Men viewed as more feminine, lacking pants if wives keep last name, study finds

RENO, Nevada — What’s in a last name? Muscle, apparently. Men married to women who opt to keep their maiden names after tying the knot are often viewed as less masculine and lacking pants in the relationship, a new study finds.

Researchers at the University of Nevada conducted three related studies in the United States and United Kingdom, hoping to learn how a woman’s decision to keep her last name affected how others perceived her husband.

Bride holding wedding rings
A new study finds that a man is viewed as less masculine and disempowered when his wife keeps her maiden name after marriage.

The researchers’ first two studies found that whenever a husband’s last name differed from that of his wife’s, he was frequently described in ways that both deemphasized his masculinity and overemphasized any feminine characteristics.

Meanwhile, previous research has shown that wives who shun the time-tested naming tradition enjoy a number of benefits, including higher social status and perception of power, along with increased self-focus, ambition, and assertiveness.

These qualities run counter to older, rigid portrayals of women, which depict them as kind and nurturing, yet powerless, the researchers note.

“A woman’s marital surname choice therefore has implications for perceptions of her husband’s instrumentality, expressivity, and the distribution of power in the relationship,” says Rachael Robnett, the study’s lead author, in a journal release. “Our findings indicate that people extrapolate from marital surname choices to make more general inferences about a couple’s gender-typed personality traits.”

Robnett’s third study showed that men who held steadfast beliefs on traditional gender roles showed increased prejudice against husbands who didn’t share their last name with their spouse, seeing him as disempowered.

“We know from prior research that people high in hostile sexism respond negatively to women who violate traditional gender roles,” she explains. “Our findings show that they also apply stereotypes to nontraditional women’s husbands.”

While societal change benefiting women has continued at a steady pace, many feminists still wonder when women will no longer be expected to take on their husband’s surname, which they regard as an obsolete practice.

“The marital surname tradition is more than just a tradition,” Robnett argues. “It reflects subtle gender-role norms and ideologies that often remain unquestioned despite privileging men.”

The researchers published their findings last week in the journal Sex Roles.


          1. it’s not like your wife allows you to do much, is this all you have after you wash her feet when she gets home?

    1. Always “new”? Don’t you mean “knew”? English is not your first language?
      What are conservative males? Child molesters? Alabama just rejected a crazy conservative freak.

    1. The left needs a study to figure itself out. The left even did a study couple of years back where they were surprised to learn that men and women are different after all. What a shocker it must have been to them.

    1. Hilarious, what BS. Never changed my name and have been married almost 36 years. Men who make an issue of this are insecure.

  1. Even worse when they keep their previous married name. Best to just screw them and leave them alongside the road. Otherwise you will find yourself the subject of #metoo. Cows on stampede. Never before have so many ugly to the bone angry women been given a platform to bitch. They hurt all the normals.

    1. If there are children involved with the ex, that I can start to understand why keeping their previous last name. Other then that, I agree with you.

  2. Are you surprised? Any man who marries a woman who insists on keeping her maiden name is pretty much pussified anyway.

        1. Why is Open Borders and “diversity” demanded in All and ONLY white populations?

          is Open Borders a white ‘privilege’?

          That’s why we say #Anti White

          1. Jeesus. All those libtard trigger words – “white privilege”…”open borders”…”diversity”… time for you, little buddy, for a time out, in mommy’s basement.

          2. I don’t think you understood what he was saying, Einstein. He’s right if you would bother looking at the facts, but of course, you won’t. you are a pompous ass, pretty much.

          3. Oh, I see. And YOU, “Einstein”, seem to have a fettish for berating everyone here for their “ignorance”, failure to grasp the nuances of the issue, and even resorting to name calling for people you don’t even know. You’re the poster child for internet discussion group losers. Get a life.

            I understood PRECISELY his message, which is a jab at all white people, and most likely coming from a hispanic who has zero respect for America’s sovereignty, borders, culture, and our values. And of course, his post is totally irrelevant to the topic. Screw him and the horse he rode in on.

    1. BS. If you believe this as a man you are very insecure in your masculinity and are a control freak. Name changing for marriage is becoming obsolete.

      1. Whose name do the children use if their parents have different names? Or do they use both? Names would never end if they did that. The man is the king of the castle. Women respect the alpha male. Men and women are obviously very very different.

        1. Alpha male? What are we -dogs? Do you call women bitches as well? If my husband ever spoke the way you have here, I would have zero respect for him. King of the castle? Women respect the alpha male? No… I’m sorry. Women do not respect men who view themselves this way; they fear or tolerate them.

          A true man loves his wife as himself, serves her with his strength, and submits himself before God. He’s a leader by example. He is the kind of man that good people love and evil people fear. He is the kind of man that doesn’t demand respect but understands that respect has been given to him because of the way he lives his life. A good man doesn’t need to demand anything – people want to serve and love him.

          1. For the record, I don’t.
            PS and I’m on the macho end of the spectrum not the wussy side.
            Just like some men equate a vasectomy with losing their manhood. What a farce.
            A man can decide he has all the kids he wants and no longer wants to worry about pregnancy.
            A wimp gets all caught up in the perception of maleness.

          2. Thank you! And you are a man I would likely respect. One who knows his strength, yet doesn’t force his will.

          3. If a man gains the respect of a strong woman, he is certainly not a pussy. Does that mean the only woman you will be able to find will be a coward??

