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NEW YORK — Whatever happened to sleeping in? It turns out the top four ingredients of a “perfect” morning routine are now officially coffee, a “tasty breakfast,”  exercise, and — perhaps surprisingly — meditation. That is, according to a new survey on the typical mornings of 2,000 Americans.

The survey, sponsored by kitchen appliances company Thermador, sought to determine and rank Americans’ most popular morning activities. More than half (52%) of respondents say they always make time for coffee, notably more than the 41% who require a tasty breakfast. Meanwhile, 40% say that getting in some exercise is most important, followed by 36% who say they would meditate if given the freedom to plan out their ideal morning. Furthermore, one in three respondents listed meditation as an essential ingredient to the perfect morning.

Surprisingly, meditation is now more popular among early risers than even reading the news (31%) or watching the news on TV (33%).

However, just because many Americans want to meditate in the morning, that doesn’t necessarily mean they actually have the time to fulfill that desire. Two-thirds (65%) say they wish they had more control over their morning routines and 77% call their average morning “busy.” One in five even say they are always in a rush to get out the door in the morning.

“No matter your individual lifestyle, customizing your day is an indulgence we all wish we could have,” says a Thermador spokesperson in a statement. “This survey illustrates the need that today’s luxury consumers share to personalize their morning experiences so that they can better achieve the ever-elusive perfect start to the day.”

Meditation isn’t the only self-care activity that many Americans would like to incorporate into their mornings, with listening to a podcast (27%), yoga (26%) and juicing (26%) also being popular morning activities among respondents.

According to one in four respondents, just 10 minutes of extra time each morning would make a world of difference. On average, respondents said that an extra 30 minutes in the morning would be ideal. With these numbers in mind, it makes sense that 74% of respondents said that extra time in the morning would be a “luxury.”

As far as how to save time in the morning, respondents estimated they would be able to save an average of 27 minutes each morning with a fully automated smart-home kitchen.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll.

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