the pandemic has significantly changed their holiday traditions (63%) and even more are interested in creating new ones with their loved ones (69%).

Even after the pandemic ends, respondents plan on making an effort to meet with loved ones more often because they believe life is too short and they want to create new memories with them (77%).

“Now, more than ever, people are prioritizing valuable time spent with friends and family,” Guetzlaff adds. “We hope to play a supportive role in taking some of the work out of hosting so that everyone can enjoy the fun of being together.”

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