Christmas tree decorations

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NEW YORK — Are your neighbor’s holiday decorations up way, way too long? A new study finds nearly half of Americans judge their neighbors for waiting too long to take down their festive winter decorations.

holiday decorationsA recent survey of 2,000 U.S. residents found three-quarters believe others should pack away all of their decorations before the end of January. However, 54 percent also don’t want to be the first ones on their block to pack up their festive display.

Keeping up with (and judging) the Joneses?

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Canvaspop, the survey also found that people spend an average of $213 annually on new holiday decor.

Most deck out their doors (71%) and windows (70%) to ring in the festivities, but the bulk of their budget goes toward Christmas trees (35%), rather than electric lights (23%) and ornaments (21%).

Although 52 percent prefer a free-for-all when sprucing up their holiday tree, by hanging ornaments wherever there’s room, those with children under the age of four are the most likely to be mindful of ornament placement, with each one having its own specific place (46%).

Safety first when decking the halls

According to many respondents, decorating the home makes them worry about the safety of other household members, with nearly half of all parents of children under four years-old citing this as their biggest concern (44%).

holiday decorationsPet owners prefer electric lights (54%) to fake snow (27%) and tinsel (24%), which their furry pals can easily ingest and cause harm. Holiday headaches aside, half of respondents named themselves the designated decorators, with only 26 percent delegating that task to a partner or spouse.

“Safety-proofing one’s home for the holidays is simpler than most people think,” says a Canvaspop spokesperson in a statement. “Opt for wall decor that can easily be hung out of reach of children or pets, while being enjoyed by the whole family.”

When it comes to holiday heirlooms, respondents aren’t as cautious, even though seven in 10 say they own a special holiday ornament that would be devastating to lose.

Most prefer to hang these precious keepsakes on their tree (45%) or display it in their home (41%), rather than leave it in storage (13%). There’s a similar trend when it comes to holiday family photos, as more people prefer to display them on their walls (61%) than showcase them on their refrigerator (43%), keep them in their wallets (35%) or share virtual albums (32%).

“Our results show holiday photos are a key part of people’s seasonal decor,” the spokesperson adds. “The popularity of this choice likely stems from their desire to keep the holiday spirit going in a way that compliments the rest of their furnishings.”

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