Holistic life hacks help people feel good more frequently, especially in the winter

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NEW YORK — If you’re hoping to make it through this winter season healthy as can be, you might want to add some holistic health habits to your wellness arsenal. A survey of 2,000 Americans finds four out of five people (82%) maintain healthy habits and exercise regularly, and most will use them to remain healthy during the winter months.

Nearly as many (80%) believe their body is “a temple” and should be treated as well as possible.

According to those respondents, the best ways to maintain their health are through simple measures — including jogging (70%), eating a balanced diet (61%), and taking supplements (56%). Compared to their habit-less peers, those who maintain their bodies holistically feel better more often, take more time to let themselves get back to normal, and prepare for everything that comes along with the winter months.

How many ‘good days’ do you have each month?

staying healthyCommissioned by Nature’s Way and conducted by OnePoll, the study revealed the average American has 17 “good days” per month. Those who have healthy habits have one more than the average with 18 days, while those who don’t only have 15 days.

Similarly, those who don’t maintain regular healthy habits tend not to prepare themselves at all for the winter season (42%). Those who do however, start preparing for the season as early as September (20%).

Surprisingly, people with healthy habits actually tend to take more time to get back to normal if they feel unwell — taking five days per month throughout winter — versus those without healthy habits who only take two days.

There are ways to get back to feeling like yourself, like taking Sambucus supplements with herbal ingredients, such as South African Geranium root extract and elderberry extract.

Two in three respondents (68%) recognize their body needs more care in the winter months and 63 percent will use supplements or homeopathic methods to care for themselves before they reach for over-the-counter medications.

The most popular holistic approaches include drinking warm tea (62%), taking supplements (59%), and adjusting their diet (47%). Three in five (63%) will temporarily change their diet if they don’t feel well, with 58 percent stocking up on fruits and vegetables more than they usually would.

“Holistic health has increasingly taken center stage on people’s wellness journeys,” says Christine Kiriazes, Nature’s Way brand manager, in a statement. “Embracing wellness from the inside out translates to maintaining the health of our bodies and mind, allowing us to live a more active and well-rounded lifestyle.”

Holistic health and wellness hacks

staying healthyEighty-one percent of respondents say feeling their best throughout the winter season is important to them. In fact, it’s so important that they’ll try several different ingredients, foods, and wellness hacks to feel better. According to respondents, the best things to try to maintain your health in the winter include Vitamin C (57%), Vitamin D (46%), Zinc (29%), and elderberries (24%).

Meanwhile, some respondents recalled their greatest wellness hacks — from eating a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon, basing their diet on organic plants, chewing raw ginger, getting fresh air and sunshine every day, and even giving themselves positive affirmations in the shower.

More than half (59%) start taking vitamins and supplements the instant they begin to feel a sign they’re getting sick. Sixty-two percent of Americans take vitamins and supplements daily. Of course, those who maintain regular healthy habits also tend to take vitamins or supplements more seriously than those who don’t have healthy habits (43% over 26%).

“While you may not be able to avoid irritations altogether this winter, holistic health methods and relief products can ensure individuals take proper care of their bodies, so they can get back to the things they love,” Kiriazes adds. “Herbal ingredients like South African geranium root extract and elderberry extract can help in getting back to feeling like yourself.”