‘Miracle molecules’ discovered? Scientists find compound that reverses aging, develop ‘longevity drug’

JERUSALEM, Israel — A fountain-of-youth drug could soon make the problems of aging a thing of the past. Researchers in Israel say they have identified a group of molecules that repair the damaged parts of cells which break down over time. That discovery may also lead to a new pill that prevents age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem note that modern medicine has helped to increase the average life expectancy worldwide. However, as people live longer, they face more and more problems associated with old age. With that in mind, the team set out to balance the benefits of longevity with a better quality of life in our later years.

During their study, the researchers developed a drug which protects human cells from damage, making it possible for a person’s tissues to retain their proper function for a longer period of time.

Fixing the power plants of cells

Study authors say a major factor in the aging process is the drop in effectiveness in a cell’s quality-control mechanism. When this system starts to break down, it leads to a buildup of defective mitochondria — the “power plants” of the cells.

“Mitochondria, the cell’s ‘power plants,’ are responsible for energy production. They can be compared to tiny electric batteries that help cells function properly. Although these ‘batteries’ wear out constantly, our cells have a sophisticated mechanism that removes defective mitochondria and replaces them with new ones,” Professor Einav Gross explains in a media release.

However, this mechanism breaks down as people grow older. The result is cell dysfunction and the deterioration in tissue activity — which can cause diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and heart failure to develop.

The team is hopeful that their study has found an innovative compound that may help treat these diseases. Turned into an easy-to-take pill, the molecules may also act as a preventative measure, repairing cellular aging before it has a chance to trigger disease.

“In the future, we hope we will be able to significantly delay the development of many age-related diseases and improve people’ quality of life,” says co-author Shmuel Ben-Sasson.

The researchers, together with Yissum, Hebrew University’s tech transfer company, have created the startup company Vitalunga to further develop this compound into an anti-aging drug.

“Ben-Sasson’s and Gross’s findings have significant value for the global aging population,” notes Itzik Goldwaser, CEO of Yissum. “As Vitalunga advances towards pre-clinical studies, they’re closer than ever to minimizing the unbearable burden that aging-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, has on individuals, their families and our health care systems.”

The findings are published in the journal Autophagy.

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  1. Grandma is approaching 110… still hobbles about and still has perfect vision.

    She refuses all medications and for breakfast she cakes on store-bought butter onto a slice of white bread and then dunks it over in the white sugar bowl.

    Her favorite snack is pork rinds and she’ll drink an ocasional glass of red sangria.

    She is not religious per se and the only secret of her longevity that I am aware of is that she personally and joyfully nursed and pampered all the bed-ridden adults in her family, each for years at a time until the day of her death. She told me she cared for her father, her mother (5yrs), her husband, and her brother.

    She is more than reaping what she planted as both her less-than-perfect children and family members have demonstrated similar caring attitudes towards their aging loved ones and closest friends.

    My sister and her daughter contend with each other to house and cook and care for her personally, though she is still very abled and requires minimal assistance.

    My brothers and I slowly walk her into restaurants or other public places with honor – as though we were accompanying our matriarcal queen.

    The God of Peace has visibly fulfilled his “commandment with promise” in her life that if we honor our mother and father then the days of our life will be long.

  2. Health starts at cell level. That’s the motto I’ve heard for nearly twenty years from people I’ve associated with. Supplements I’ve taken for nearly twenty years, natural plant sourced. Most people look to pharma for health, and think natural is hogwash. But it works, and very well. I’ve seen amazing things. Search for truth.

  3. Huh. I heard that the only way they can mass produce the critical compound for this drug is by using a nuclear fusion reactor. Plus one side effect is that the drug cut each cells alleles in half.

  4. What are the odds that such a thing would actually be released?
    I say..ZERO.
    Because it would put every doctor and hospital and Wallstreet medical investor OUT OF BUSINESS.
    There would be no need for anybody to buy Medical insurance either.
    Surgeons no longer needed.
    Drug companies gone too.
    Anybody who develops such a thing will die suddenly from an un diagnosed illness.

  5. if your dying from covid jabs plus boosters, what good is anti-aging therapy going to do for you?

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  7. I am 40 years of age, I am fit and healthy with a secure income with investments providing $1 M plus yearly, I love life and have no fear of death – we ALL have to die eventually even our planet Earth will die, my concerns are how will those living longer survive financially? I would love to continue to live to 150 years with the body and health of a 18 – 40 year old and enjoy as much daily sex as possible, will my penis still manage? I do hope so.

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