          4. It’s all about evolution. Most mammals are not monogamous. The dominant or alpha male fights off the other males and mates with all the females. Those genes get passed on. The beta males genes die out. Women are instinctively be attracted to an alpha male. Guys with more money, more muscles, higher on the social scale etc. Girls dream of marrying a prince. Men on the other hand are not as picky. They’ll go after whatever they can get. Ideally the most beautiful. They don’t want strong women. But if that’s all they can get they’ll take it. Those are beta males.

          5. They’re both. I agree with you but I also agree with John G. Accept it. it’s the way it is.

          6. Your second paragraph is 100% true. Why are you being double minded???? Sounds like you have been in an abusive relationship. When paragraph 2 is true it shows that the man is the Alpha. When he is loving, his wife WANTs to take his name. He does not demand respect, he commands respect. The Bible is clear that the man is the Alpha and the female is to submit to him. She was created for HIM. Of course, he is commanded to love her as Christ loves the Church.

          7. Alpha is a term used to signify dominance. In the wild, this means the strongest dog which fights it’s way to the top. So yeah… I have beef with the term. I’ve met “alpha” males. They are a*holes. My husband is my leader and head of house, sure, and I married him because I respect his gentle and quiet spirit. Not because he was strong enough to fight me into submission.

          8. You have a hang up on the word “Alpha male” and now it’s the whole forums problem.

          9. you dont understand ‘ alpha’……….alphas just ‘ do’, they dont ask permission and the dont need or want female input. Im betting you think your opinion influences his decisions???


          10. We’re primates. And you can lie to yourself all you want about our tribal primate nature, but it is innate and doesn’t give two S88ts about your Marxist programming.

          11. Ummmm… Do you actually know who Carl Marx was? Marx was an atheist. Please refrain from using historical figures when you don’t actually know what they stood for. It’s intellectually dishonest.

            If we are given in to our primal nature, women would be all for rape culture, since the strongest dog is the one who gets to mate. That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

          12. Marx believed in the state not in the individual. Marx was a perverted human being. Men do not need women, women MUST have men to survive.

          13. give it a rest, Amy. you are woefully ignorant. your second paragraph is good, but the first is really stupid.

          14. ask any female……….alpha or beta/omega…………women want bad boys. Good men dont give the time of day to females like you

          15. Ephesians: 22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

            25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26 to make her holy, cleansing[a] her by the washing with water through the word, 27 and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

            This country was founded on those beliefs. It’s what makes our country great. Unfortunately liberal domineering women are trying to be men. And that is helping to destroy our society. They’re turning young men into women. Promoting homosexuality. Destroying our society. The most important thing in any society is raising children properly. God and nature designated women to do that job. Not men. Women should take the name of their husband. The name gets passed down to the children. That’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it should remain.

          1. That’s what “alpha male” makes me think of. A Neanderthal. A guy who dominates through force.

          2. that’s because you don’t even know what neanderthals were, and because that’s not what neanderthals did. Gosh, you are uneducated, but you spout your sophomoric “opinions” everywhere.

          3. wow, what naiveté. Alphas dont care about you……they dont dominate or control……they do what they want, regardless of your opinion. Alphas built this modern world we live in.

      2. This becomes complicated if the couple get divorced and the woman wants to change back to her maiden name or a previous husband’s name.

        1. I’m a conservative, don’t pretend to guess what or who I am from one or two comments on an anonymous comment section. So all the offended males attacking me think I’m a liberal or a man because I didn’t change my maiden name when I got married. Hilarious. I rest my case, insecure males can’t handle it.

          1. and women wonder where all the good men have gone. I feel sorry for your ‘boy’ of a husband.

          2. Ah, that’s cute. Easy to be manly in your mommy’s basement. All your rage because you don’t like a woman not taking her husbands name. Entertaining.

        1. Man shaming?Hilarious. Men come out of the woodwork to defend themselves over women not wanting to change their name? Holy crap, it’s worse than I ever imagined. You poor men.

        2. Why should a man get married in the first place, there is no advantage in it. Marriage is a liability for men, only the insane do it. You can have a child out of wedlock and still be treated exactly the same by the woman, courts, DSS, and CPS as if you were married. The advantage is you don’t lose half your stuff and get kicked out of your house because she says “I’m not happy.”

      3. Those men who marry women who do not name-change in their first marriage are pretty likely (100% in my experience) after they divorce to marry a woman who does name-change in their second marriage – which will usually occur in five to ten years and almost always before their hyphenated-named children graduate high school.

          1. In the many examples I know of, I have not seen that happen. There are millions of humans so I suppose anything can happen. But it is in general a low probability event in part because by the time of a second marriage more men and women are living rationally rather than ideologically – the advantage of experience. Having no experience I cannot comment on the divorce rate in the case you specify – could guess – but while I have knowledge of the case I spoke of, the case you speak of has been sufficiently rare that I have no knowledge to speak of other than that it is rare as hen’s teeth.

        1. The fact that he gets married twice, says it all. I can understand a guy getting married once, but twice is just pure stupidity.

      4. Thank you Mr Cuckhold. Expecting some BBC action tonight?? Please drink more soy to ensure your testosterone never rises above that of a newborn baby girl.

