Comments on “Mentally unfit to drive? Most older adults with cognitive impairment are still on the road”

  1. Dawn Schindler says:
    07/21/2023 at 1:58 PM

    I’ve been thru this wth 3 aging parents. Dr. would not help as they were afraid to lose their patients trust. Washington DOT would not address unless a Dr. Signed off. 1 parent, my Mother in Law, had a non fatal accident & then my husband took her out driving and saw that her reasoning ability to judge danger was gone. He took the keys away. I had to wait for my Dad to have a near accident before he took his keys away. Mom I just took the keys and said NO. SOMEHOW THEIR SHOULD BE A BETTER WAY!!!

  2. Betty Jo McDonald says:
    07/22/2023 at 9:05 PM

    I had an accident during a rainstorm just a couple of months after I turned 80. I hydroplaned across 4 lanes of freeway, hitting no one, went over an embankment until my trusty Camry hit a tree. I wasn’t hurt. The next year just before I turned 81, I had to renew my drivers license. I went into the DMV, fairly nervous. It was renewed without a test for 5 years! I have certainly had my thoughts about continuing to drive. I still drive the 400 freeway miles to visit my daughter. I do stop and rest and eat along the way. I still work. If I have to stop driving life as I know it is over. I would not be able to walk by the ocean or in wild areas 3 days a week. With so many vital and active seniors, it is criminal we don’t have public transportation.

  3. JohnCarlyle says:
    08/03/2023 at 10:51 PM

    It has been shown that those with mini-mental below 25 /30 have impaired driving skills and I only renew licences if they have an on road Occupational therapy assessment with a structured report to me . Depending on the outcome they are then retested annually or biannually


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