NEW YORK — A million dollars has long been the benchmark set by many Americans when it comes to living the ultimate high-life, but it turns out it you don’t actually need a million bucks to “feel like a million bucks,” at least when it comes to your wardrobe. A new survey of 2,000 adults finds that, in fact, it only requires a little more than $600.

Researchers asked respondents how much they’d need to spend on an outfit from head to toe in order to feel their absolute best. They found that Americans Americans only need to spend an average of $627 to achieve their perfect look.

More specifically, the researchers found that participants would need to spend just $205 on clothes and shoes, $214 for accessories, and another $208 on everything else they need to pull their look together. Accessories were found to be so expensive as more than third of respondents felt their perfect outfit required a necklace (35%), a ring (36%), and/or earrings (36%). Seventeen percent said they won’t even leave the house without jewelry on.

The survey, which was commissioned by LightBox Jewelry, confirmed previous research (and common sense) by finding that 53% of the respondents reported feeling more confident, 37% said they felt happier, and 29% feeling more beautiful when wearing their best clothes.

Four out of ten respondents said they’re most likely to wear their best outfit when out with friends, with six in 10 agreeing they’re more confident in general when they’re with their friends. The most popular “best outfit” items with women were jeans (59% mentioning them), a t-shirt or blouse (both 37%), and boots (24%) as the top footwear choice.

Men in the survey preferred jeans (64%), a t-shirt (57%), and a jacket (43%). A suit came in fourth on the list at 42%. Sneakers were their favorite footwear at 43%, followed by dress shoes at 25%.

“People feel their best in clothing that lets them feel youthful and on the move, and a really great piece of jewelry – like a lab-grown diamond pendant or studs – just pulls it all together and adds a touch of polish without breaking the bank,” says Sally Morrison, chief marketing officer at Lightbox, in a statement.

The survey was conducted by market research firm OnePoll.

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