          1. So is Bruce Jenner. That’s tells me nothing about you. Get it??? You liberal morons need men like me to tell you what reality looks like.

      5. Really? Let us think practically for a moment. Gen one kid: 2 last names, gen two kids: 4 last name or just pick your favorite 2-3 last names,…. starting to see why you are idiot yet?

        Every half-wit lefty cannot manage to think 10 seconds down the road of inevitability.

        1. You make a lot of assumptions and judgements. No facts. It’s impossible to reason with the knuckle draggers like you. I bet you like little boys.

          1. knuckle draggers, faggots….who is making the judgements and assumptions? Ad Hom speaks volumes for your limited debate.

          2. There is no debate.Men who insist women be subserviant to them feel threatened and are insecure about themselves. Otherwise there would be no article and a bunch of outraged men commenting on it.

      6. Or you have a simple respect for tradition and the obvious practicality of an over 1000 year old tradition. Now which argument sounds more reasonable, mine or yours?

          1. Do you work outside the home for income? No kids, married about 6 years ………. why did you marry?

          2. I do have kids, did work, been married nearly 36 years. Reading comprehension seems to be a problem with a lot of the men coming after me.

    2. My wife kept her full maiden name and I’m still a shaved head, tattooed, cigar smoking, bourbon swilling, beer drinking, Harley riding, United States Marine Corp veteran. Recon BTW. You can kiss my ass. Punk!

      1. Could be a poser. A real tough guy doesn’t talk about being a “shaved head, tattooed, cigar smoking, bourbon swilling, beer drinking, Harley riding, old United States Marine Corp veteran”. There’s too much self-awareness in all that. It’s like the file clerk who shows a Purple Heart and brags about all the dudes he killed, while the retired Green Beret says nothing.

          1. Relax, tough guy. I’m sure you’re the most interesting man in the world. Cheers. 👴💔🚬🍷🍺⚓

      2. Bob G–I was married twice–the first time to an extremely–too extreme–manly man and the second time to a former Marine who was also all man, but confident enough to be kind and gentle with me. Both times I retained my maiden name because it was quite cool and along with my first name very unique. I offered both husbands my last name, but neither would take it. Maybe that’s the difference between being confident enough to marry a woman that could can keep her own name and not being so pussified as to take your wife’s name or hyphenate (although my last name is so cool, some men have legally changed their names to it–I call them wanna be).

        1. You are simply and totally insane if you think that any normal man is ever going to take the name of his wife or girlfriend – unless perhaps he is hiding out from the Yakuza! But even that seems far-fetched.

          And whatever your name last name might be, I can guarantee you that it is not all that magical and special. You sound wildly delusional – like a little girl enamoured with a special edition My Pretty Pony!

        2. twice? Why on earth would a man marry a divorced woman………you already showed you cannot keep your word……….a man doesnt need a woman with no morals/ethics but divorce lawyers need to eat too.

        3. She holds a Ph.D. in chemistry. I’m proud of her. I thinking that most of these jack holes posting here are LGBTXYZ people.

        1. Huntington Learning Center tutoring high school kids in math and chemistry. With your attitude I’m betting you’re still dating Rosy Palm.

    3. Wow. Old stupid caveman stereotypes are alive and well. I guess a man is supposed to marry a little mousy thing who will stay quiet in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, and say “Yes, sir” to her lord and master. There is no practical reason why a woman should give up her own name in favor of the man’s since his name is no better, no more important, than hers. I would have NEVER married a man whose fragile ego insisted I take his name. A marriage license is not a receipt, a man doesn’t own a woman, for heaven’s sake, nor should he dictate every detail of her life. In full disclosure: I kept my maiden name after my husband and I married. I love it. It is much easier to spell than his and reflects my pride in my Scottish heritage. I have no connection to his name. We just celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary two weeks ago. It’s past time men stopped worrying about being “macho” and “manly” — most look silly acting like that, anyway — but rather concentrate on being better people who respect women and their rights.

      1. Thank you. Besides, how does all this account for the Quakers? Women in the Quaker religion (as well as some others) do not take their husband’s names and there is never any question about it. The children take their father’s name. NBD. Anyone can change his/her name at any time to whatever they want–what’s the difference. Look at Sean Combs–what number name is he up to at this point? I’m thinking of offering him my name next, although at a price…

      2. ” I guess a man is supposed to marry a little mousy thing who will stay
        quiet in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, and say “Yes, sir” to her
        lord ………..”

        This fictional woman would live like a queen………..

      3. It’s about traditional values. In civilized western society, there are some, and there are also some people who think they have a better idea, and have no respect for them. **I** personally have no respect for those people – far as I’m concerned, if they don’t want to be part of our society, and respect its values, they can go live in some other one, where values don’t exist, and people can do anything they want. If anarchy’s your thing, go for it. I want no part of it.

  3. Women who don’t take their husband’s name are more masculine, er, less feminine, if you know what I mean.

    1. That’s probably going to be the next trend, reverting back to their mother’s maiden name. Then they’ll be doing genealogies to find the earliest maiden name in their family line. Then, they’ll finally move to ban evil last names, altogether. First predicted here.

      1. Perhaps they’ll just all regress back to being called Eve as their last name? Or Budicca? Gaia? Or other such nonsense?

