Comments on “FOMO is driving Americans to have kids — but many eventually regret the decision”

  1. Stumbling Duck says:
    09/26/2023 at 1:44 PM

    Just like pets.. young people think only of themselves, not the need of the animal/child. Kids are accessories to these kardashian types. Thankfully there’s still good moms and dads that are raising children who realized having a child is about sacrifice.

  2. Statistician A says:
    09/29/2023 at 7:51 PM

    1) This study has a VERY small sample size; 2) It’s sample is comprised of people who participate in a particular online forum; 3) there is no attempt here to look at cultural factors (or even social media use factors). In short, results apply only to people into discussing their regrets on a particular forum’s messaging platform.

  3. PetetheDog says:
    10/01/2023 at 10:00 AM

    Having kids is the best choice I’ve made. Period. Seems like more of our US elite wanting the country to end up in top heavy population with not enough young people to take care of older generations, creating extreme civil unrest. There is no value to studies like this. I didn’t want children initially, and so glad I married someone who did want children. Not easy all the time, but best thing that happened to me.

  4. Nwamaka Okobi says:
    10/03/2023 at 7:03 AM

    This is a very narrow view of children and the concept of having children in a society that doesn’t really care or devoted resources to child rearing. One of the reasons why people may say they have had second thoughts about children is the high cost of child care, the lack of maternity leave and paternity leave. The lack of transportation to after school events. The idea that women are still expected to do most of the parenting things like birthday party planning and cooking and cleaning up after children while being paid less after having children. Really these are things related to society that are not FOMO that can blame children when it’s the United States fault not our children’s fault that we have decided to put parental pressure on individuals. Because when we need future, caregivers and the people who decided not to have children are looking for someone to hire, guess what they’re going to need someone young who was raised in the time that our society decided not to invest in it’s future. This callous attitude towards our own is a major problem with this article and this study. I am ashamed to have gone to Rutgers and graduated.


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