Home gyms needed! Many Americans admit to double-digit weight gain under lockdown

NEW YORK — Goodbye summer beach body, hello post COVID-19 body. According to a recent survey of 2,000 adults, 63% of Americans have given up all hope of getting in shape this summer. Instead, they’re now opting to focus their fitness efforts on building a “post-quarantine” body.

The research, commissioned by Nutrisystem, asked respondents how the coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns have changed their fitness habits and goals. Shockingly, 76% of adults admit they have gained up to 16 pounds since lockdowns began! (Note: The survey results did not break down this figure any further.)

Making that last finding even more confounding is the fact that 64% say they’ve felt an increased desire to eat healthier during the pandemic. Another 63% claim that improving their diet is a top priority. So, it seems Americans want to stay healthy during lockdown, but their execution is failing in the vast majority of cases.

Meanwhile, 75% also admits that each day tends to blur into the next nowadays. Consequently, 46% wear nothing but sweat pants all day. And 28% can’t even remember the last time they wore pants at all.

Lockdown challenges leading to weight gain

It’s clear that most Americans have fallen into a “quarantine routine.” About three in four (74%) say they get extra stressed out when their typical daily routine is interrupted. Nearly the same amount (76%) are feeling more stressed nowadays due to all the extra snacking they’re doing. On that note, 40% feel their eating habits are slowly becoming more and more inconsistent, while 60% consider their diet one big mess since quarantines started.


Why is everyone eating more snacks and junk food? Most Americans are indulging out of boredom; 69% usually start snacking when they have nothing else to do. As far as what type of snacks, 65% of respondents usually eat comfort food. Perhaps that’s why 33% believe eating healthy remains their biggest challenge during this pandemic.

As for the top quarantine struggles for Americans: maintaining a regular sleep schedule (44%); followed by staying active (42%); keeping a consistent eating schedule (42%); staying positive (41%); and staying motivated while working from home (34%).

In terms of lockdown priorities, focusing on the good things in life (49%) is tops for respondents. That’s followed by eating healthier (45%); being more active (45%); improving mental health (44%); losing weight (33%); and being more productive at home (27%).

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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