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  1. JR says:
    08/10/2022 at 6:04 PM

    Some of us have already documented this (for years) long before the so-called “experts” were willing to admit to this possibility. Worse, we proved that they were hiding the facts and the conclusions in their own reports. Now, when it is becoming more obvious and difficult to deflect, they’re admitting to what we already know – humanity is on the path to extinction, precisely because climate change will wipe out the world’s food supply (we die from starvation long before we die from heat-related deaths). I spent 20 years documenting this and pointed out the distinct flaws in the so-called “assessments” and reports produced by the scientific community. They did not accept or apparently fully understand the implications of what their own data sets represented. The trajectory was clear – the world WILL heat up quite dangerously causing an extinction-level event. Worse, science was caught deliberately covering up this fact with dishonest and watered-down reporting. Years ago I published “This Means Extinction” and since that time have found virtually nothing that does not actually reinforce this conclusion. The bogus time line of “2100” was also revealed to be completely fabricated – the Earth is warming up far faster then this and has already begun a cascade of extinctions. This can only worsen as climate change is not something that can just be “switched off” like a light, inertia effects are very long lasting (over 1,000 years) and anything humanity does now (unlikely, as the evidence shows) would be too little, too late to stop dangerous levels of warming, which are already well underway. When science admits that “we will lose Antarctica” and the “Arctic ice” they are actually saying that the planet will warm up to unsurvivalable temperatures. But of course, they won’t say it even thought they know what it means to lose this ice. I do too, as do many other people who have investigated this topic. A global emergency exists right now and yet the scientific community is still acting as if this is not a code-red event. Worse, the industrialized nations of the world are still pretending that business-as-usual is still permissible. The reality is we are losing the only habitat that will support life. All mammals will go extinct, including humans. Nearly all life forms will be wiped out. The empty promises of techno-vaporware that never gets built, never to scale, never solves our ongoing emissions will be deployed too late (if ever). Wet-bulb temperatures are already making parts of the Earth uninhabitable. The catastrophic effects and inter-dependencies of Earth systems being tipped far out of balance are most often ignored. Hopium and non-existent technologies are offered as ‘solutions’. It’s almost as if cognitive dissonance is a disease infecting the human race – we refuse to see what is right in front of us.


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