    2. Libtardian women have never been accused of being rational, intelligent, or sane, so…

      And by “libtardian women” I mean the males of that ilk too.

        1. Me either, bruh. I have NEVER been a libtardling….EVER! However, how many females have you known that can say that?

  4. Not surprising, I broke off a long term relationship after she refused to take my name. Just a sign of more insanity to come. Not only was she ultra liberal but turns out she was cheating. I’m all for strong women but some women think feminism is acting like pigs, stay away.

  5. The traditional institution of marriage has been replaced with what is often called Marriage 2.0. Marriage 2.0 was claimed to level the player it field in marriage between the husband and wife. What it does, instead, is put most women in a much superior legal position if the marriage falls apart.

    In most states, a non-working mother who cheats on her husband will be awarded primary custody of the children and is entitled to half his property (including things like 401Ks and pensions), child support and alimony. Depending on the length of the marriage, the husband may even be required to pay alimony for life. The fact that she is the one who cheated does not affect the outcome.

    Frankly, given the law today, men should think very hard before committing to marriage and, if they can afford it, consult with a good family lawyer about a prenuptial agreement to protect themselves as much as the law allows.

    1. The pendulum has swung….for a long time, the husband was everything and the wife was crap. Then, it swung…the wife is everything and the husband is crap. Hopefully, it’ll start swinging to the middle in my lifetime. But I doubt it.

        1. An astounding rebuttal. You got anything that even remotely resembles an arguement that disproves my statement?

  6. This is more of that special kind of research that EVERYONE already knows the answer to before there are millions in Federal grant money flushed down the toilet.

  7. Who would want a American bride ? Asian , Russian, Uranium even a plug a play doll would be better . US women are like a Rolls Royce auto , all sealed up under the hood.

  8. If they’d bothered asking they’d find that men who put up with this were considered less masculine long before they married a bossy-pants woman.

  9. I love the comments from the macho men. For them it is quite easy. In the land of the inbred their wive don’t even have to change their last name being they are brother and sister.

      1. That is why you sit alone in the bar every night complaining about the Bitc***. That is why you are alone and all women hate you.

  10. Speaking only for myself, I disagree with the findings. I once was married for ten years to a lady who chose not to change her last name to mine. It neither helped nor hurt the relationship, and no one of our acquaintance expressed a negative opinion. If anything, it demonstrated my strength in my own self-worth. I am masculine sufficiently to not allow such a small thing to diminish either my ego or my relationship with her. And she simply chose to avoid the bureaucratic process associated with changing her name (see: Social Security Administration). The name thing had nothing to do with our eventual breakup.

    1. YOU ARE A DELUDED FOOL WHO IS LESS THAN A REAL MAN. You have convinced yourself that your wife refusing to take your name didn’t hurt the relationship but you never asked her WHY she wouldn’t take your name. She didn’t RESPECT you enough to do so. And by the looks of it, SHE WAS RIGHT.

  11. All by design. Destroy the family from all angles. Homo marriage is now normal, broken homes are the majority, and Jesus is watching all of it.

    1. I’m sure Jesus has long since walked out of the picture after heaving all the rotten fruit within reach at the screen. I know I sure would’ve.

  12. Women who think they are enlightened and feminist will find themselves in their late 40’s, ugly/aging, no dudes wanting them, no kids to take wonder in raising and depressed on meds until they commit suicide or withdraw from society in depression. Or in one more attempt at staying young looking will screw up their faces so bad with plastic surgery they will be laughed at.

    1. There will be some of those, but for the most part I’m afraid you are wrong…there will always be a constant supply of thirsty, desperate, loser males ready to take on the feminist dregs (given no other options in life). These kinds of men are just as worthless, and usually carry bad genetics.

  13. Did they study the ages of the couples when they got married? I bet the older you are the less likely the woman is to change her name.

  14. I love reading these reports from The Center for Obvious Research, always reaffirming what we’ve known all along!

  15. Again. Another stupid, tax-funded “study” to prove what anyone with an ounce of common sense already knows. How much did this “study” cost us?

  16. Nothing new from this report. Either be a man or be the straw scarecrow with the crow sitting on your head doing a crap. The ultimate doormat !

  17. I wonder if feminists wonder why most women no no longer identify as feminists. I can help–it’s because feminism is no longer about equal rights, it’s just anti-male.

  18. Buying her an engagement ring is a show of commitment.
    Taking his last name is a show of commitment.

    If she’s unwilling to take his name, she shouldn’t expect a ring.

  19. I knew a guy who actually took his wife’s maiden name as his last name when they married. It went downhill from there…she dragged him into her drug use and drug activities. Last I knew, he was heading to prison.

  20. How selfish do you have to be to not want your own future children have same last name between the two parents. Also, it’s important for guys to pass down their last names, whereas, woman have never mentioned that it was about passing down their names, it just about empowerment to them or “equal rights” to them (like it’s one sided, the men don’t ever give up anything when they get married).

    1. Yeah, at that point the penis should just be sheared clean off an handed over for the wife to keep in a drawer for when he’s a “good boy,” along with his spine.

  21. Those men who are cowed into agreeing to a wife’s decision not take his last name have three characteristics . 1. They want to be a” little boy” taken care of by a new Mama.
    2. They are progressive liberals that are easily influenced by the toxic cultural marxism that is so pervasive in American society.
    3. They are heavy consumers of soy milk.

