Comments on “Modern humans still carry some Neanderthal genes, study reveals”

  1. C says:
    07/25/2023 at 12:45 PM

    The illustrations are terrible! The top photo is certainly *not* a Neanderthal, & definitely not what most people would recognize as a “prehistoric man”, even if it is a hominid. Which one is it exactly? It’s not correctly labeled. And the picture of man as the result of a series of predecessors beginning with knuckle-walking apes is *so* outdated, misleading, & ridiculous that it should never be used! Why not include some photos of reconstructions of Neanderthals?

  2. SBC says:
    07/31/2023 at 12:32 AM

    Many people have at least one to two percent Neanderthal genes. The term died out should not be used since their genes live on through many of us. I am a mixture of many ethnicities and I have some Neanderthal. The best company for a break down of who we genetically are was It gave percentages from most to least, where the exactly the dna particular was found. And was affiliated with the University of PA. They went out of business because it could not compete with Ancestry and 23and Me. But for precise results it eas the best. The fact that only white Brits were used for this study makes it highly questionable. The Brits were conquered by many groups. Including 400 yrs of Roman occupation. Which would slant the results


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