It’s the little things: Average person enjoys 4 ‘small wins’ each day

NEW YORK — A new study finds even the “little things” that go our way can change the whole outlook of our days. From finding a crisp $20 bill in an old jacket to finally finishing a TV series on their watchlist, the average person has four “small wins” a day, or 1,460 every year.

A survey of 2,004 Americans delved into the impact of life’s little successes and found that four in five have become more conscious of their small wins since the start of the pandemic. However, millennials are most grateful for these tiny victories, as 85 percent say they now have a higher awareness of their small wins, compared to just 64 percent of baby boomers and 77 percent of Gen X Americans.

Celebrating the small stuff

small winsConducted by OnePoll for TGI Fridays, the survey also found 87 percent find these wins to be crucial for powering through the day. Moreover, nine in 10 millennials (90%) extract motivation from a small win, compared to just 75 percent of boomers.

As for the top small wins, Gen X (58%) and millennials (59%) are most enthusiastic about hearing new music for the first time, completing a self-care activity, and other relaxing endeavors. Meanwhile, baby boomers feel completing chores, decorating for the season, and other home-related goals are the most satisfying types of small wins to achieve.

When it comes to self-care, 92 percent of all respondents explored different methods of maintaining personal wellness and 87 percent believe recognizing small wins each day is a crucial form of self-care. Nine in 10 think these small wins have a positive impact on their mental health and 82 percent agree they are the key to having a good day.

That’s likely the reason why two in three Americans have made a conscious effort to recognize and celebrate them more, compared to before the pandemic. However, more than twice as many millennials (86%) celebrate small wins than baby boomers.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past two years, it’s how important it is for people to recognize every achievement in their life, both big and small,” says Sara Bittorf, Chief Experience Officer at TGI Fridays, in a statement.

Tell the world!

small winsRespondents also listed things such as paying off a bill or hitting a savings goal (56%) and sweet surprises like getting a free cup of coffee or finding a great parking spot (53%) as other small wins worth celebrating.

No matter the achievement, however, 82 percent feel there’s no such thing as a win being “too small” to celebrate. In fact, 83 percent of people who celebrate small wins believe it only takes just one win to turn a bad day into a good one.

What are the best ways to celebrate small wins? Fifty-four percent think telling friends and family about small successes is the best way to savor it. For those extra satisfying small wins, treating yourself to a fancy dinner or cocktail is another great way to celebrate, according to half the poll.

“There is no better way to come together and celebrate those extra satisfying small wins than with craveable, indulgent food,” Bittorf adds.

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