Holiday humbug? Most Americans secretly relieved they’re not hosting a holiday party in 2020

NEW YORK — Is the coronavirus pandemic keeping you home for the holidays? While you might be bummed your favorite party has been canceled, it turns out your annual host is probably smiling. A new survey finds seven in 10 Americans are secretly happy they won’t have to host holiday parties this year.

The OnePoll study asked 2,000 Americans about how they’re adjusting their holiday celebration this year due to COVID-19. Over half the poll (56%) say they’re disappointed they’ll miss out on their go-to holiday parties in 2020. Surprisingly, another 52 percent admit to only being friendly with some people during the holiday season just so they can score their favorite party treats.

Commissioned by Velveeta, the survey also finds the top people Americans befriend before the holiday season solely to learn their secret holiday recipes are neighbors (38%) and coworkers (36%). A third of respondents even admit to talking to a distant relative more often ahead of the holidays to snag some goodies.

‘Tis the season for snacking

Some of the top snacks respondents enjoy during the holidays include classics like cookies (55%) and biscuits (41%). Another 37 percent enjoy chowing down on some macaroni and cheese and 21 percent go for a bowl of queso.

Unfortunately, the average respondent will be missing out on four of their holiday favorites this year due to COVID. Sixty-five percent of Americans are making up for these absences by grazing on snacks throughout the day rather than having one big holiday meal.

For three in five respondents, snacks and appetizers are actually the stars of the show. It’s no surprise then that 72 percent say they tend to snack more than ever during the holidays than any other time of the year.

“Even though the holiday season this year is drastically different than years past, the results showed that food is still a great way to bring people together – either in your household or virtually through a video call,” a spokesperson for Velveeta says in a statement.

Food still brings the family together on the holidays

Three in four Americans (77%) shared they usually set out several snack foods and appetizers to complement their main holiday dish. With holiday gatherings being so limited this year, 60 percent of respondents will be making even more snack foods to don their holiday tables. Half of respondents add this year will be the first time they attempt a new recipe all on their own.

No matter how many people are at their table this holiday season, 80 percent of respondents agree that eating is the best way to bring people together.

“It’s crucial to stay safe this holiday season – but we can still connect with our loved ones to share holiday cheer,” the Velveeta spokesperson adds. “Whether it’s setting up a family video call to swap recipes or setting up a spot at your Christmas dinner for a laptop – we can all do our part to make this holiday season merry and bright.”

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