Study: Could those high-priced antioxidants actually be killing you?

BEIJING — Fear of mortality is one reason Americans spend so much on “antioxidant” products, including Vitamin C supplements and beta-carotene, which promise a longer healthier life. According to the National Institutes of Health, more than half of adults in the U.S. consume some kind of antioxidant product, spending $37 billion each year.

But a study conducted in China – where aging is akin to a national obsession these days – claims that antioxidants don’t work as billed. The study is published in the journal Redox Biology.

Rather than extending longevity, researchers say they trigger a stress reaction which causes the body to age more rapidly.

In other words, those expensive life-enhancers may actually be killing you.

Researchers discovered the relationship by studying how oxidants affected worms and human cells at various stages of development.  Oxidants, it turned out, had no measurable impact on aging.

But introducing antioxidants disturbed the mechanism in cells that resists aging and as a result, the cells began aging more rapidly — “unnaturally fast,” said Chen Chang, the lead scientist on the project at the Institute of Biophysics, part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Chang and her team are especially concerned about their findings because of the widespread use of antioxidants among Chinese youth. “More and more ‘white collar workers’ in their 20s are taking pills containing antioxidants such as Vitamin C and tea polyphenols. They must stop,” Chang told the South China Morning Post.

But older people are also more likely to die faster due to supplements, they found. Chang recommended that antioxidant use in China and elsewhere be curtailed.

The Chinese study appears to confirm the results of a 2008 “meta-review” of 405 studies comparing the longevity of people that consumed various kinds of vitamin supplements with those that took only a placebo. That review, conducted by top medical researchers in Denmark, found no significant differences in the mortality rates of the two groups.

So far, none of these new studies has put a dent in the multi-billion dollar vitamin and supplement industry, which continues to promote the presumed anti-aging benefits of its products.

And there is little evidence that consumers are paying attention, either – or if they are, that they care.

But the evidence against antioxidants is mounting.

Another medical study conducted last year found that overuse of Vitamin D supplements was associated with a higher risk of falls in men and in women 70 years and older.

Apparently, Nature is sending a message: Stop trying to reset your biological clock.

Editor’s Note: does not agree, nor disagree with the studies we post on this site. Our goal is to provide you with the latest results of professional studies and leave it to our readers to debate and explain their positions on these findings.

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  1. Well vit D is pretty useless unless taken with vit k2. That helps it get to the bones. Taking vitamins in food that come with other vitamins tht work together is much different than a huge dose of one by itself.

  2. This is an atrocious article. I cannot believe that Stewart Lawrence even read the study. First of all, it was conducted with cell cultures and roundworms, so extrapolation to human experience and effect is tenuous at best. Then incorrect statements abound, perhaps as a result of poor translation from a Chinese newspaper.
    1. ” Oxidants, it turned out, had no measurable impact on aging.” What? The entire study was designed to compare the effects of oxidative stress on young vs old cells. The study found profound differences.
    2. “But introducing antioxidants disturbed the mechanism in cells that resists aging and as a result, the cells began aging more rapidly.” What? This was NOT a feature of this study at all. No antioxidant challenge is included in the Methods section, nor mentioned in Discussion or Conclusions.
    3. “But older people are also more likely to die faster due to supplements, they found.” What? This is unconscionable. The study was done with roundworms, a genetically simple organism with a two week lifespan. This data can only serve to prompt a human clinical trial at some point in the future.
    Summary: The free radical theory of aging was discarded long ago in favor of a more comprehensive view that could be called the Metabolic Model, in which degeneration and death results from un-repaired damage at the DNA, cell, tissue and organ level. Oxidative stress is only ONE of the damaging forces and we now understand that balance (otherwise known as the REDOX state) is the key. It may be that taking handfuls of vitamin C and vitamin E is a bad idea. That has certainly been shown post-exercise. But antioxidants derived from whole foods and food concentrates, as well as compounds like resveratrol have been shown to reduce DNA damage and upregulate the mechanisms identified in this study as having potential anti-aging benefits.

  3. I use certain supplements to enhance the quality of my life, and to help prevent serious illness, which so far has worked. I in no way expect to live longer, based on the use of
    vitamins and minerals, but hopefully live better.

  4. If you take into account all the things all the experts tell you, there are only two things you can safely put in your body: grass and water. And the grass has pesticides and the water is polluted.

  5. Antioxidants are still the only proven way that humans can effectively combat oxygen free radicals that damage cells and cause mutations leading to all kinds of disease like cancer, memory loss, etc. Instead of mega dosing Vitamin D, perhaps the study should have concentrated on vitamins that do not get toxic at higher IU levels (Vit E for instance).

    Eating unprocessed foods, exercise, and everything else in moderation should be the standard for good health. No pill or vitamin can replace consistently making healthy lifestyle choices. Of course, that’s not news.

    I doubt the study in China controlled for smog and pollution…These environmental factors /exposure to chemicals weigh heavily on one’s overall health, including creating the oxygen free radicals that folks take antioxidants to neutralize in the first place.

    1. If you buy them with a prescription…than you will be just fine..But if you buy the same thing over the counter..Its bad for you..They have lost control..Gee, cant trust doctors now?

  6. Well, how about this then; “Antioxidants add life to your years, not years to your life.” Sorry I don’t buy the BS coming out of China. They don’t do anything that doesn’t have an agenda behind it. We don’t take supplements to live longer my friends, we take supplements to be healthier while we are living. Of course they don’t mention that do they. This is the type of crap funded by the Big Pharma in trying to make supplements look like a bad choice because they couldn’t find another way to destroy their competition.