  22. The headline should’ve read: “Pussy’s are even Pussier when Pussified by their emasculating, wives! Real men? Not so much!”

  23. The saddest part of this “study” is that you need it to tell you something so BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS. Why do women say they are KEEPING their surname, dummy? They do it so as not to “GIVE IN TO THE PATRIARCHY”! So how can a man who accepts this idiocy be anything other than a Liberal, which is to say NOT A REAL MAN?

  24. Could you imagine being one of those wussies who read this article with a wife who refused to take his name. Realizing, maybe I really am a wussie.

  25. I known some of these permissive husbands. Many of their wives won’t even wear a wedding ring, let alone take their name. It’s funny watching those husbands pretending they’re not miserable milquetoast beta boys with their “hyphenated” wives. But it’s a sad joke, nonetheless. These men have to act like they got a pretty good deal in life, and they’ll even get all sanctimonious around their male friends, saying they’re somehow advanced or enlightened for having wives that wave off every tradition — EXCEPT the neo-feminist tradition of “divorce rape” which surely more than 60% of these sappy “hyphenated men” will suffer.

  26. Seriously? It took two research studies to find out what the rest of us already know? LOL!

    As for representing traditional portrayals of women as being “powerless”….it is not true! The man is the head of the household. But the woman is the neck, and she can use her power to turn the head any way she wants!

    My wife & I have a successful marriage. At the start, we agreed I am the head of the household and I get to make all the major decisions. In 17 years of marriage, we have yet to encounter any major decisions. LOL!

  27. Such men are not only viewed as less masculine, they are, in fact, less masculine, the ones who announce “we’re pregnant.” Talk to one, or just observe one. It’s obvious.

    1. They’re the ones in the park sporting man buns, skinny jeans, neck beards, and papooses, posing as “stay-at-home-cuckolds” or house husbands. They are the ones who also pretend to breast feed their infants, because they’re as insane as their husbands, er, their wives.

  28. Next thing you’ll tell us is beta cucks like to be pegged by their wife after she’d finished getting reamed by Tyrone’s BBC.

  29. The pussification of America continues. In other news, Feminists have a higher rate of suicide, depression and godlessness.

    1. Sounds fair enough — they can have a good cry then get off the planet. They already live in the darkness, might as well go all in.

  30. It’s not that hard to figure out. A women who keep her maiden name or hyphenates it is simply hedging her bets.

    1. TRUE…then…..why marry her then…..

      my point is …, as a man… take it off the table ….like fidelity …and joint finances…you will NOT be married to me if you do not do


  31. “The marital surname tradition is more
    than just a tradition,” Robnett argues. “It reflects subtle gender-role
    norms and ideologies that often remain unquestioned despite privileging
    men.” ~~~ I think I’d change my name to his just to spite this stupid little left wing brain donor. So sick of the male privilege bullshit. And I’m a woman!

  32. So, the new wife keeps her father’s name instead of taking her husband’s? That’s makes her a strong woman, to keep her father’s name?

  33. i wonder if this study included whether or not this “man” was raised by a mother only ..or lived in a household with a father

    i bet this is obvious as well

  34. BARF on all of it.
    Ever since Eve women have been out of control.
    Men screw things up badly enough without the women helping.
    ‘Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.’
    Stay at home and be an anchor for your husband, be a homemaker, raise your children, and guess what?
    You will find happiness.
    In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    1. that would be great….if you can afford to do so….

      this has nothing to do with earning money……in fact MOST of the family wealth earned will come MANY…..MANY years after you first get married….

      today….a new house (here in California at least) costs about $750K…if the average age of a newly married couple is 26 …there are few jobs that a single income household can obtain that will afford you a house here in my neighborhood …. you need 2 incomes least for a few years

      1. Perhaps.
        However, I did it. Here is how: First I PRAYED. I asked, among other things, that He provide an income sufficient that my wife to be (I hadn’t even met her yet) not have to work outside the home, sufficient to pay for that home. I asked He send me a woman who wanted to stay home and be my homemaker, lover, wife and mother to my children.
        He made me wait 8 years, but everything was delivered. All this is sunny SoCal.
        Truly God has blessed me.

  35. What’s the big deal? My wife is an executive professional who makes 3x the money I make. Her name is known within her career field.. I encouraged her to keep her name. Changing the name is an antique tradition based on the notion that women are chattel. Wtf do I care what other people think about it? I work hard. She works hard. We’re 15 years together and going strong. We take care of each other and there’s no gender confusion. She cooks, cleans, fixes stuff, assembles furniture, etc. and I do to. A wife is not property. Keep her happy and you’ll be all the happier for it. It pays dividends. It’s like being rich. All the goodness just flows right back to you.

    1. your wife can take your name and STILL make 3x what you make..

      what you FAIL to understand is that HER name is not her’s belongs to her FATHER

      you are allowing HER FATHER to hold power over you in YOUR marriage

      1. He was a great man. Vietnam vet. Homicide detective. Served his country and community his whole life. The only power he ever wielded was to pay for our wedding. She’s a daddy’s girl. I like daddy’s girls.

        1. all irrelevant…you are NOW the WIFE of your husband….are you ashamed?

          are you hoping you ex-boyfriends can still find you on facebook?

          are you planning a divorce in a couple of years?

