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NEW YORK — After two full years of working remotely, many American employers remain out of touch with their employees’ needs. That’s according to a survey of 500 U.S. C-suite and HR professionals which analyzed the relationship between employees and their higher-ups.

Results show that 44 percent agree they’re completely disconnected from their employees’ tech needs.

The survey shows communication is the culprit. More than a quarter of respondents point to a lack of communication between departments and from managers to employees as the top things keeping them from addressing their employees’ needs.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Paycom, the survey finds that over half the poll (54%) say their employees are easily frustrated with outdated workplace technology.

Offices are still living in the past when it comes to technology

All of these tech mishaps and frustrations lead to an average of three deadlines missed per month by employees. The top perceived reasons behind employees’ tech complaints include a lack of training opportunities (22%) and too many logins and passwords (21%).

Respondents also identified their employees’ top HR and payroll software-related complaints. One in four cited out-of-date software and slow technology as issues, followed by software that is difficult to use (23%).

In fact, 50 percent think their employees would go so far as to take a pay cut if it meant getting better software and tech in the office. The results also found 81 percent agree that functioning, up-to-date, user-friendly HR tech improves employee workflows and productivity, and 80 percent believe it to be a priority in the workplace.

“Employees are essential to the improvement and growth of a company’s bottom line; therefore, ensuring that their needs are met should be a top priority for all businesses,” says Craig Boelte, Paycom’s chief financial officer, in a statement. “Finding a tech solution that simplifies processes, aids in employees’ day-to-day tasks and enhances productivity and growth within the business is critical to the future of the workplace.”

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Get with the times

Three in five respondents add that not all of their company’s tech (61%) or HR processes (59%) are being used to the fullest extent by their employees.

Just over one in five (22%) respondents believe relying on outdated processes is the top blind spot in their management. It’s no surprise that employers’ top perceived frustration their employees are facing is burnout and feeling overworked (21%).

“Determining ways to improve processes and technology for our employees is a must. This is especially true if companies want to stand out from the competition and retain top talent,” says Jennifer Kraszewski, vice president of HR at Paycom. “Today’s consumer-grade HR tech focuses on tools that benefit the whole person.”

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