    Don’t buy into this kind of BS my friends. Unless you know who is funding those studies and groups you have no idea as to their purpose of designing research to reveal a specific outcome they are looking to promulgate as the supposed latest from science.

  7. There is better research out there that shows there are millions of more deaths from legal prescription medicines and very few from supplements.

  8. Hahahaha. You know what, the quality of life was more important to the Greeks and Romans than the quantity. I told my children many times I have accepted death as a part of life–something that makes life worth living. So yeah, a cheeseburger and a beer is quality of life. I don’t want to live a couple extra years with brittle bones trying to spend one more day with children or grandchildren. Instead enjoying the moments with them and living life with everything that is bountiful and fills me and them with joy. Much more rewarding than fad diets and obsessed over controlling the inevitable. Live your life people! This life you will live once and you won’t make it out alive.

  9. Lets see, Ive been taking DHEA and Antioxidents for about 30 years now, and I’m 53 years old, and look like I am still in my 30s. Oh yes, they are killing me for sure. Resveratrol, Krill Oil, Coral Calcium, They are all killing me, but I feel and look great….

  10. So Vitamin C is bad for U? REEEEEAAAALLLLY?! uuuummm, Vitamin C increases white blood cells & in turn fights colds (virus’). So if for no other reason, I’ll stick w/my Airborne! Way too many Chicken Littles masquerading as Scientists!

  11. If there’s one group of people I trust even more than researchers who live off government grants, it’s the Chinese Communists.
    Thank you for this informative and important article.

  12. In China, I wouldn’t take the supplements either. The NAZI’s figured out how vitamins works many moons ago. Whole food vitamins got results. That’s it. We weren’t made to ingest lab chemicals. I don’t know what these kids are taking, but I doubt it’s from some untainted organic fields in China. That place is a cesspool.

  13. I always love when the interview some centenarian and they say they eat bacon and eggs and other “bad” foods/drinks daily.

  14. All I can tell you is that at 12 years of age I was 5’3″ tall, weighed 110 pounds, rode a bicycle everywhere, and had no girlfriend. That was the year I started taking supplements. Twenty years later, I’m 6’3″, weigh 210 pounds, drive a Dodge Viper, and my fiancée is beautiful. You draw your own conclusion.

  15. Of course, China is famed for low-quality and sometimes contaminated consumables. Overall, though, I think whole-food supplements are the best choices. You get all the co-factors and a much wider variety of nutrients in their natural form.

  16. God laughs at our miserable attempts at longevity and immortality.Longevity seems to be more an attitude and spirit than something to be attained be rigourous disciple and control.

  17. Vitamin D associates with falls? Maybe because without the vitamin D patients lie in bed all day. Need a lot more detail in this report to make any sense out of it at all, specific vitamins and doses. I doubt moderate doses of vitamin C hurt anything and maybe they help. Megadoses, well, not so certain about that.

  18. I’m a firm believer is supplements. I take Raw Vitamin C, Krill Oil, Vit E400, and a prostate formula on a regular basis. Whole Foods has a large variety.

    1. Supplements have literally worked better for me than prescription drugs. If you can see the positive results then you know it’s really working.

  19. Leftards are really weird. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown was convinced it was never going to rain again. All Democrats are climatologists, and bad ones at that. Now he has over-full reservoirs and a bad dam in Oroville ready to burst and put a quarter of a million people in mortal danger. He took money allocated 12 years ago, for repair of the dam, and put it into a pork barrel project that sane people call, “The Train to Nowhere”. Now he’s begging the Federal Government for money to fix the dam. Such hypocrisy we see from the Left. Their steady diet is the chanting useless mantras that are usually wrong.

  20. NEWSFLASH: A healthy public is the bane of 1) Big Pharma; 2) Big Government; and 3) the HealthSick Care Industry

    All healthy practices must be discouraged…

    1. Butter, a healthy substance, was derided all during the 70s and 80s, in favor of transfats (margarine), which wound up killing many of our fathers to keep the cardiologists in business…

    2. Coffee will ALWAYS be the elixir of health and happiness. Save this comment for future reference. When you have doubt ….just re-read it for assurance. BTW by Coffee I of course do not mean Starbucks.

  21. This article is way too vague = meaningless – does not specify what supplements nor manufacturers nor source of those tested. I know from seeing my own blood microscopy tests that Omega 3 + astaxanthin (antioxidant) made a huge difference in the structure of my blood breaking up huge clumps of blood cells. Glutathione is the bodies own produced anti-oxidant & people who are low have chronic issues like Parkinson’s.

  22. Vitamin A and E were found to be powerful antioxidants against RADIATION damage, discovered in animals studied after Chernobyl by Dr. Timothy
    Mosseau, who has been to Chernobyl and Fukushima several times.

    Please follow Dr. Mousseau on Twitter. He is doing amazing scientific work.

    Also, we are all being exposed to radiation from past atomic tests, nuclear power plants (which release radiation DAILY during their DAILY operations), and nuclear meltdowns like Chernobyl and Fukushima.

    They released radiation into our air, food, water, snow, rain, etc. and some of that radiation lasts for hundreds of thousands of years!!

    See the amazing website ENENEWS if this is all NEW to you.

  23. Nothing new here. Science and studies have shown for quite some that taking potions and vitamins is not only worthless to ones health but actually is harmful. Most people would rather pop pills that eat whole foods-plant based.

  24. My kidneys hurt when I take vitamin C supplement. My kidneys tests are good so it must be the vitamin C that causes the pain. I tried lemon slice and rubbed it on my nose. Again, my back hurt so badly I could hardly move. If felt like the vitamin C was reacting with something and caused it the horrible burning pain. I actually believe there is a lot of truth to this article.