        2. So you have a family unit where everyone has one name and your wife still identifies as her father’s daughter instead of your wife and your childrens’ mother…. And you don’t see where the disconnect is? I once knew a girl who married a guy who was a paraplegic. She insisted that the lack of intimacy that would exist in that marriage wouldn’t be an issue for her… 3 years later she left him for a guy she had gotten into an affair with….

          1. I guess it’s simpler because we have no children and never wanted any. We’ve worked to prevent having children. It’s insanely awesome to not live in the world of the morons in this comment thread. Nobody needs alpha males anymore. Not everybody cheats and lies. A successful marriage is based on friendship. People get old. Bodies droop and sag. Looks fade. If that’s what you base attractiveness on, you’re doomed. My wife will serve me dinner. I’ll make her morning coffee. She’ll do the bills while I put a new starter in her truck. What the hell use would she have for some knuckle-dragging troglodyte? We laugh at those guys when we go shooting. The smaller the willie the bigger the gun.

  36. Why should a wife abandon the name she’s used her entire life, and more than a husband abandon his? Professionally, my wife still uses her maiden name. Personally, she usually uses my surname. After a couple of months, nobody even noticed any more. I don’t give a rat’s ass how it’s “viewed”. Marriage isn’t a matter of last names. In all honesty, I might have a slight an issue if she ALSO refused to wear a wedding ring.

  37. Yes MS (((Steingold))), women taking their husbands name is definitely “privileging men.” Did you wear your “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” shirt as you wrote this drivel?

  38. “While societal change benefiting women has continued at a steady pace, many feminists still wonder when women will no longer be expected to take on their husband’s surname, which they regard as an obsolete practice.” So the inference here is that women who keep their parent’s name are more successful and the trend is growing as more women cast of the chains of their husband’s last name…. Such BS…. first off, did the study ever consider the fact that many times it is an already successful woman who chooses to keep her last name for professional reasons? Not the other way around..

    Also I’d like to see the ratio of divorcees comparing those who keep their last name vs those who honor their family with a singular last name for everyone…. Seriously, liberals will never rest until the family unit is destroyed beyond repair…. and they have almost succeeded.

  39. You know, in plenty of cultures, even in the West (as well as in the East), women traditionally keep their maiden names. In fact, in some places, everyone has two surnames (one from each parent) and nobody changes their names when they marry (Hispanic for example). The English way of doing things isn’t the only way and doesn’t make one more feminine, masculine, liberal, conservative, or whatnot if people decide eschew (or go with) the naming conventions. I changed my name when I married, but you would have thought the banks, SS, et cetera had never heard of the practice. They made it the biggest hassle, to the point that I would not have bothered to legally change my name if I had to do it over.

    1. The English way is far more logical. From a legal perspective having a family unit with different last names is incredibly impractical.

      1. Actually, the English perspective is a relic of a past wherein women were not legally considered as persons (i.e. like children). It had little to do with logic and practicality.

        1. How it started is irrelevant (most people didn’t have last names before around 1100) it is imminently practical in today’s world. Casting away tradition that works perfectly well makes no sense.

          1. It isn’t practical though. Practical is not having to go through the hassle. For me, it was an extreme hassle. I literally had to deal with the same bank multiple times, had issues with SS, and had issues having my name legally changed at a credit union, and on other forms of documentation. It was not nearly as effortless and easy as the process is often touted as being. My husband would have been fine with my decision either way. The only reason I bothered was due to pressure from my own parents and not from him. After seeing what I went through, my sister didn’t change her name. Somehow, everyone knows she’s married to her husband and that their kids are his. Nobody looks at him as being less masculine. I reckon the only individuals that like to lob such accusations against men are those that are afraid of women and are not secure in their own masculinity.

      1. It’s so hard to take someone seriously in a comments section, when they don’t bother to use their legal name.

  40. Women that keep their maiden names are not serious marriage material. They are in it for something else, another feather in her cap I presume. Been happily divorced for almost 10 years now. I have found what true freedom really feels like. Utopia.

  41. Cuck / cuck / noun. 1. US informal A weak or servile man
    2. Any man who voted for Hillary Clinton
    3. Progressive beta male
    “I was called a Cuck because I let my wife use her maiden name.”

  42. what does this reveal about all those husbands in china whose brides keep their names because it is a cultural thing? are you wimpifying the most populous nation on the planet?

    1. In China the way they name their children is, they take coin, toss it downstairs, and whatever sound the coin makes (“Ding Jong Zin Pin Dong Boon!) becomes their name.

  43. gee what a surprise. thats almost as obvious as concluding that women with hyphenated last names are usually @itches like say hillary rodham clinton

  44. I’m a knuckle draggin’ male and I didn’t care. I’m not much for illogical traditions. Marriage means some protective laws if something happens to me she will have things easier. That’s about it to me.

  45. Did brides keeping their last name cause this change in men, or did men like this marry those who would keep their previous name? That’s the divide between cause and correlation… but there I go again, using logic, reason, and mansplaing to undermine the dominant narrative. :/

  46. I asked my future wife if she would change her name. Had she said no, then I would have not asked her to marry me.

  47. My ex wife insisted on this 25 years ago. We divorced quickly (shocker)!!!
    And now she is on her 4th marriage has like 5 kids, and Im pretty sure is collecting public assistance.
    I am grateful she never took my name!!!

