People over 60 more content in life than all other adults, survey finds

WASHINGTON — Is life in and of itself like a fine wine, that is, does it get better with age? While many of us fear what’s to come in our elder years, a new survey finds that most older adults are actually more content than their younger or middle-aged counterparts.

Researchers at AARP conducted a survey with over 2,600 young (i.e., aged 18 to 39), mid-aged (40 to 59), and older respondents (those 60-plus) to gauge attitudes on the phenomenon of aging.

Elderly couple with grandkids
Perhaps 60 really is the new 30. A new survey finds that older adults are actually more content than their young and middle-aged counterparts.

Forty-seven percent of the younger group expressed that it’s “normal to be depressed when you are old,” while only about 10 percent of those aged 60 or older said that one’s elderly years are truly a “depressing stage of life.”

Overall, 67 percent of older respondents reported being “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their life, compared to only 61 percent of those aged 18 to 39 and 60 percent of those aged 40 to 59.

“The findings of this new survey are further confirmation of something a lot of people, especially older people, know instinctively and that is that our upper ages can be great,” says Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP’s CEO, in a press release. “However, I think the survey also presents a fairly stark reminder that we’re all faced by a lot of negative associations around aging – some of it’s ‘in the culture’ and some of it may be self-generated, but it’s all damaging and, as this survey shows, it’s often wrong.”

For all of the often unrecognized benefits to being elderly, however, there are still disadvantages, the survey shows.

Older individuals aren’t seen to be served as well as other demographics by certain sectors, including the fashion industry (as expressed by 68 percent of respondents), technology (62 percent), sports (58 percent), and entertainment (55 percent).

“Despite the massive and growing size of the 60-plus population, which already accounts for more than $7.1 trillion of annual spending in the U.S., we don’t see a lot of products and service being developed specifically with the interests and needs of older people in mind,” Jenkins notes.

Jenkins emphasizes that commerce is missing out on a big business opportunity by ignoring the elderly generation.

All in all, the survey’s main takeaway may be that fear of getting older is just an antiquated thought.


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      1. Now that YOUR turn has come, show the world how you are going to clean up the mess we left behind and stop bitching about what we did wrong.

        1. Already working on it. Mentoring younger people of my Generation. I have a Masters in Accounting and teaching about how to budget their money and help them look for ways for personal improvement. I answer their questions, there is no such thing as a stupid question. I do not judge when they make mistakes, I tell them to Always keep improving, which has nothing to do with you bank account. We will see what happens.

    1. Considering your generation did nothing to fix social security since 1983, you should get the bare minimum to survive. Most of you retire early, and with the help of drugs you stay alive bitching for another 20 years. There will definitely be a reckoning!

  5. Being close to 70, I am content because I won’t be here when the sh8t hits the fan, and if I am I certainly won’t care anymore than I do now. I have health problems that ensures It won’t be long before MY Savior calls me home.

  6. My husband and I are enjoying life so much, we agree that if we had known our sixties were going to be this much fun, we would have tried to get here sooner!

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  8. 62, retired and spend my time doing whatever I wish. I love helping my daughter and sil on their farm when I can, and spending time with my 4 grandkids. I go fishing whenever I get the urge. Life at 60+ is Great.

  9. The road to happiness is easy. Lets see the formula to success (for me)?

    1.Be accountable for yourself, suck it up and get on with life when the going gets tough.
    2.Get a degree, then go to work every day that you can and invest money in a 401K from being 25 years old until now.
    3. Find a wife/life partner who shares your values. I got lucky and met found my wife 29 years ago on a blind date > decided to get married in 10 days > married on day 51; and have never been apart since 1989. I can’t imagine life without her; and the old adage “if you pray together you stay together” is oh so true.
    4.Go to church and live your principles as a Christian witness – in my case that after being the prodigal son in my family. Just proving that you can survive the worst of a misspent youth and come out on top. But for sure it was my wife who had acted as my foil and whose friendship and support got me through the hard times.

    Following those simple tenets-I’ve had a chance to get everything I ever wanted and make sure I’ll have a great retirement in 5 years or so. Like others microaggressions/snowflakes/their apathy towards work/their communistic ideas of how to run a nation….that’s just completely foreign to this Southern (Texas) lad.

    Hmmmm…I’m glad I wont be here in 25 to 30 years to see the US fall apart, as I feel the day is coming when a real civil war will occur as opposed to the “cold” civil war we’re currently in. Fortunately Oklahoma or Texas will be the best places to be; so I’m right where I need to be.

      1. come on down and make me cretin, at least I’m not a millennial who can’t do math, gets upset cause they got no money, and has to hide because they cant take the truth – and call it microaggression. BTW learn to spell Elmo.

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    Nearly ALL the comments are from angry,old know it all ( but know nothing ) assholes that loudly pronounce the world has gone straight to hell, and BITCH,MOAN and complain about EVERYTHING.
    Poor STUPID hicks. it’s never too late to get a basic education! Your psychotic hateful personalities are another matter!
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    I’m 64, don’t HATE millennials, worked hard, have plenty of money, a great wife and NO F’N CHIP ON MY SHOULDER!

    1. you’re older than me then GRAMPS why dont you go fish and STFU? BTW if you had any brains all you had to do was but Apple at 5.08 like I did.

      1. WTF? Did you MISS THE “I HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY “PART? I have over a million bucks! That’s enough you fake!
        What an imbecile, I’m not griping at all! Are you really THAT stupid? Apparently so! LOL

  11. Of course they are happy; they have left their debt with the young.
    The young being brainwashed in schools think that it is the fault of capitalism; while the old people suck up all the bankrupt social security, medicare & retirements.
    If the young want to remain dumb; then suffer the consequences and keep voting for Hillary or Sanders.
    Yah, & that AARP; they too shafted the young with that obamacare. Laughs all around.

  12. Amazing every old fogie with a chip on their shoulder is on here telling us they dont have one while they blast away.Too funny. No doubt they invested in the wrong stuff though the years. Amazon and Apple…..great investments in 2005 and 1991.

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