          1. To experiment, Smitty. Nose is how we do our breathing so there is plenty of oxygen there. My conclusion is vitamin C does cause pain in my body. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lemon or supplement. The question is why?

  25. These scientist are on the government payroll in attempt to stop us from protecting our health, and instead make us reliant on the pharmaceutical company’s bottom line.

  26. Free research information: Look up LIFE EXTENSION FOUNDATION.

    These are the people that NASA contracted with to figure out how to keep astronauts healthy in space. They will tell you that supplementation is required… our food supply is empty and close to pure junk.

    1. “These are the people that NASA contracted with to figure out how to keep astronauts healthy in space.”
      Oh good, the Appeal to authority fallacy in all it’s glory. I mean, if it’s good enough for NASA to poke around with then who can dispute that?

      1. You make me laugh, you authoritarian fool. YOU might educate yourself and quietly go look a few things up. And put down the whisky bottle when you’re typing.

        But I do like your avatar.

        1. Oh there ya go again, nothing lends credence to your argument like tossing around a few adjectives. Now I know I am dealing with the upper crust of society.

          1. No, more like middle crust. Sorry that you hate yourself and your trailer shakes in the wind at night. Now do yourself a favor and look a few things up….

  27. Global warming is as much a fact as the Russians causing Trump to win the election by giving Hillary the popular vote! Liberalism is indeed a mental illness!!!!

  28. I have a chronic liver ailment that usually kills people after 30 years or so. I treat it with supplements and eat right. Liver functions have been normal for 30 years. i don’t care what some chinese scientist says, I’m sold. I have seen alternative medicine cure many ailments. I take tons of supplements including the ones mentioned and I rarely get sick and I’m in pretty good health for my age.

  29. Antioxidants have a deleterious effect on cancer as well. Free radicals kill young cancer cells, but antioxidants bind with the free radicals preventing them from doing their job. Studies of people who take certain antioxidants have shown greater rates of cancer. If our bodies didn’t evolve with a food, it’s probably bad. We evolved with fruit, not megadoses of vitamins and minerals.

    1. You are confused. The food we ingest these days is EMPTY. That’s WHY supplements are taken. The soil has been depleted since the Civil War in many areas. Only four minerals are put back into the soil… yikes, do YOU work for Big Pharma? Naw – don’t even waste your breath. I know BS when I see it.

        1. GMO foods.
          BPA can liners and containers (estrogen mimickers).
          Vaccines …

          The breakfast of champions for liberals and Big Pharma.

  30. Pharma and modern medicine has become a religion. Supplements are trying to ride the coat tails of big pharma and their customers are stupid people.

    1. You obviously know very little. True there is an issue with many supplements in that there’s no regulation. But you miss the big picture.

      Further, Big Pharma is NOT the supplement makers.

      Keep on eating all that empty food – hope you like all the GMOs and the BPA… and the plastic and inert materials. Don’t forget to get your dozen vaccines…

  31. ” A Chinese study”… “Another medical study”… no named studies… I call this article FAKE NEWS. There is a HUGE body of REAL evidence from REAL scientists with REAL names and REAL research that indicates positively the exact opposite of what this Chinese study (and other no-name studies) claims. And taking Vitamin D is bad for you? HAHAHAHAHA Yeah right. How about we start with Aubrey de Grey PhD… and go from there?

  32. A study done in China, the same people who brought you melamine not laced baby formula. I would imagine the supplements they are taking are far from clean or organic based let alone everything else in their environment.

  33. The latest fad vitamin is Vitamin D. This one has started a contest in the scientific community that reminds me of what happens if one gets too close to the Simian enclosure at the zoo.

  34. China has chronic overpopulation. Just another way to reduce population by telling their citizens supplements are bad for you.

  35. They aren’t able to get supplements off the shelves legally or through legislation, so they’re trying to scare us into not using them.

  36. Sorry, there may be something to this, but, China ruined their reputation already. They have substituted toxic ingredients in foods, they steal tech and patents, they plagerize, etc. How can they be trusted !!!

  37. More power needs to be given to the FDA, and they need to take immediate control over all restaurants, grocery stores, markets, and farms. You just can’t trust the pathetic private sector peasants anymore.

  38. ” A study in Red China? ”
    Red China where ‘Quality Assurance’ is non-existent and products containing
    poisons have harmed/killed consumers in America. Remember? Pet food and
    toothpaste to name a couple. China’s response was to ‘execute’ the minister
    of trade or similar title!
    Google products made in the USA. Skip 3rd world countries.

  39. And how about those statin drugs…whose major effect is anti-inflammatory in nature (their cholesterol-lowering claims were challenged and discredited years (actually, decades) ago. They earn $100 billion YEARLY! So money spent is more than double that quoted.

    1. Current statins do reduce abnormally high cholesterol levels,
      but More importantly statins damage muscle tissue and our
      heart is a muscle. If on statins, need to take CoQ10 to protect
      muscles. Speak with your doctors about dosage. Do not just
      stop taking.

    2. Statins DO reduce cholesterol. The WRONG KIND.

      There is one major organ in the body that is almost 100% cholesterol… statins remove stores of cholesterol quite efficiently from this organ. That organ is THE BRAIN.

  40. I am pretty skeptical about this, esp since there appear to have been no clinical trials. As well, high-potency supplements are generally not available in China. You can get 5 mg of vitamin C, but nothing much stronger. Many Chinese die of heart disease, which Linus Pauling found to be a unique and advanced form of scurvy – so a gram per day of buffered ascorbate might save some lives. Anyhow i don’t believe the above report for one minute.

  41. This seems timely considering they are trying to stop the use of high dose vitamin C given IV in hospitals to combat cancer. Also not a coincidence coming from China, the land of censorship.These supplements must really make Big Pharma nervous.

