Men viewed as more feminine, lacking pants if wives keep last name, study finds

RENO, Nevada — What’s in a last name? Muscle, apparently. Men married to women who opt to keep their maiden names after tying the knot are often viewed as less masculine and lacking pants in the relationship, a new study finds.

Researchers at the University of Nevada conducted three related studies in the United States and United Kingdom, hoping to learn how a woman’s decision to keep her last name affected how others perceived her husband.

Bride holding wedding rings
A new study finds that a man is viewed as less masculine and disempowered when his wife keeps her maiden name after marriage.

The researchers’ first two studies found that whenever a husband’s last name differed from that of his wife’s, he was frequently described in ways that both deemphasized his masculinity and overemphasized any feminine characteristics.

Meanwhile, previous research has shown that wives who shun the time-tested naming tradition enjoy a number of benefits, including higher social status and perception of power, along with increased self-focus, ambition, and assertiveness.

These qualities run counter to older, rigid portrayals of women, which depict them as kind and nurturing, yet powerless, the researchers note.

“A woman’s marital surname choice therefore has implications for perceptions of her husband’s instrumentality, expressivity, and the distribution of power in the relationship,” says Rachael Robnett, the study’s lead author, in a journal release. “Our findings indicate that people extrapolate from marital surname choices to make more general inferences about a couple’s gender-typed personality traits.”

Robnett’s third study showed that men who held steadfast beliefs on traditional gender roles showed increased prejudice against husbands who didn’t share their last name with their spouse, seeing him as disempowered.

“We know from prior research that people high in hostile sexism respond negatively to women who violate traditional gender roles,” she explains. “Our findings show that they also apply stereotypes to nontraditional women’s husbands.”

While societal change benefiting women has continued at a steady pace, many feminists still wonder when women will no longer be expected to take on their husband’s surname, which they regard as an obsolete practice.

“The marital surname tradition is more than just a tradition,” Robnett argues. “It reflects subtle gender-role norms and ideologies that often remain unquestioned despite privileging men.”

The researchers published their findings last week in the journal Sex Roles.


  1. The current year: Cuck beta males marrying witches who keep their maiden name, while opting to adopt black babies instead of allowing his sperm inside her.

  2. The whole “lacking pants” thing has been around for many, many years. Go back to movies made in the ’30s on TCM and the theme of the ‘henpecked’ man was quite common. This is not only not news its not anything to worry about.

    1. The henpecked man was common as a punch line in those movies.

      What I understand is in the 20’s and 30’s, the culture was just coming out of the confing Victorian era (seriously). Around the turn of the century, the concept of “hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” was popular. Women considering their job of wife and mother and being just as important as the man’s. Women took their “job” very seriously, oftentimes puffed up with pride fulfilling it, and often overdid it (especially with their sons). There was a quote I’ve heard from WWII that said “overbearing mothers killed more of our men than the Germans did” but I can’t seem to find who said it.

  3. A young couple, just married, were in their honeymoon suite on their wedding night. As they undressed for bed, the husband tossed his pants to his bride and said, “here put these on.” She put them on, and the waist was twice the size of her body. “I can’t wear your pants,” she said.That’s right said the husband, “and don’t you forget it. I’m the man who wears the pants in this family” With that she flipped him her pants and said, “Try these on.” He tried them on and found he could only get them on as far as his kneecaps. He said, “Hell, I can’t get into your pants!” She said, “That’s right and that’s the way it’s going to be until you change your attitude”

  4. Why do we need studies to find this kind of stuff out.?????
    If your wife does not have your last name you are a cuck.

  5. SHOCKER!!! Who would have thought a “man” who allowed his wife to keep her maiden name would be less than masculine……………perhaps a “metro-man” or a trained boy or a “comfort house boy” or a Mommy’s boy. The Feminine movement has emasculated American males to the point they don’t even know what sex they are and they go off seeking other males. SAD!!

  6. This article is pure, undiluted bovine manure. In the Hispanic culture women keep their last name, and this doesn’t make Hispanic men less masculine. What is difficult to explain. however, is that the so-called “feminism” has appeared in the U.S., a country where women are supposed to change their family names and adopt their husband’s. This may not make men less masculine, but make women look as if they were their husband’s slaves. Actually, feminism is making women less feminine, because they try to act as men.

  7. Choose carefully, young man. But choose nonetheless.

    Nobody wants to be an 80’s Hefner wearing around his circa 1960’s bathrobe like he’s still cool and happening (to the ladies).

