Comments on “Crypto crime hit record-highs in 2022 — people could lose billions in 2023”

  1. Gift says:
    04/05/2023 at 4:45 AM

    I had bought Bitcoin pretty early 2011 and then had an issue which made me give up. After not opening my BitCoin wallet for nearly 4 years, I discovered my wallet’s password didn’t work, meaning my BitCoins were lost. The value had increased since then and made me revisit frequently. I managed to recover my wallet and all my bitcoins were there, trapped behind the password I used 9 years ago and could not remember. I contacted refundedtechrecovery through his email at ([email protected]) and he replied the same day, after a couple of emails back and forth he had cracked the encrypted password and I once again had access to my wallet. He only took his commission which was 15% as it was a fairly high value wallet but he was honest and disclosed everything from the start. I can recommend highly enough!

  2. sandra says:
    04/22/2023 at 12:10 PM

    Crypto currency is becoming popular and the government haven’t found a better way to control it, this made many fake exchange website to spring up and scam innocent people, i was once a victim and i lost totally all my bitcoins and ustd ,to the extent that i couldnt even get access to the account.I reached out for help ,but no one could provide any solution ,until i got to know a forensic expert on WWW. INTELALPHA , COM. he was able to recover only 60% of the funds.

  3. Rebecca Gobea says:
    06/22/2023 at 5:05 PM

    The biggest issue with cryptocurrency is that it is unregulated, which is why different people can come up with different fake stories all the time, and it is unfortunate that platforms like Facebook and others only care about the money they make from them through ads. I saw an ad on Facebook for Chickenfastmining and fell into the scam, losing over $30,000. I reported it to Facebook, but they did nothing until I discovered deftrecoup . c o m from a crypto community; they retrieved approximately 95% of the total amount I lost.


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