  42. ehh…Which anti-oxidants besides the necessary vitamins C, and D.

    Another vapid article filled with 0 information.

  43. Man will always try to play God, but it is always God who will decide how long our lives are to be. Rebellion of man, fallen angels, through our technology we will always try to defeat God, prove we don’t need our creator, right up until the world is destroyed and created new.

  44. I’m going to take more and hope in another 15 years that it’s all wrong. Oh wait…

    Here’s one truth, those horse pills will kill you when you choke to death on them.

  45. the only anti oxidant i use is mega hydrate ….it is totally safe it was developed by Dr. Patrick Flanagan. a demonstration by actual doctors is available on YOU TUBE

        1. Ephesians 5:3-6
          3 Immorality or any impurity or greed must not even be mentioned among you, as is fitting among holy ones, 4 no obscenity or silly or suggestive talk, which is out of place, but instead, thanksgiving. 5 Be
          sure of this, that no immoral or impure or greedy person, that is, an
          idolater, has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.
          6 Let no one deceive you with empty arguments, for because of these things the wrath of God is coming upon the disobedient.

      1. I don’t sell any thing just trying to help people .
        thats what i do…and i study law ,computers, human behavior k9 training law the constitution, auto mechanics construction, biology ,politics, bleeding edge physics, self defense ,gold mining ,oil drilling, agriculture ,electronics,race car driving,sniper training.ect. ect. ect. got a 185 IQ and a million ways to destroy evil assholes. and my ancestry would blow you mind . how many people do you know has there name on the frikin moon.?
        how many have you helped? get a real job indeed.
        I work for my creator . what is your purpose division or hate . I’m waiting to be trolled so i can DOX you.

  46. I thought the body naturally controlled the amount of vit.C and that our bodies would naturally expel any excess,…anyone out there with any information about this,..cuz I take up to 3000 IU a day,..and I thought that was good for me,..perhaps I am wrong?

    1. Double Nobel Prise Lauréat Dr. Linus Pauling was the one, who discovered the power of big dosage of vitamin C. He was attacked by pharma-lobby, interested in big money, but definitely not in simple, effective & cheap solutions.
      Dr. Pauling lived till 93, drinking up till 30 gram of Vitamin C per day.

  47. A friend of mine, actually carries a tackle box full of various supplements with her, at all times, and has faithfully swallowed up to hundreds of pills daily, since 1980, along with running a minimum of 5 miles a day. Along with the supplements she too, has faithfully eaten only what health gurus tout as superfoods, not vegan but mostly fish, vegetables, and fruit. With all that she still gets sick, like everyone else, recently had a heart attack,and surgery, along with radiation, and chemo for cancer. So, go figure.

    1. The healthy PH of our body ( urine – 7.2) & glucose in blood less than 90 makes the magic, not 100ds of vitamins. When our body gets over-accidated, it creates ideal environment for bacterias, viruses, candidasis & as such results in development of degenerative diseases.
      Keep your urine PH & glucose in balance & you will simply avoid degenerative diseases, including cancer.
      How you keep the balance – that’s a subject for a lot of reading.
      Ortodox medicine will “cure” you to death with antibiotics, corticosteroids & other expensive sh…t.

  48. Figure out your opinion on this subject. Search the internet to find some experts who agree with you no matter how you see this issue. Feel good about yourself because you can list some experts who agree with you. Go to bed and sleep well knowing for sure you have made the correct decision. Wait 40 years and see if you were right. Problem solved to my satisfaction! Life isn’t complicated at all. Don’t worry, be happy!!!

  49. Big pharma fake news propaganda. There are endless studies that prove antioxidants extend life not shorten it. This article is absolute utter nonsense. But some people are gullible and will believe this nonsense and will give in to propaganda funded by big pharma. Please dont be a tool and fall victim to this fake research. People need to do their own research instead of being spooned propaganda like this.

  50. We better stop eating fruits and vegetables which are loaded with antioxidant-rich nutrients
    I noticed they never gave the amounts tested or the products tested.I have a very strong suspicion that a major drug company did this propaganda hit piece.

  51. If you like taking supplements I say keep on taking them because in six months someone else will release a study saying “Vitamins – Best Damn Thing You Can Do to Your Body!”

  52. Coffee is full of anti oxidants. Throw away your pills. Coffee is a rich source of disease-fighting antioxidants. And studies have shown that it may reduce cavities, boost athletic performance, improve moods, and stop headaches — not to mention reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, liver cancer, gall stones, cirrhosis of the liver, and Parkinson’s diseases.May 7, 2008

  53. According to the National Institutes of Big Pharma. What BS. I have been taking anti oxidants since i was a teenager. I read the book “Life Extension” I am 58 and have very little grey hair or wrinkles. I can out work people in their twenties. This is drug company propaganda.

  54. Just eat whole foods; supplements are a scam!
    Eat meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, whole eggs – DUH! It’s not rocket science.

  55. China “Study: Those High-Priced Antioxidants May Be Killing You”

    Translation: Antioxidants are killing the profits of pharmaceutical companies.

    Interesting that this study was done in China where they have an (aging) population problem.

  56. You know, maybe people in China are just dying faster. I’m thinking of the smog-engulfed cities. I’m thinking of the vast pollution of fresh water sources in China. I’m thinking of the vast pollution of agricultural soils with heavy metal run-off from Chinese industry. I’m thinking of the unbelievable pollution of the ocean waters off the coasts of China.

    Yeah, it makes sense that people are just dying faster.