  48. Real women, who like real men, WANT to have their husband’s name because they are proud to be part of his family. Women who don’t, are not proud of their men, and there is probably a reason why.

  49. How is this surprising? if your dad is Albert Einstein it’s one thing, but if your dad is Bert Schmall and he works at UPS ?????

  50. Ordinarily I think this is true, but I knew a guy who took his wife’s last name. He had this really long Polish last name, and her last name was Henry. He liked the idea of being known as John Henry, so there are exceptions.

  51. I played in a band in the early 2000’s that did some weddings.

    One wedding reception we played at, the groom (a college professor), had actually taken his wife’s last name.

    Yes, I’m serious.

    But her dad was absolutely loaded with dough, and the reception was at her parents’ very swank McMansion.
    And Daddy paid us good, so whatever…good luck with that, dude..

    Not me….

  52. Funny how the icon of feminism (Hitlery) refuse to give up her husband’s name after he cheated on her multiple times.

  53. My wife took my last name but still wears the pants. After 32 years, I don’t give a flying F*&#. She gives me an illusion and I live with that..

  54. This is one more attack upon the family. Insecurity is never a cause for rejecting the latest feminist nonsense. Accepting it might be,

  55. We used to call it henpecked, she wears the pants, pussy whupped – and it DOES extend to the children – pansy males and entitled, obnoxious princesses.

    Imagine three or four generations from now where this arrogance and selfishness will lead:

    Hello, my name is Edgar Jones-Johnson-Fernandez-Waldner-Dobbins-Connor-Miller-Schwarzenegger-Smith

  56. No surprise. I have known many couples where the wife choose not to take the husband’s name. In every case, the husband was a wuss and was henpecked. Most ended in divorce within five-ten years. Most ended childlessness. A few had hyphenated name children, most of whom had parents who were separated by the time the children hit high school. Interestingly not a single man I know who had a wife who kept her maiden name and subsequently divorce married another woman who kept her maiden name – in every case the second wife took the husband;s name. Which goes to show that even wusse’s get tired of being wusses.

  57. “Robnett argues. “It reflects subtle gender-role norms and ideologies that often remain unquestioned despite privileging men.”” – And that’s when I knew Robnett has spent way too much time in the Bubble of Academia and Latte Clutches. Just gross to even read a sentence like that… all Newspeak-y and all.

  58. I work in a job where I have to call for people by their last names. The hyphenated dual last names some women have are just an assault on the English language. Crunchy, unwieldy, cumbersome, unlovely.

    And guess what? Keeping your maiden name means keeping your father’s name. So you are still bowing to convention.

  59. My wife joined my family, so she changed her name. I didn’t take anything from her, she gained something. It was a huge sign of respect to me that I value to this day. She is also a strong and powerful woman despite what some idiots would assume. People should be like libertarians and realize they don’t have the right to care about someone else’s personal decision. Its very liberating… You can do it!!

  60. In Spain and most Latin American countries the woman has NEVER changed her name. I thought it was an Anglo-Saxon custom. It has always irked me that some men insist on it, I feel like they want to erase their wife’s self. And to be introduced as Mrs Joe Smith is awful, she has been obliterated. Changing the woman’s name is a law only in Hawaii.

    1. If a woman has ALREADY established a successful professional career and a positive, respected, professional reputation under her maiden name, I can understand why she would need to keep her name, regardless of whether or not she wanted to.

    2. Its more of a Christian, and possibly a Jewish tradition/observance/commandment as the bible says; ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” mrk10;7-9

      Sorta hard to claim you are one when you carry two names.

  61. The current year: Cuck beta males marrying witches who keep their maiden name, while opting to adopt black babies instead of allowing his sperm inside her.

  62. The whole “lacking pants” thing has been around for many, many years. Go back to movies made in the ’30s on TCM and the theme of the ‘henpecked’ man was quite common. This is not only not news its not anything to worry about.

    1. The henpecked man was common as a punch line in those movies.

      What I understand is in the 20’s and 30’s, the culture was just coming out of the confing Victorian era (seriously). Around the turn of the century, the concept of “hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” was popular. Women considering their job of wife and mother and being just as important as the man’s. Women took their “job” very seriously, oftentimes puffed up with pride fulfilling it, and often overdid it (especially with their sons). There was a quote I’ve heard from WWII that said “overbearing mothers killed more of our men than the Germans did” but I can’t seem to find who said it.

  63. A young couple, just married, were in their honeymoon suite on their wedding night. As they undressed for bed, the husband tossed his pants to his bride and said, “here put these on.” She put them on, and the waist was twice the size of her body. “I can’t wear your pants,” she said.That’s right said the husband, “and don’t you forget it. I’m the man who wears the pants in this family” With that she flipped him her pants and said, “Try these on.” He tried them on and found he could only get them on as far as his kneecaps. He said, “Hell, I can’t get into your pants!” She said, “That’s right and that’s the way it’s going to be until you change your attitude”

  64. Why do we need studies to find this kind of stuff out.?????
    If your wife does not have your last name you are a cuck.

