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NEW YORK — Half of moms worry about whether their kids think they’re cool — and according to kids, there are some things a “cool” mom should not do, according to a new study.

For example, using their home nickname in front of their friends (42%), shouting their name at a sports game or other event (40%), and dancing in public (40%) are things that leave most kids shaking their heads.

Cool moms love snack time

Cool MomA recent survey of 2,000 American moms with children ages three to 18 finds that while half of moms believe getting kids to enjoy eating healthy foods is what gives them the “cool” factor. Nearly three in five kids agree that a “cool” mom helps them out with homework or projects for school.

Conducted by OnePoll in partnership with SUNSET, the study also finds eating healthy snacks leaves kids feeling much more energized than unhealthy ones, according to moms (78% vs 52%).

Although getting kids to make healthy food choices can be a challenge, moms have a few tricks up their sleeves, such as cutting up fruits and vegetables into fun shapes (48%) and making their food more colorful (47%). Half of moms have made a cheese board for their children and more than half admit that their youngsters eat more sophisticated snacks and lunches than they do.

Moms also shared the secrets behind their greatest ever snack hacks, including blending frozen fruit so kids think it’s ice cream, building a stackable tower with sticks of watermelon, and even making sandwich kabobs.

Lunchtime bragging rights

Cool MomSnacks and lunches can be a bragging point for kids, too — especially those that include chips (50%), baked goods (44%), or a fruit bowl (44%).

“Our study shows moms are good at navigating that balance between giving kids the foods they enjoy and making sure they’re getting a balanced diet,” a spokesperson for SUNSET says in a statement. “They’re introducing their youngsters to fruits and veggies in creative ways and incorporating them not just at lunchtime, but throughout the day as well.”

For snacks during playdates, moms commonly pack fruit (62%), chips (53%), and veggies (46%). At the same time more than half of moms wish their kids ate more cucumbers and half want berries to play a bigger role in their children’s diet.

“Making healthy snacks or lunches can be a great opportunity for parents and kids to bond, as well as to introduce kids to new fruits or veggies,” the spokesperson adds.

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