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NEW YORK — Spending time with others can be a risky proposition during the coronavirus pandemic. While some cities are urging people to only break quarantine for essential chores, a new survey has finds many are bending the rules for sex.

A poll, commissioned by MysteryVibe, finds three in 10 people admit they’ve broken their self-quarantine for a bedroom romp. Researchers surveyed 2,000 Americans who are living in lockdown to avoid COVID-19.

Only 58 percent say they are spending quarantine with their partner. The rest of the respondents say they’ve been isolating by themselves and many of them are choosing to roll the dice during this pandemic. Of those in quarantine alone, 51 percent admit they’ve invited someone over for sex. Another 30 percent say they’ve left their home for a hookup.

For those singles obeying the coronavirus orders, they’ve taken their pleasure to the digital world. Researchers say three in 10 Americans have had video sex while in self-quarantine. Another 18 percent are enjoying themselves through phone sex.

Too Much Sex In Quarantine?

Americans stuck inside with their significant other are getting plenty of time together, but the survey says that can be good and bad news.

Seventy-six percent of respondents say they’re using the quarantine to “spice up” their relationships. A staggering 78 percent of the poll say they’re having more sex with their partner during isolation.

Unfortunately, many are saying this is actually led to some “sexual burnout.” Six in 10 Americans say all the extra action in the bedroom has burned them out. Two-thirds added that they’ve gotten stuck in a sexual rut.

Another 65 percent told researchers they’re having sex just to relieve their boredom.

Bedroom Embarrassment?

So how are Americans breaking out of their boring sexual routine? Researchers say it isn’t easy and can be a very sensitive subject.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans say they’re embarrassed to have a conversation about their bedroom preferences with their partner. Even more of the respondents added they fear being judged about what they’d like to do during sex. Thirty-seven percent claim they have been judged or shamed over their bedroom habits.

“Many people feel isolated when it comes to their sexual desires, but pleasure is something that connects all of us,” MysteryVibe CEO Soumyadip Rakshit says in a statement.

Love Lessons

The survey says the most common way couples are getting on the same page is by one partner giving the other some lessons in love. Three in four Americans admit they’ve had to teach their partner what to do in bed. Half of the poll say they’ve physically guided their lover during sex.

“Communication is the most important step to having more pleasurable, satisfying sex,” Rakshit adds.

When words can’t get the job done however, more Americans are turning to toys to bring the spark back. Nearly 80 percent of the poll believer sex toys are more socially acceptable today. That said, about 40 percent say they use toys “sparingly,” but 18 percent admit to bringing them into the bedroom often.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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