Survey: Couples argue 7 times per month over new furniture, home decor issues

NEW YORK — Decorating and furnishing a home may be fun for some couples, but it’s a source of frustration for many others who can’t seem to agree on just about anything. In fact, a new study finds that couples find themselves fighting about household issues about seven times each month!

The survey of 2,000 Americans, commissioned by the furniture company Article, found couples wind up averaging about 72 spats each year over home improvement particulars. After all, people spend about 216 hours throughout their lives searching for the perfect furniture, according to the researchers.

What did people bicker about the most? Perhaps it’s no surprise that money led the way. Budget was a big problem for participants, with three in 10 couples disagreeing over how much to spend on their new furnishings.

As for other fiery issues, one in five respondents said they fight about which in-home gadgets to purchase.  The same number also find themselves arguing over furniture styles, and another 20 percent typically fight about the overall color scheme. While discussing home decor options, 58 percent of those surveyed said they opt to hold their comments back to avoid disagreements.

Furniture shopping seemed to cause the most trouble. A quarter of the respondents said they get frustrated when furniture shopping with their significant other. Fifteen percent actively avoid going to the furniture store at all if they can help it.

“The survey highlights how passionate Americans are about perfecting their home,” notes Aamir Baig, CEO of Article, in a statement. “It’s not surprising allocating finances and how much to spend on furniture are the leading causes of disagreements considering the massive markups in the traditional retail industry. It’s possible to obtain stylish, quality products at a fair price by shopping directly from online brands.”

The survey even broke down where home improvement arguments typically take place. Each year, the average couple with have 35 spats in public, 15 in the house, 10 in the presence of family or friends, eight in a store, and (believe it or not) four on an airplane.

Researchers found that among the items that provide the most happiness and comfort for Americans were their bed with a comfy mattress, a cozy sofa, the kitchen table, and utensils.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll in October 2018.

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