Comments on “Guilty of ‘greenwashing’? Half of Americans pretend they are eco-friendly citizens”

  1. Wayne Rice says:
    04/12/2023 at 9:39 AM

    This begs the question and misses the point; the sad truth is people are not polluting Earth; capitalism is forcing it on us. I have not done the math, but I feel confident that my “contributions” to polluting the environment total zero, unable to be mathematically expressed in any way that has the slightest impact on the planet. The planet can handle my throwaway stuff, but it cannot handle the forever chemicals (such as in AstroTurf), the toxins from industrial waste, the carbon stuffing of the atmosphere – you know the drill – it will all end with the end of us. It would be great if my conscious regard for nature could stem the Tsunami of microplastics, medical drugs, heavy metals, poisons and so on, that Capitalism has ensconced in the fabric of society.
    That hubris continues into corporate personal life – research how much water is consumed by golf courses, private and public pools; check how much environmentally destructive there is in a new car, or more to point, a new jet, or tank. Pollution is not your fault, not you alone; we all in a way tacitly approve everything they do to poison the Earth more efficiently, faster. However, recycling one can of soda won’t save anything.
    Individual efforts will never solve this.


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