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  1. Colleen Phillips says:
    08/29/2022 at 1:29 PM

    We have an 11-month-old male German Shepherd Dog. He is our third GSD, and quite different from his predecessors. This dog absolutely lives to play, and his toys are far more important to him than food or treats. Blitz III takes the lead in inventing his own games, and sometimes he comes up with games within games. He will play with almost anything, but loves his squeaky soft plastic nubby balls best, as well as a rubber peg-leg pirate chicken that sounds like wounded prey – lol.
    At first we were frustrated when it seemed he might be less intelligent than our other dogs because he seems less eager to please and more difficult to train in some respects, but as time goes on, we’re convinced he is highly intelligent (maybe smarter than his owners) and needs a different approach to training. We have to hide his toys to get a break, and spell their names so he won’t know what we’re talking about, but he knows where they are. High maintenance pup, but we adore him! I think this article is spot on –


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