  57. First, science tells us that antioxidants are critical to good health, now science tells us that antioxidants are killing us. If the scientific community can ever get its stuff together, I’ll start listening. Until then I’ll consider articles like this just another op-ed.

  58. We are all going to die. Get over it.

    No drugs (including stupid pot), no smoking, clean water, moderation and your genes will be in control of the clock. Optimism, and perspective rule the day.

  59. Sugar is the one villain that I’ll cite, because it’s so habit forming & tasty to the human palate & probably not ever going to be a “schedule one felony thing,” though perhaps it is so tasty & bad that it should be.

    In my semi: hysterical, hypocritical, dreary, ignorant layman opinion it’s a d plague, and almost everybody probably agrees.

    Yet we know enough of the truth about it, and so far the natural & synthetic “sweetners” do not seem to me to be replacing it, because: doesn’t each substitute s-k in some negative way(?)

    Well, I don’t really know, and if you think your pro sugar and/or sugar substitute suggestion fills our human health maintenance bill, then by all means, please tell.

  60. The study is vague and ambiguous. Apart from a Danish study, there is not much here. As for supplements, the key is moderation, NOT twenty fish oil capsules a day and 50,000 mgs of Vitamin C or 100,000 IUs of D3.

  61. I needed a study that proves taking too much of a synthetic supplement is bad for human health?

    It’s only after stripping away the alarmist headlines, do we find the “study” is completely flawed and worthless.

  62. “The Chinese study appears to confirm the results of a 2008 “meta-review” … found no significant differences in the mortality rates of the two groups.”

    No, if the Chinese study was true than there shouldn’t have been no difference, the group taking vitamins should have had a higher mortality rate. How can it confirm it when they come to different conclusions?

  63. This is crap. One supposed study coming out of communist China. Why is this even being given print space ? Not worth even responding to.

  64. Both supplements are very important in fighting cancer. It’s not surprising these random “studies” are trying to tell people not to take them. The pharmaceutical industry is big business, they want to not only treat cancer and make trillions, but I feel strongly some of the World Elites want to thin down the herd so to speak. Cancer is a great way to do that and get rich (win/win for them).

    Now you don’t wan’t people taking natural suppliments that can fight cancer if your profiting off people getting cancer do you? The last part was laughable, I litterally spit out my coffee laughing. A study found if you take vitamin D you have a great chance to fall down when your older….lol That my friends is when you can’t find anything negative to say about a natural supplement so you just make stuff up…

  65. As usual these reports do not offer any specifics as to what sort of supplements have been studied, namely, whether the supplements are synthetic or natural. This article would have you believe that Vitamin C from acreola cherries is bad, so I guess orange juice and vegetable juicing is a death sentence. Which brings up another point, the articles title and the contents seem to conflict with each other. In the article it states, “That review, conducted by top medical researchers in Denmark, found no significant differences in the mortality rates of the two groups” (placebo vs active ingredient supplements). So, at worst there is no affect on mortality, but what about quality of life?

    I believe you will be seeing more of these low information studies as the globalists try sway public opinion to back CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, and Agenda 21’s policies on nutritional supplements. Once they do that, as with global warming, you will see a backlash against anyone who argues that nutritional supplementation is a positive thing for those that may have a sub standard diet or as a way to fortify the declining nutritional density of today’s modern agricultural production. When this happens you can say goodbye to making your own choices about your health.

    Here’s some sage advice: Go find an organic whole food multi vitamin supplement and take it when you haven’t exactly had optimal nutrition for the day. And, I’ll be more honest then the article: It may or may not help. I would also suggest that people start taking their health a little more seriously and learn how their body works; it’s sad but most people know more about their iPhone than about their own bodies. 🙁

  66. Oh sure I almost believe this because they have no ax to grind. Are you kidding?? This is more establishment approved fake news against the supplement industry who they’ve had in their sights for years. This is bunk…

  67. Can’t wait until China has the obesity epidemic the west has, Chinese populations are much more likely to get diabetes, heart disease, and be a welfare burden on their great society. I wonder what Mao would say…..

  68. Of course it’s the pills! The accelerated aging in China that group noted couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the horrendous pollution problem they have there. Age accelerating toxins in the air, food and water can’t be the problem because then the Communists would have to admit that their basket case of a country has a problem that the politbureau created.

  69. As a physician my advice has always been, take only the vitamin(s) that you would still take if they only came in suppository form.

  70. This thread trends to “modern vs natural medicine”.
    In the 1960s doctors in California went on strike. Some weeks later another profession went on strike, not in support as often happens but in protest. Who were the protesters?
    Undertakers! The only coustomers they were getting were accident victims.
    Don’t believe me? Look it up.

  71. Be sure to check the research for the anti- oxidant one is taking. Once your satisfied that info is sound and strong, throw this “study” into the proper dumpster.

  72. Given the source is Chinese, I wouldn’t believe too much about the results. While some artificial vitamins like synthetic vitamin E is definitely bad for you, natural, full spectrum vitamin E is good for you. Many neutraceuticals are really a hybrid between a drug and a supplement. Carnivora is one that comes to mind, it supercharges the immune system.

  73. My Uncle, a Duke-educated surgeon, was a big believer in vitamin supplements–got me started long ago. He was a health nut, lived to be 96, and as of yet I have seen nothing to counter his opinions. It’s long been known, for instance, that people who eat certain foods, or smoke, etc., need several times the amount of vitamin C than most people who pass on those foods or activities. Reason being that certain things interfere with the body’s ability to metabolize vitamins; and the thing about vitamin intake is that the body simply discards what it doesn’t need, naturally. That’s the kicker…what people need in the way of vitamins is not well-understood. Vitamin D, for instance. What’s true, though, is that every person likely has different vitamin requirements–one size does not fit all–and there is no way that the RDA can be right for everyone. As far as stress in China goes, there is a lot of stress in their economy I’ve read, so I would look to real stress makers in their environments–high pollution rates, intense competition for resources by an enormous population, etc., before I’d start talking about anti-oxidants being contributors. For all they know, natural stress would be killing their people five-ten years earlier if not for their use of anti-oxidants–there’s some reason people are taking them–and their stress environments in everyday life would seem to be as good a reason as any.

