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NEW YORK — Where are all the singles hiding? Whether you’re looking for the love of your life, or just a date for Valentine’s Day, a new poll finds singles should be flocking to the East Coast — where there are more available Americans than anywhere else in the United States.

According to a survey, commissioned by the Thriving Center of Psychology, singles can find the highest number of Americans who are footloose and fancy free in Richmond, Virginia. Rounding out the top five are Pittsburgh (2nd), Buffalo (3rd), Newark (4th), and Cincinnati (5th). Several Midwest cities made their way into the top 20, including St. Louis (8th), Detroit (9th), Madison (10th), Milwaukee (18th), and Chicago (20th).

How does this differ between men and women? Across the United States, Minneapolis ranks as the top city to find single men. U.S. Census data shows more than 101,000 men in Minneapolis have never been married. Atlanta is home to the 2nd-largst number of bachelors, followed by Newark and Pittsburgh.

As for women, Buffalo, New York has the highest population of singles. Many single women are also in Richmond and Pittsburgh, along with two Ohio cities — Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Most singles by city

These singles aren’t all fresh to the dating scene. Divorcees are another group that makes up the nation’s single population. The survey finds most people who have been divorced are living out West or in Florida. Among the cities with the most divorcees, Spokane, Washington takes the top spot. Four Florida cities make the top 10: Jacksonville (2nd), Orlando (5th), St. Petersburg (7th), and Hialeah (8th) are all home to people who ended a marriage.

How do people feel about being single?

A lot of people aren’t too happy to be a solo act. Nearly one in three people (31%) are not content with being single. Half of respondents say they miss the physical attachment that comes with having a significant other. Others feel like the odd one out because all their friends are dating or married. Another 23 percent just don’t like being alone.

The fear of dying alone has probably crossed most people’s minds at some point. In fact, nearly half of singles surveyed say that they are afraid of being alone forever. Nearly one in three have tried going on dates to soothe their loneliness, whether they’ve been successful or not. This has made 20 percent feel less lonely, but on the flip side, 31 percent ended up feeling even more lonely after the fact.

It’s common to head into family holiday parties expecting the dreaded all-too-personal prying questions from relatives about your love life. Forty-two percent of participants have felt judged by others for still being single.

According to 27 percent, this judgement usually comes from immediate family, but similarly, 27 percent feel judged by friends! Thinking of playing matchmaker? Think again because nearly 76 percent of singles do not trust family or friends to set them up on blind dates.

Being single isn’t for everyone, but 69 percent of respondents are content with their “singleness.” Ninety-one percent enjoy their independence, 58 percent are able to save more money on their own, and 24 percent say they’re becoming their best self and going to therapy before jumping into another relationship. As they say, you have to love yourself before you love anyone else.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or are among the 75 percent of people who think the holiday is overrated, Valentine’s Day can be a trying time in the single world. For Valentine’s Day 2023, more than one in five (22%) singles in America are hoping to find a date for the holiday. More men (25%) than women (17%) are anxious to be out with someone on Feb. 14th.

That being said, with singles at bounty in cities all across the country, there is no need to fear. Even though it is a cliche, there are many fish in the sea and you’re not alone. Maybe consider a trip to Richmond, Virginia to scout out the city with the highest single population across the U.S. Either way, happy dating!

Most singles by city Valentine's

Survey methodology:

In December 2022, the Thriving Center of Psychology surveyed 1,064 people who are single. 46% were female, 49% male, 4% non-binary/non-conforming, and 1% transgender. 72% were straight, 16% bisexual, 5% gay, 3% lesbian, and 4% marked other. Respondents ranged in age from 18 to 83 with an average age of 35.

To determine the cities with the most singles, researchers used 2021 U.S. Census data (the most recent available) of men and women 15 years and older who have never been married, are divorced or are widowed. They examined the 100 most populous cities in the country and ranked the cities on average per capita.

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