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NEW YORK — “A runner’s high” is a common thing people feel during their workouts, but it appears many people are also “getting high” during their exercise routines too. A new survey reveals more than two in five exercise enthusiasts who use marijuana during their workout have turned to even more products during the pandemic.

The poll of over 1,004 people who admit to using cannabis when exercising, conducted by FitRated, shows that 41.5 percent say they’re consuming even more since COVID-19 took grip of the globe. About half (44.3%) are using the same amount during the pandemic and only 14 percent have cut back while working out.

While CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is an increasingly popular product due to its reported health benefits, the survey finds using cannabis while exercising is actually more popular among THC users. Overall, 45 percent of respondents use both CBD and THC, 29 percent only use THC, and 26 percent use CBD.

Trading the gym membership for a pot membership?

With studies finding CBD possibly helps the body and mind in various ways, the poll reveals most CBD users opt to have their cannabis products after a workout (71.1%). On the other hand, those who prefer the psychoactive effects of THC tend to spread out that high across an entire workout. Nearly half of THC users in the survey use cannabis before or after exercise. However, a third add they actually like to get high right in the middle of their session, in comparison to just 15 percent of CBD users.

With the pandemic shutting down gyms all over the United States, it seems many people are choosing to invest those funds in their marijuana habits instead. The average respondent spends $42.70 a month on marijuana products, adding up to over $512 a year. That’s more expensive than many gym memberships out there.

Marijuana leading to lazy workouts?

Interestingly, a pre or post-workout high isn’t exactly helping people get excited for their next morning run. Over 48 percent of THC users and 29 percent of CBD users say cannabis is the only way they get motivated to exercise. However, nearly 42 percent of respondents admit that their marijuana habit actually makes them more lethargic as they exercise.

As for what marijuana users like to do to stay fit, walking, running, and lifting weights top the list of the most common cannabis-fueled workouts. THC users opt to walk or run while high on cannabis. CBD users tend to focus on walking and lifting weights.

Additionally, six in 10 respondents say they use some form of marijuana to help recover from a workout, with CBD being the most popular option. Thirty percent of respondents add CBD to their normal recovery regimen. CBD users also tell the survey they feel less pain after an intense workout in comparison to THC users.

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