  74. Taking supplements can be dangerous. In the case of Antioxidants, a healthy person overloading can result in an unnatural elevation of their autoimmune ‘headroom’ resulting in their body over-reacting to immune response. Examples are a fever going too high in temperature, or phagocytes attacking the body instead of infection. Guillain-Barre Syndrome is a possible outcome of being too healthy plus too much antioxidants.

  75. Marine 1971, try not being the left’s useful idiot by equating science with third world countries.You’re apparently are unaware of the fact (I guess the TV didn’t tell you) that bloodletting was a practice initiated by the ‘scientists’ of that day. You might do a quick search on how our first President died. MEDICINE is great for alleviating pain and correcting emergent conditions. Science is not to be trusted when paid by big Pharma to push drugs on us when proper diet corrects most issues obese Americans suffer.

    This is yet another study by scientists fearing the loss of revenue for their “research” (undoubtedly paid for by the pharmaceutical industry) to drive us away from healthy inexpensive alternatives to their drugs, with innumerable side effects worse than what they’re trying to correct.

    The one thing science is best at doing is disproving previous science.

    By the way ‘Marine’, I’m retired Navy (23 years). Joined the Navy under the Nuclear power program, so lets talk science, grunt.

  76. I do not use junk and science together. Let’s just call this junk. Try a low or vitamin free diet and watch what happens to your body.

  77. Everything will kill you, apparently. It’s as likely that studies like this one are propaganda to keep people from living longer than they are truthful and sage advice from kindly Mother Government. The only old hippies I know are those who switched from drugs to sensible vitamin regimes and resist the pills that doctors pass out so freely today.

  78. I have never followed medical or nutrition ‘science’. At 64 years, I am not on any prescription drugs. I smoke, I drink, I eat whatever. Granted, I might die tomorrow, but so far have outlived the scaredy cats who take their statins, and obscess over cholesterol, and get tubes shoved up their butt every few years. I’ve never done that. Never had an annual physical. I learned when I was young that this body I walk around in is a phenomenal self-healing machine. I didn’t create it, and no doctor understands how it was created. When I’m done with it, it will die and become dust. I’m looking forward to what’s next.

  79. If the Chinese want me to stop taking vitamin C, then that’s all the more motivation to take it, and in megadoses.

  80. The cited Vit D study was from more than a year ago and was, on closer inspection, proven to be complete nonsense.
    This article is about another study trying to prove that vitamins don’t work. Without explaining it in detail it proves nothing.
    Stewart Lawrence appears to be yet another shill for the pharmaceutical industry.

  81. This study sounds like something that was funded by big pharma that has is pharmaceutical precursors made cheaply in China.

  82. I would catagorize this as fake news – partially because the writer is promoting his own bias after reading a single study that goes against so many others and doesn’t seem to have been replicated. His evidence that the case against antioxidants is mounting is a single study on Vitamin D that he doesn’t bother to identify and the results of which don’t seem to have much to do with aging. This kind of sloppy analysis can cost gullible folks their good health.

  83. I love reading all of the rants from people who think popping special pills (code name: supplements) is going to extend their lives or whatever. 98% of it is all in their minds.

    1. I imagine far fewer deaths/damage from supplements than pharmaceuticals – can’t say I have ever seen a supplement with warning that it may cause death, brain damage, stroke, suicidal thoughts… (not talking about the weight loss or miracle ones -usually produced in China- but regular supplementation)

  84. SO “Big Pharma” would benefit financially from convincing pro vitamin people to NOT take vitamins? So THAT WAY everyone gets cancer, scurvy, placid reproductive organs, bad breath, etc and THEN THEY make TRILLIONS in decades …because that is how long it MIGHT take due to the vitamins and minerals we get in food…. they make TRILLIONS selling “unnecessary” meds to the zombie horde? Here’s a theory…the article was written by the Bavarian Bankers in concert with Illuminati to push people TOWARD vitamin purchases to drive the population DOWN to a manageable 500m. Whhhhhat? Yeah. Because “Big Pharma” has secretly used all that $$$ to buy vitamin companies and have been using questionable ingredients like cyanide, toe nails, sawdust and….and….PEOPLE!!!! Noooooo!!! Soylant Green Vitamins. Num num!

        1. A bit after my time… I flew CAS missions in I Corps in support of 1st and 3rd MARDIV units North and East of Dong Ha, South Vietnam, circa ’71 and ’72 flying F-8 Crusaders off USS Hancock (CVA-19) Thank you for your Service.

  85. Once I started taking C, E and others regularly, I never catch a cold or get the flu. The one time I was foolish enough to get a flu shot, you guessed it, I got the flu When ever the wife of kids start to feel symptoms they always ask for my vitamins. Symptoms are gone in a day. This is all anecdotal of course, but they work for me and my family.

  86. My doctor told me smoking was bad for my health so I quit smoking. My doctor told me eating cheeseburgers was bad for my health so I stopped eating cheeseburgers. My doctor told me sex was bad for my health so I started smoking and eating cheeseburgers.

    1. A long-standing, pervasive bias exists against use of vitamin D3 at pharmacological doses for non-skeletal medical conditions/diseases… Follow the money… Who benefits if people are fooled into believing vitamins and minerals are bad for us?

