Study of Trump’s tweets indicates he has a ‘Schumpeterian’ personality

NEW YORK — A tweet can tell a lot about a person. President Donald Trump, who has sent off more than 35,000 missives on the microblogging service, has been diagnosed as creative and competitive, yet neurotic through his Twitter posts, a new study finds.

Researchers in Australia and Germany looked at the president’s use of language in 3,200 tweets posted before October of last year, hoping to find patterns of personality reflected in his messages.

Donald Trump
If tweets are representative of someone’s personality, President Donald Trump is creative, competitive, yet often neurotic, a new study finds.

Trump’s use of language and expression of personality through the platform was compared to that of 105 other notable business leaders and moguls, including Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Tesla’s Elon Musk.

The analysis showed that Trump, who has over 30 million Twitter followers, has tendencies of an individual with a Schumpeterian personality.

Named for famed economist Joseph Schumpeter, those with a Schumpeterian personality tend to be very innovative in thought, change-oriented, competitive, and rule-breaking. The personality type is very common among entrepreneurial types.

Unfortunately, it would also seem that the president displays numerous neuroses, and has a low state of overall well-being.

“These traits are rather untypical for entrepreneurs since working as an entrepreneur may not only require emotional stability and optimism but also be able to increase happiness due to procedural utility,” says researcher Martin Obschonka, who adds that neurotic traits aren’t all bad, in a press release.

The researchers speculate that Trump’s high levels of neuroticism may have served as motivation to succeed in both business and politics.

“If social distinction is a core principle of the entrepreneurial personality, then we clearly see this principle reflected in his unusual personality profile,” says Fisch. “Many experts agree that really successful entrepreneurs not only dare to be different – they are different.”

As far as Trump’s personality traits serve him in governance, the jury is still out, the researchers note.

The study’s findings were published in the journal Small Business Economics.


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