  65. SHOCKER!!! Who would have thought a “man” who allowed his wife to keep her maiden name would be less than masculine……………perhaps a “metro-man” or a trained boy or a “comfort house boy” or a Mommy’s boy. The Feminine movement has emasculated American males to the point they don’t even know what sex they are and they go off seeking other males. SAD!!

  66. This article is pure, undiluted bovine manure. In the Hispanic culture women keep their last name, and this doesn’t make Hispanic men less masculine. What is difficult to explain. however, is that the so-called “feminism” has appeared in the U.S., a country where women are supposed to change their family names and adopt their husband’s. This may not make men less masculine, but make women look as if they were their husband’s slaves. Actually, feminism is making women less feminine, because they try to act as men.

  67. Choose carefully, young man. But choose nonetheless.

    Nobody wants to be an 80’s Hefner wearing around his circa 1960’s bathrobe like he’s still cool and happening (to the ladies).

  68. Bunch of bullshit. If a man is threatened simply by his wife’s name, he is ALREADY a chickenshit coward, and is probably marrying the wrong woman. Just another man-shaming article, so horribly fashionable these days.

    1. These studies were about how men in this predicament were viewed by others / society. Sometimes if there’s a good reason to give societal views the finger, fine. But if there’s not a good reason, ‘a good name is better than riches…..’

  69. I worked with a guy who changed his last name to his wife’s. He was a laughing stock, and
    she left him after 2/3 years.

  70. I don’t hate women, I hate feminists.
    A feminine woman fulfilling her natural role is beautiful and respectable.
    There is nothing feminine, natural, beautiful, or respectable about a feminist. They are only vile, racist sexists.
    Any questions?

  71. Anyone who is surprised? This isn’t what culture is about in the tradition of the United States of America, as it was founded. People who do this kind of crap are the ones trying to deviate from what our culture has been for centuries, and it’s not a good thing. Same thing goes for the silly “hyphenated names” schtick. In this culture, when people get married, the norm is for the wife to take the surname of the husband….PERIOD.

    Anything eles is an overt attempt to deviate from cultural norms. Good luck with that. The country is satisfied with its norms as they always have been. If you don’t like it – GET OUTTA’ HERE.

  72. Oh boy, more studies. Another bogus attempt to influence public opinion. It says, “… he was frequently described in ways that both deemphasized his masculinity and overemphasized any feminine characteristics…”. Described by whom and under what circumstances? These studies are not at all scientific and are, at best, a touchy feely attempt to promote the authors agenda.

  73. Men should not marry! Today’s woman wants independence and security which is an oxy moron. Men and women today are so concerned about hook ups and selfies and the number of followers on their profile. This is the new moral compas. This generation is $)(&@?!

  74. simple truth. only modern “women” (and we all know they are not really women in any adult sense of the word), find this hard to understand.

  75. IMHO during my life time I have faced more difficulty when dealing with women that have hyphenated last names than any other individual of any gender.

  76. Chicken & Egg question here.

    Typically, women that keep their maiden name have married effeminate “men” (aka. Liberals) to begin with.

  77. I wouldn’t marry a woman that insisted on keeping her last name. Women’s liberation and the Gloria Steinem’s of this world has ruined marriage and the stupid women have fallen for it. She’s a nasty woman.

  78. “wives who shun the time-tested naming tradition enjoy a number of benefits, including higher social status and perception of power, along with increased self-focus, ambition, and assertiveness.” Yeah. They are the new feminist power-brokers in top positions in academia and government, whose maiden names attest to their Liberal bona fidees.

  79. When a woman doesn’t take her husband’s name they are both participating in the Marxist deconstruction of the family.

  80. AND……… they left off the hyphenated name issue – any man that hyphenates his wife’s name onto his is just as much a liberal / male-feminist / Pussy.

  81. Surprised this was the “published” conclusion of the study, considering most studies of this nature are conducted by liberals for liberal publications. Liberals, being inherently dishonest will always skew results to favor their desired outcome, position, or opinion. In a liberals mind, the end always justifies the means. As for men marrying a woman who insists on keeping her name, or worse, hyphenating his name, or WORSE – taking his wife’s name…. all are pu$$ies – the lot of ’em.

  82. This is only a perception, a general viewpoint of majority. I never view men as less masculine solely for this. Being masculine for me, is able to respect, god-fearing, disciplined, humble, etc. His main responsibility in marriage is to LOVE his wife. Though, men and women differ in roles. EACH role is EQUALLY important. Men and Women complement, each should work for each other NOT against. Marriage is not a liability, ONLY, if you fear God and keep his commandments. Marriage is a GIFT, but only few sees it so.

  83. I’d advise any woman who thinks she needs to get married to run like hell from any insecure piece of shit that needs to own another person and tries to change who you are – down to your very name. In fact, there is no reason for marriage what so ever. Women your uterus works without a piece of paper and a man trying to own you like property. Buy your own home, pay your own way, make you own babies, and when men realize the fantasy of a “man’s world” is a bag of bull shit they can cry alone or get their shit together and start treating women with the respect we deserve. The author of this article, the study, the morons who think you’re less of a man for ‘allowing’ a woman to be herself, all of them are in for a big surprise. Women don’t need men. Men need women. Reality check bitches – this is a WOMAN’S WORLD Deal with it.

  84. Every 17 seconds an antiquated thinker gets dropped in their forever box. My eyes (and mind) are forward.

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