  87. Taking supplements is a lot like believing the LSM these days. If there isn’t any proof, don’t believe it. Big pharm are huge thieves. But so are most unregulated supplement companies. I don’t know about this particular study, but many so-called “health” enhancing supplements have been proven to be unhealthy. And that’s a fact.

    1. There’s a big difference between “Health Supplements” and USP vitamin and minerals… Particularly if they carry the USP logo… That’s the Gold Standard.

  88. What a crock. This quack probably did either an in-vitro study of cells and exposed them to antioxidant levels way beyond what any person would ever consume … or did a “literature” study of other research and piecemealed them together like Frakenstien. I wouldn’t wipe my hinder with this kook’s findings.

  89. The only major set-back I have had in my relatively healthy life, is the permanent damage that was done to my muscles (isn’t the heart your largest muscle?) by statin drugs. Memory loss, global amnesia while driving my car, tendon damage while doing my regular yoga class, and muscle damage to my thighs so I can no longer use an elyptical machine or bicycle. 1% chance of avoiding a heart attack if taken for five or more years in middle aged men who have had a previous heart event, (no help to any woman, except possibly the anti-inflammatory property) up to 30% chance of damage, often permanent. Who thought this was a good idea?

      1. New thinking is that cholesterol isn’t the problem… sugar and nutritional deficiencies are more problemtic.

    1. Good on you… I see Space Doc in your story… I agree… Statins are BAD… Very BAD… Cholesterol does not cause heart disease… It’s sugar… only Big Pharma and Big Agra (sugar) have made cholesterol the scapegoat.

      1. Dr. Graveline showed me the way. His life was such an inspiration to so many people, and without his knowledge, I would still not know what was happening to my body and may have continued to take that poison. I sure miss his insights and wish he were still with us. You are so right about our need for cholesterol and the damage done by sugar! Thanks for posting that.

  90. Everything is bad for you and good for you. Much to do about nothing. Bottom line is eat healthy and exercise. I take Milk Thistle maybe once a month for liver health, a multivitamin when I can remember, and fish oil may three times a month.

  91. If you are consuming anything that came from, or was manufactured in, China, then you obviously do not care one bit about your health. Antioxidants are meant to give you energy. If you don’t feel like going to the market to get proper food then your precious antioxidant pills from China are certainly not working. Either that or you are just plain lazy.
    Here is a great website I have been following lately. This guy takes the time and effort to actually teach people become healthier, instead of blindly taking pills and prescriptions. His name is Dr. Joshua Axe. You can find him at

  92. I suspect Big Pharma had a hand in drafting this article… The red herring was the Jan 2016 vitamin D study by Bischoff-Ferrari that found a greater number of falls among men and women 70 and older who took more than 24,000 IU of vitamin D3 a month…

    Hello… The reason for the increased number of falls was likely due to people that age feeling so much better taking more vitamin D3, they became more physically active… What’s not to like about that! What the Bischoff-Ferrari study didn’t say was the incident of broken bones was less for this same cohort. Hmmm…

    Getting back to the 24,000 iU/month vitamin D3… That’s roughly 900 IU/day. If the average adult with fair skin color went out in the mid-day summer sun clad in a Speedo without sunblock, the UV B in direct sunlight would strike molecules of 7-Dehydrocholesterol in the skin and generate 15,000 IU of vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in as little as 15 minutes… Hmmm…. That’s 450,000 IU of Vitamin D3 if we did that daily for a month… Unfortunately, most of us haven’t done that since we were kids… and as a result, 50% to 70% of adults are vitamin D3 deficient.

    If you want to see the health benefits of Vitamin D3 and proof it works to treat or prevent 78 health conditions, check out the following VitaminDWiki link:

    Of course Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know this… or the fact that 12 cents a day (10,000 IU/day vitamin D3) is more effective than $5,000/treatment with a monoclonal antibody…. Check out the following link for additional proof…

  93. Lol, I’ll be damned if I will listen to any research coming from University of Beijing. Hey China, when I see a made in China stamp, I ALWAYS put the product down, never buy any food or vitamins from you all….

  94. Wow, what a load of pro pharma crap. For a study like this to have any scientific plausibility at all. Types of antioxidants of used and amounts as well as studies on people and not worms. The reason for taking antioxidents in the first place is not to give yourself youth. It is to remove the oxicdents that the cell creates as you age. So the whole basis of taking supplements is wrong. Basically they are challenging a 2000 year tradition (TCM) with worm study BS.

  95. Very poorly written, piece-of-junk, article. No mention of specific antioxidants, doses, research parameters, nutritional status, or other health concerns of the population in question. Lets face it, the smog in parts of China are enough to choke a roach, whether or not it is taking nutraceutical supplements.

    1. For all we know the Chinese test subjects were taking synthetic vitamins made out of some weird industrial ingredients.

  96. For my entire life, scientists have flip-flopped every few years on just about everything that is good or bad for you. Caffeine, cholesterols, fats, chocolate, sugar, cheese; you name it, it has been bad then good then bad again numerous times in my lifetime. These would seem easy studies; people who eat them live longer or not than people who don’t. BUT, when it comes to the far more complex study of climate and the causes of it changing, they are certain; yeah right.

    BTW, moderation is the key, if you are excessive about anything it will harm you; even obviously good things like exercise or vegetables will do you no good at best, or outright hurt you when taken to the extreme.

        1. Read the book “Big Fat Surprise” that came out last year. It confirms just that theory among diet ary research agencies/foundations. If you don’t believe in the low fat diet, you get no funding, no publishing etc. It’s a sick conspiracy fed by big egos and lots of money, etc. We all suffer due to the unjustified dietary regimens these clowns foist on the public.

