Tackle this: NFL fans spend 46 hours a month thinking about their team!

NEW YORK — Many spouses and partners around the country will likely breathe a bit easier following the Super Bowl. That’s because they’ll be getting their loved ones “back,” at least for a few months. A recent survey finds that the average NFL fan spends 46 hours a month thinking, talking, or reading about their favorite team.

The survey, commissioned by Ticketmaster, sought to find out just how passionate NFL fans are when it comes to their beloved team. Researchers polled 2,000 fans across the country and found that 84 percent drop everything they’re doing to watch the game when their team takes the field. Half would even miss a major event in their lives for tickets to see a game live.

Just how important are games to the typical fan? One in ten parents admit to missing their child’s recital to watch a game. Thirty-five percent have canceled dinner plans. A quarter of respondents have skipped someone’s birthday party, and one in five say they’ve even ditched a date for the love of the game.

NFL games also present the opportunity for an exciting road trip during the season. The survey revealed that fans travel an average of 296 miles to catch an away game, but they’ll go even farther should their team make the playoffs.

Four in ten are true die-hards: they don’t miss a minute of single game during the regular season. Women are also becoming more and more infatuated with football. Ticketmaster reports a 61 percent increase among females buying season ticket plans.

The survey also included a personality test to see whether fans were more likely to be “Tailgate Aces,” or people who live for a good parking lot party rain or shine; “Stats Champs,” who boast what seems like an infinite knowledge of their favorite team and players; “Hype Masters,” who are the most likely to get their row standing, shouting, or chanting at the stadium; or “Die Hards,” who have lived and breathed football since birth.

Researchers found that fans in Los Angeles led the way for Tailgate Aces, while fans in Green Bay were the Stats Champ champions. Baltimore fans were the top Hype Masters, and those in Philadelphia were most likely to be Die Hards.

As for predictions of who will win the Super Bowl next year — three quarters of respondents say they always pick their favorite team ahead of a new season.

The survey was conducted by market research firm OnePoll.