National Hot Dog Day: Is this food icon really a sandwich? Most Americans think so!

GREENLAND, N.H. — July 20th is “National Hot Dog Day” and plenty of Americans are probably celebrating by throwing a few wieners on the grill. While Americans may be united in their love of the hot dog, one thing still stirs up plenty of debate at backyard cookouts — is a hot dog really a sandwich?

According to a new survey, the answer is yes!

In a poll of 1,000 people across the United States, conducted by RTA Outdoor Living, 57 percent say they consider a hot dog a sandwich. It turns out these Americans also have the dictionary on their side, as Merriam-Webster defines a sandwich as “two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between.”

While the pro-sandwich crowd might be winning today, there’s a good chance that could change in a few years. The poll finds more baby boomers (63.5%) think hot dogs are sandwiches than Gen Zers (50%). Men are also more likely to call a hot dog a sandwich (60%) than women (52%).

The poll finds that there’s even more debate when it comes to preparing this icon of summer cookouts. Nearly six in 10 (56.7%) think grilling is the best way to cook a hot dog. Over 17 percent are probably fans of New York City’s famous “dirty water dogs,” because they like to boil their hot dogs. This is also a more popular cooking method among younger adults between 18 and 23 (27%).

Meanwhile, one in eight (12.6%) think putting hot dogs in the microwave is the best way to cook them. Good luck taking these people on a camping trip.

You put the cheese where?!

Hot dogs aren’t the only food sparking debate around the summer grill. The survey also found burger and chicken wing opinions can cause some controversy too!

While most cheeseburger fans agree their cheese belongs on top of the patty (84%), 15 percent think the cheese should go under the burger. Another one in four Americans say a burger is not a sandwich, even though it definitely has a more sandwich-like look than the hot dog does.

As for “doneness,” 40 percent want their burger cooked to medium. More than one in five (22%) want their meat medium-rare, 17.8 percent prefer medium-well, and 16.6 percent want that burger roasted until it’s well-done. Twice as many women prefer their burger well-done (23.2%) compared to men (11.6%).

As the chicken wing continues to grow in popularity around the country, the big question for many wing fans is drums or flats? The survey finds two in three Americans prefer a drumstick to a wing flat. Surprisingly, however, over 63 percent say they prefer eating boneless wings. It seems a lot of drumstick fans forgot that the convenient “handle” drums come with is actually a bone!

Pizza with a knife and fork? Fuhgeddaboudit!

If you’re opting for pizza instead of grilling up some burgers and dogs this summer, stay away from the square pie! Nine in 10 Americans say they prefer the traditional triangle slice.

As for the toppings, 47.5 percent say they enjoy putting pineapple on their pizza. Meanwhile, 52.5 percent say pineapples don’t belong within the same zip code of their pizza. Younger adults between 18 and 23 are more likely to be anti-pineapple pizza (60%).

When it comes to eating your slice, more than four in five (82%) just grab the slice and start chowing down. However, 18 percent actually take out a knife and fork. As for everyone else who eats pizza with their hands, four in 10 like to fold their slices. Does that make it a sandwich too?

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