Jolly good fun: 7 in 10 plan to get frisky in their childhood bedroom during the holidays

NEW YORK — The holidays are heating up – in some very unusual places, a new study finds. Almost seven in 10 adults plan to get intimate in their childhood home or parents’ house as they return for the holiday season.

In a poll of 2,000 sexually active adults, two-thirds agree that, because holiday travel makes it difficult to find time to be intimate, they are willing to take more risks sexually.

The very naughty list

Sex Parent's HomeAlthough most respondents plan to get it on in their parents’ home, 67 percent admit they feel uncomfortable doing so, even as an adult. Two-thirds say they are also more likely to spice things up in the bedroom during the holiday season compared to other times during the year.

The poll, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Pure Romance, sought to uncover how the holiday magic follows couples into the bedroom. Seventy-seven percent agree that festive, holiday sex is “more magical” than non-holiday sex. Even so, 52 percent of respondents say they have less sex with their partner during the holidays.

However, that’s not to say people aren’t making an effort to be intimate. Compared to other times during the year, 69 percent of the poll are more likely to sneak in “a quickie” during the holiday season. When asked what factors decrease their sex life during the holidays, the top deterrents include being too busy spending time with family and friends (67%), stress (60%), and not getting enough sleep (57%).

A spark of romance under the tree?

In order to reignite the spark, more than six in 10 people (63%) are likely to give their partner a sex-themed gift this holiday season. Seventy-two percent even went so far as to say that being given a sex-themed present from their significant other would increase their libido and make them excited to use the gift.

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“The holiday season is known to be one of the most stressful times of the year. In fact, 88% of Americans feel they’re most anxious during the holidays. The change in weather, decrease in sunlight, and additional time around family are just a few factors that can lead to anxiety and depression. Sex is a tried-and-true stress reliever. It raises endorphins and even offers a form of exercise to burn extra holiday calories, plus it encourages a stronger relationship between you and your significant other,” says Pure Romance founder Patty Brisben in a statement.

Down year for intimacy

Sex Parent's HomeOn top of holiday-specific obstacles, people shied away from sex for other reasons throughout the year. A low sex drive (42%), feeling bloated (37%), and negative body image (37%) also contributed to why couples had less sex over the past year.

When asked what advice respondents have for someone looking to maintain their normal sex life during the busy holiday season, one person recommends to, “do it whenever and wherever possible.”

Another respondent made it clear that sex should be a priority, saying, “lie and say you are tired from traveling or cooking and that you both need some rest, but go and have sex instead of sleeping.”

“Our biggest takeaway on getting intimate this holiday season? Regardless of how busy your schedule is, schedule some time to get busy! We know the holidays are a stressful time of year, but you might be surprised to find that making romance a priority will turn your season from stressful to magical. And there’s always a way to add a little holiday spice by mixing it up a bit!” adds Brisben.

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