Top 7 Cutest Dog Breeds, Ranked

Some doggies are so cute that they don’t even look real. Whether they are small, fluffy, or have a goofy smile, the cutest dog breeds are undeniably lovable. These adorable criminals will definitely steal your heart.

Very tough Americans, when confronted by an extremely cute dog, can sometimes melt into baby-talking softies. “Who’s my happy little doggy? You are!” Some dog owners may sound silly when they treat their beloved pooches like babies, but it turns out dogs may prefer it that way. A new study finds that talking in “dog-speak” to our beloved pooches is an important way to enrich bonding between dogs and their owners. When pet parents speak to their puppies using soft, but exaggerated lovey-dovey voices, they’re making the puppy comfortable over time with their voice and encouraging expression.

Dogs can be very expressive if people only take a moment to observe. A dog’s head tilt is often an adorable little act that their owners can’t get enough of. Now, a new study finds there may be an important reason behind this cute motion. Researchers from Eötvös Loránd University say the classic head tilt appears to be a sign that your dog is both smart and understands what you’re saying. How cute!

As ancient dogs started to be bred for companionship, cuteness became an evolutionary advantage. Cute dogs were more likely to survive and pass on their genes to their puppies, resulting in even more adorable dogs. To find you your next best friend, StudyFinds has compiled this list of the cutest dog breeds that were mentioned most across 10 expert reviews. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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Five yellow Labrador retriever puppies (Photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash)
Five yellow Labrador retriever puppies (Photo by Bharathi Kannan on Unsplash)

The 7 Cutest Dog Breeds That Are Irresistible

1. Golden Retriever

golden retriever puppy on snow covered ground during daytime
Golden retriever puppy and adult golden (Photo by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash)

Golden Retrievers are adorable pudgy puppies that grow up into beautiful adult dogs. No matter their age, they are striking pooches with their signature soft, golden coats. This breed is also very photogenic, with their good looks landing the lead role in the “Air Bud” comedy movie franchise.

According to Wag!, Goldens look like they are smiling. The combination of their sweet brown eyes, long locks, floppy ears, and goofy smile equals one big package of cuteness. As far as their temperament, they are friendly, loyal, and eager to please, which makes them easy to train. They also make the perfect family dog because they are gentle with children.

No one can deny the spark that Golden’s embody with their gorgeous looks and happy-go-lucky attitude. BuzzFeed says, “the undisputed king of family dogs, the Golden practically wrote the book on lookin’ good as a canine.”

2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

white and brown corgi puppy
White and brown Corgi puppy (Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash)

The Pembroke Welsh Corgis may surprise some people in that they are a tough herding breed, bred for life on the farm. They also have delightfully stubby bodies that wiggle when they walk. The Spruce Pets says that they are associated with being loved by cute, little fairies in Welsh legend. “Stories of corgis pulling fairy coaches, herding fairy cattle, and carrying fairy warriors abound in Wales,” they write.

Aside from the fantasies of their past, Corgis make great pets. They are playful, smart, and affectionate dogs. They do require lots of exercise and attention, though. Be Chewy particularly likes their little fluffy butts and sweet smiles.

According to BuzzFeed, one of the best places in the U.S. for Corgi sightseeing happens in Southern California, where Corgi Beach Day takes place in April. “It’s exactly what it sounds like,” they add.

3. Papillon

Papillon dog
Papillon dog (Photo by Anna Dudkova on Unsplash)

Papillons are French dogs with large distinctive ears. They require additional grooming, but the result is a stunning pet. Their name translates to “butterfly” in French due to their wing-like ears that resemble the graceful insect. These pooches are also teeny tiny, and normally weigh under 10 pounds.

As for their temperament, Daily Paws describes this breed as “intelligent people-pleasers” that have been a favorite among royalty for centuries.

WAF says that while their tiny features may look bizarre on a human, miniature works on them! These little butterfly doggies will make your heart flutter with their affection and cuteness.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

a black and brown dog sitting in the snow
A Bernese Mountain Dog sitting in the snow (Photo by Dagmar Klauzová on Unsplash)

These extra-large lugs are another breed that starts out as adorable puppies. Much like Goldens, the Bernese Mountain Dog is also beautiful as an adult. The Pioneer Woman says that these dogs have hearts of gold. They are known for being calm, gentle, and great with children.

World Animal Foundation adds that this is another breed that always appears to be smiling. You won’t be able to get enough of their gorgeous fluffy mane that is begging for cuddles. They are friendly and happy dogs that will compliment any household.

Being cute doesn’t always mean being miniature. Be Chewy writes, “As extra-large dog breeds go, Bernese Mountain Dogs are among the cutest. Just look at those soulful eyes and thick fluffy coat!”

5. Dachshund

black and brown Dachshund sitting on black leather armchair
A Dachshund sitting on an armchair in a sweater (Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash)

Who doesn’t love a wiener dog? Dachshunds were once tunnel hunters that went after burrowing rodents. Now they grace many homes as beloved pets. These short-legged pups are long and slender with droopy ears that will melt anyone’s heart.

World Animal Foundation mentions that despite their little stature, they make wonderful watchdogs. They are lovely to have as pets, but AZ Animals says that their hunting nature makes them prone to digging, barking, and have a tendency to get into things if left alone for too long.

Wag! notes that their pint-sized appearance comes with a huge heart! They describe them as curious, independent, and lovers of their owners.

6. Beagle

brown and white puppy lying on green grass with yellow flowers
Beagle puppy in the grass (Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash)

The trusty beagle is a photogenic little gentleman. Thanks to their luxurious tri-color coats, they look like they are always ready to hit the town. “With a friendly disposition and those big eyes, the beagle’s permanently puppy-like appearance is undeniably irresistible,” according to Southern Living.

According to The Spruce Pets, Beagles were bred as hunting dogs with excellent hearing and scent-tracking skills that compliment one another to find their prey. Because of this, Beagles thrive in an active household, specifically for families with children.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

brown and gray Yorkshire terrier on field covered with snow
Yorkshire terrier in the snow (Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash)

Yorkies are tiny dogs with silky hair that require regular grooming to look their best. These scene-stealing dogs love being the center of attention. Parade Pets says they are hard to resist, but due to their miniature stature, you can take them with you everywhere you go.

Yet again, World Animal Foundation loves the way they seem to always be smiling. They describe the breed as “energetic, feisty, and affectionate.”

This is another breed that was bred for hunting small prey, believe it or not. Although modern Yorkies spend most their time lounging on their owners’ laps, they used to be used for pest control. The Spruce Pets says this gives them a fearless disposition that still lingers today.


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