Comments on “Cheers! Sports fans enjoy self-esteem boost for days after watching their team win”

  1. Jesse McNabb says:
    03/31/2023 at 5:17 AM

    your article suggests that sports fans receive a beneficial outside merely by watching the games they do, however you fail to acknowledge or disclose the other side of the story, where a particular fans team is dealt a loss, which would effect the fans in an opposite manner , creating an emotional and perhaps physical unease respectively .
    It would also be worthy to note , that these fans in question are essentially reliant upon of the fabricated connections they’ve formed in their minds that , the false belief that they’ve somehow a part of the action taking place on the field , which is obviously an imaginary false reality , brought to be held as true in their own deluded minds vicariously ,
    which is just a more pleasant way of referring to the actual process taking place, that in layman terms is described as individuals who are partially unable or unwilling to fulfill their own psychological stability , which has become dependant upon a false reality, that stimulates and influences such emotions and behaviours that a healthy minded adult should have regulated themselves rather than letting such essential psychological fulfillment fall on the laps of someone they don’t even know or interact with, and so regardless of any positive or negative related psychological and or mental effects that are experienced as a result of this collective fantasy just serve to highlight the psychological instability and fragility that exists within these individuals , not something I’d particularly view as worthy of praise , or excitement , but rather more so bleak in appearance , perhaps pitiful in a sense.


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