Comments on “Can stars really live on Mars? Deep underground labs may hold the key”

  1. D C M says:
    06/06/2023 at 11:50 AM

    Underground cities will need towers reaching to the surface where people can take their kids and point to the blur morning/evening “star” and explain “That’s Earth, where we came from….”

  2. D C M says:
    06/06/2023 at 11:51 AM

    “” star. Sorry for the misprint.

  3. BP says:
    06/09/2023 at 6:21 PM

    Watch the AppleTV series Sio to see how wonderful life would be underground.
    With “stars”, I think the question is, would anyone for any reason want to spend months in a transport ship going to Mars, let along taking the risk of mishap, radiation, meteor strike, etc just to visit and spend some time on a dead planet.

    As a kid, I loved space stuff. I was just old enough to see and remember the Apollo series launches and finally the moon landing. I would have jumped like a frog in boiling water to go live on a Moon Base at that time. But, then nothing.

    Then maturing to understand just how tailored this planet is to humanity, and just how lacking in intelligence that same humanity is in terms of self-organizing and managing this planet. Elon Musk is wrong. We could spread out through the whole solar system but until we become intelligence and self-organizing or at the very least keep our numbers way down we will bring the same destruction and misery and ultimately and end to ourselves.


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