Comments on “COVID-19 and pregnancy: Virus can damage placenta’s immune response”

  1. Paula says:
    10/09/2022 at 5:06 PM

    The “largest study to date” of a whopping 146 people, and that’s somehow “the tip of the iceberg” instead of something that deserves a lot more research before a real scientist would ever make a definitive statement about it. Don’t forget to pour on a heaping helping of “suggests,” “coulds,” “mights,” “likelies” and “tired placentas” while you’re at it, science people. One hundred forty individuals “contracted covid” and over half had no symptoms? That’s called being healthy. Prove that they “had covid” with viral cultures from each of them. I dare you. Then your study will have a basis in something real. Until you culture you have zero idea what virus, if any, those women allegedly had. This breathless announcement is just attention-seeking behavior using always-discredited “tests” for a cold virus that are *never* confirmed with cultures because the cultures would prove the fraud.

    Oh, and don’t look now, scientists, but your agenda is showing: “Our study suggests” (there are those words again) “that babies born to mothers infected with covid-19 at any point in their pregnancy will need to be monitored as they grow up.” Track and trace those little suckers from birth. Get ’em used to it early. Monitored for what? Why? Has anyone ever “monitored” kids at all, much less *throughout childhood* because the mother caught a cold while pregnant? Has it crossed anyone’s mind that 2.5 years of cancelling doctors’ appointments, concentrating and inhaling CO2, and rebreathing what the immune system’s trying to expel with every breath might account for the pathologies allegedly observed? Or that the injections themselves did? What was the “vax” status of those women? What was the breakdown of the study participants by race and socio-economic status? Those are known predictors of fetal and maternal health. No answers here, and I’m guessing no answers from the “researchers,” either. But by all means: Urge pregnant women to keep up the exact same behaviors that have already been disproven as virus blockers: repeated negative efficacy injections, muzzles, and ostracizing your free-thinking neighbors.


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