Hard to be healthy: 3 in 5 adults can’t get through the day without sugar

NEW YORK — The average American aims for eight hours of sleep every night – but half never get there. A survey of 2,000 adults examined how they try to improve their lifestyles and finds that three in four people say it all starts with focusing on their mental and physical health (78%).

As easy as it sounds though, the survey also reveals the struggles many have with maintaining a healthy daily routine. From turning to energy drinks to snacking away on sugary sweets, it’s certainly not so simple for millions of people.

Most respondents agree that making healthy choices the night before and, in the morning, positively impacts their performance throughout the day (84%). This leads three in four to eat or drink something for breakfast every morning (79%). Respondents also took measures like exercising (46%), implementing a regular sleep schedule (45%), or reading (40%) to help them focus better throughout the day.

The best-laid plans…

Better ChoicesConducted by OnePoll on behalf of ZOA, the survey shows that 79 percent of Americans want to make decisions that are best for their bodies.

Still, nearly three-quarters of respondents admit to turning to unhealthy ways to keep their energy up (73%), like having multiple cups of coffee (49%) or sugar-packed energy drinks (45%). However, respondents aren’t set on these options; many are willing to switch to non-artificial, natural, low-sugar snack or drink choices if they are just as potent as their current ones (68%).

Three in five stated that making healthy choices in the morning is difficult because they’re always in a rush (63%), and they wake up late to prepare for their day (62%). It’s no surprise, then, that people are likely to skip the hassle of making food at home and grab a meal or beverage on the go an average of three times a week.


Better ChoicesSimilarly, 65 percent prefer drinkable options throughout the day because their schedules are so busy. When nearly half the poll starts to crash between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. (47%), some rely on pick-me-ups for a burst of energy.

“The relationship between your routine and what you consume to fuel your body should be a top priority. It takes discipline to form a healthy habit and set yourself up to achieve greatness each day,” says ZOA founder and strength coach Dave Rienzi in a statement. “Choosing clean, natural energy products that support your wellness and fitness goals is the greatest resource you can give yourself to reach your full potential.”

Although most respondents claim they make healthy choices to boost their energy (73%), most admit they never pay attention to their calorie intake as long as the foods and drinks they consume taste good (65%). Sixty percent don’t think they can make it through the day without consuming sugar, so it’s no surprise the average person has six energy crashes a week from too much sugar or caffeine.

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