  8. Bunch of bullshit. If a man is threatened simply by his wife’s name, he is ALREADY a chickenshit coward, and is probably marrying the wrong woman. Just another man-shaming article, so horribly fashionable these days.

    1. These studies were about how men in this predicament were viewed by others / society. Sometimes if there’s a good reason to give societal views the finger, fine. But if there’s not a good reason, ‘a good name is better than riches…..’

  9. I worked with a guy who changed his last name to his wife’s. He was a laughing stock, and
    she left him after 2/3 years.

  10. I don’t hate women, I hate feminists.
    A feminine woman fulfilling her natural role is beautiful and respectable.
    There is nothing feminine, natural, beautiful, or respectable about a feminist. They are only vile, racist sexists.
    Any questions?

  11. Anyone who is surprised? This isn’t what culture is about in the tradition of the United States of America, as it was founded. People who do this kind of crap are the ones trying to deviate from what our culture has been for centuries, and it’s not a good thing. Same thing goes for the silly “hyphenated names” schtick. In this culture, when people get married, the norm is for the wife to take the surname of the husband….PERIOD.

    Anything eles is an overt attempt to deviate from cultural norms. Good luck with that. The country is satisfied with its norms as they always have been. If you don’t like it – GET OUTTA’ HERE.

  12. Oh boy, more studies. Another bogus attempt to influence public opinion. It says, “… he was frequently described in ways that both deemphasized his masculinity and overemphasized any feminine characteristics…”. Described by whom and under what circumstances? These studies are not at all scientific and are, at best, a touchy feely attempt to promote the authors agenda.

  13. Men should not marry! Today’s woman wants independence and security which is an oxy moron. Men and women today are so concerned about hook ups and selfies and the number of followers on their profile. This is the new moral compas. This generation is $)(&@?!

  14. simple truth. only modern “women” (and we all know they are not really women in any adult sense of the word), find this hard to understand.

  15. IMHO during my life time I have faced more difficulty when dealing with women that have hyphenated last names than any other individual of any gender.

  16. Chicken & Egg question here.

    Typically, women that keep their maiden name have married effeminate “men” (aka. Liberals) to begin with.

  17. I wouldn’t marry a woman that insisted on keeping her last name. Women’s liberation and the Gloria Steinem’s of this world has ruined marriage and the stupid women have fallen for it. She’s a nasty woman.

  18. “wives who shun the time-tested naming tradition enjoy a number of benefits, including higher social status and perception of power, along with increased self-focus, ambition, and assertiveness.” Yeah. They are the new feminist power-brokers in top positions in academia and government, whose maiden names attest to their Liberal bona fidees.

  19. When a woman doesn’t take her husband’s name they are both participating in the Marxist deconstruction of the family.

  20. Surprised this was the “published” conclusion of the study, considering most studies of this nature are conducted by liberals for liberal publications. Liberals, being inherently dishonest will always skew results to favor their desired outcome, position, or opinion. In a liberals mind, the end always justifies the means. As for men marrying a woman who insists on keeping her name, or worse, hyphenating his name, or WORSE – taking his wife’s name…. all are pu$$ies – the lot of ’em.

  21. This is only a perception, a general viewpoint of majority. I never view men as less masculine solely for this. Being masculine for me, is able to respect, god-fearing, disciplined, humble, etc. His main responsibility in marriage is to LOVE his wife. Though, men and women differ in roles. EACH role is EQUALLY important. Men and Women complement, each should work for each other NOT against. Marriage is not a liability, ONLY, if you fear God and keep his commandments. Marriage is a GIFT, but only few sees it so.

  22. I’d advise any woman who thinks she needs to get married to run like hell from any insecure piece of shit that needs to own another person and tries to change who you are – down to your very name. In fact, there is no reason for marriage what so ever. Women your uterus works without a piece of paper and a man trying to own you like property. Buy your own home, pay your own way, make you own babies, and when men realize the fantasy of a “man’s world” is a bag of bull shit they can cry alone or get their shit together and start treating women with the respect we deserve. The author of this article, the study, the morons who think you’re less of a man for ‘allowing’ a woman to be herself, all of them are in for a big surprise. Women don’t need men. Men need women. Reality check bitches – this is a WOMAN’S WORLD Deal with it.

  23. Every 17 seconds an antiquated thinker gets dropped in their forever box. My eyes (and mind) are forward.

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