Old fashioned is in: 1 in 5 drinkers prefers mixed drink to beer or wine

LONDON — The United Kingdom has long been known for its beer. Going to the pub for a pint has been a tradition in British towns and cities for centuries. But a new survey shows that one in five British drinkers now prefers a mixed cocktail to beer or wine.

Whether it’s a margarita, mai tai, or simply an old fashioned, more drinkers are opting for something sweet over something hoppy. The survey of 2,000 adults in the UK, commissioned conducted by the popular alcohol brands Gordon’s, Baileys, and Tanqueray, found that these mixed drink lovers call themselves self-proclaimed “cocktail aficionados.” One in four respondents cited mixing cocktails as a skill they would like to master themselves.

“The UK’s love of cocktail culture and the growing trend to learn how to mix the perfect serves means that the time couldn’t be better to experiment with pairing cocktails with food,” says cocktail expert Anna Jones, who authored the book author of A Modern Way to Cook and A Modern Way to Eat, in a release. “The whole idea makes for such a wonderful shared experience – getting together with friends and family and taking time to enjoy some delicious mixed drinks ahead of dinner.”

In fact, the survey found 37 percent of Brits prefer having a pre-dinner drink, while 36 percent opt for the cocktail with dessert.

And the mixology skills are rising in the UK. About half of the respondents said they know the correct ratios behind several classic cocktails. Four in ten said they have special mixing equipment they bring out for special occasions.

But there are still knowledge gaps. Fifty-eight percent couldn’t name the primary ingredient of a mojito (rum), and 70 percent didn’t know the main alcohol in an espresso martini (vodka).

Cook teamed with the brands behind the study to create The Modern Cocktail Guide.

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