Average adult keeps two embarrassing secrets from everyone they know

LONDON — Secrets may be no fun, but that doesn’t stop the average adult from keeping two juicy pieces of information locked away. A recent survey of 2,000 British adults asked respondents about their deepest secrets. It turns out that mental health, hygiene, and affairs top the list of things we hide from others.

Put together by OnePoll on behalf of Sky HISTORY, the survey reveals mental health issues are the number one most common secret among adults. After that, an embarrassing or “cringeworthy” incident comes in at number two with a third of respondents admitting to keeping such mistakes to themselves. Meanwhile, close to one in five adults (18%) keep their secrets simply to avoid relationship issues. Just over one in 10 even admit to keeping a secret to avoid police scrutiny.

“The research suggests that the British public keep many secrets from each other, whether that’s something trivial, embarrassing, or even personal – like mental health,” notes a Sky spokesperson in a statement.

So, who is being ‘protected’ from these unfortunate truths?

One in five are most likely to keep a secret from their mothers and 16 percent don’t even dare tell their best friends about their secrets.

Similarly, another 16 percent don’t tell their partners the whole truth all the time. Within that group, 14 percent also say they constantly dread their significant other uncovering a hidden truth.

Incredibly, 13 percent say they wouldn’t even tell their loved ones about a big lottery win. It’s important to mention, however, that many respondents confess that keeping secrets inflicts a heavy psychological toll. All in all, the poll concludes that over a quarter of adults see their day-to-day decision-making being influenced by the weight of the secrets they carry.


  1. Mental health issues
  2. Embarrassing incidents
  3. Internet history
  4. Eating/snacking habits
  5. Hygiene habits
  6. Number of past sex partners
  7. Bank/credit card statements
  8. Faking an illness in the past to avoid a commitment
  9. Affairs/infidelities
  10. One night stands
  11. Illnesses
  12. Smoking habits
  13. Faking an illness to avoid work
  14. Money spent on food
  15. Fears/phobias
  16. Supporting an unpopular football team
  17. Time spent at the bar/pub
  18. Buying expensive items online
  19. Drug use
  20. Alcohol abuse
  21. Having a celebrity crush
  22. How good you are, or aren’t at something
  23. Being on a diet
  24. Political opinions
  25. Family history

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