Comments on “Is the COVID-19 vaccine disrupting women’s menstrual cycles?”

  1. larry kepford says:
    04/27/2022 at 7:20 PM

    my continued fear is that pharma corp. are making so much money and sharing the profits with agencies that are supposed to be protecting citizens, are they becomming compromised. example it is now obvious that the covid vaccine is not providing protection from spreading covid but does reduce the chance of death. the term vaccine should be reserved for treatments that stop a desiese in its tracks, but the term vaccine was given to this shot in order to release any liability to the company developing these shots. remove the term vaccine, start calling it the covid shot and let the lawyers have at them. if you have so much confidence in the safety of their vaccine they should have no issue in removing the term vaccine . might also stop all the foolish mandates if accountability for their stupidity can be settled in civil cases


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