          1. You first have to reject all logic and analytical thinking, listen to no counter points, facts or reasons. When you have that down strong, you must then go out and call everyone not conforming to your narrow beliefs, racist, bigot, xenophobic, islamophobic, deplorables. Then you have to cease all productive activity and pitch a non stop tantrum.

          2. Guess you never heard about all the data that was falsified, the sensors moved closer to populated areas to show higher temps, etc. So we are the dopes !!

          3. Many thermometers were on top of asphalt roofs, attached to concrete buildings (heat sinks), positioned next to concrete runways – true fact… so obviously they’ve indicated wrong temps.

          4. Gawd it just doesn’t get stupider than that. (I know “stupider” is not a word but in this case, it is quite appropriate).

          5. Don’t forget the temperature data that came from places that had NO thermometers at all!!

          6. Look in the mirror Kevin. Oh hey… what’s that? Hey Kevin… Soros is calling you

          7. OK; but you’re the next sucker. “There’s a sucker born every minute” is a phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid-19th century.”

          8. AGW is fake Kevin. Plenty of fraudulent data has been admitted to. It brings in the grant money though so why stop now?

          9. It’s not just grants to reserachers – that’s pocket change. The trillion$ go to the International Socialist movement, a globalist octopus.

          10. The fact is, there is and always has been, and always will be, natural climate change, but the contribution of human activity is necessarily so minuscule as to be nearly undetectable. Here’s why:

            Carbon dioxide, considered the main vector for human-caused global warming, is 0.039% of the atmosphere- a trace gas. Water vapor varies, but averages around 1%, and is about ten times more effective a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. So water vapor is about 25 times more prevalent and ten times more effective; that makes it 250 times more important to the greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide. The TOTAL contribution of carbon dioxide to the greenhouse effect is therefore about 0.004%. The total human contribution to carbon dioxide since the start of the industrial revolution has been estimated at about 25%. So human greenhouse effect is a quarter of 0.00%, works out to about 0.001%. Since TOTAL greenhouse effect on temperature is estimated at around 63 degrees Fahrenheit, that would come to human-caused warming of about 0.063 degrees Fahrenheit.

            But that’s only the beginning. We’ve had global warming for at least 10,000 years, since the end of the last Ice Age. Whatever caused that, it was not human activity. It was not all those power plants and factories and SUVs being operated by Stone Age cavemen while chipping arrowheads out of bits of flint. Whatever the cause was, it caused the glaciers, which once extended south to Long Island and the northern suburbs of New York City, to not only melt back, but completely disappear (except for a few mountain remnants). That’s one big greenhouse effect! If we are still having global warming – and I suppose we should presume we are, given a 10,000 year trend – it is as close to a certainty as one can get that it is still the overwhelmingly primary cause of continued warming, rather than our piddling 0.001% contribution to the greenhouse effect.

            The science is now all-but-settled on global warming. Convincing new evidence demonstrates cosmic rays and the sun — not human activities — as the dominant controller of climate on Earth. The research, published with little fanfare in the prestigious journal Nature, comes from über-prestigious CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. They demonstrate that cosmic rays promote the formation of molecules that in Earth’s atmosphere can grow and seed clouds, the cloudier and thus cooler it will be. Because the sun’s magnetic field controls how many cosmic rays reach Earth’s atmosphere (the stronger the sun’s magnetic field, the more it shields Earth from incoming cosmic rays from space), the sun determines the temperature on Earth.

            Yet even that trend-continuation still needs to be proved. Evidence is that the Medieval Warm Period in the 1200s was somewhat warmer than we are now, and the climate was a lot colder in the Little Ice Age in the 1600s than it is now. So we are within the range of normal up-and-down fluctuations without human greenhouse contributions that could be significant, or even measurable.

            The principal scientists arguing for human-caused global warming have been demonstrably disingenuous, and now you can see why. They have proved they should not be trusted.

            For all those using the 98% of scientists agree that man is causing global warming…er…climate change.

            Geez you are gullible. It is not 98% of scientists. The 98% comes from a SURVEY (in case you didn’t know, a survey is not a scientific study) sent out in 2009 to 10,257 people. 3,146 answered the survey. Of that 3,146 there were 77 climate scientists who answered. Of those, 75 answered yes to the second of two questions asked by the survey. Question #1 was “When compared with pre-1800s levels, do you think that mean global temperatures have generally risen, fallen, or remained relatively constant?” . Question #2 was “Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?”

            Both questions beg the following: What constitutes “significant”? Does “changing” include both cooling and warming… and for both “better” and “worse”? And which contributions…does this include land use changes, such as agriculture and deforestation?”

            You and anyone spouting the 98% of scientist as a consensus are gullible and useful idiots to those with an agenda.

            You talk about the stupidity on the”deniers” when you yourselves exhibit it far more frequently than any denier. You let yourself be spoon fed by a media that is more interested in telling you what you should believe rather than reporting all the sides of the issue so people can decide for themselves.

            Truth hurts but it doesn’t change the fact it is the truth.

            For an entertaining and devastating critique of the alleged “science” behind the AGW argument, check out this video:


            Richard Muller is a physicist at the University of California campus at Berkeley (!). He is a bit of a showman, but he is also a serious scientist.

            The idea that we should be spending billions upon billions of dollars to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is beyond ludicrous in light of the facts above; it is insane. The true motivation underlying the global warming movement is almost certainly ideological and political in nature, and I predict AGW, as currently preached, will go down as the greatest fraud of all time. It makes Madoff and Ponzi look like pikers by comparison













          11. Conservation and promoting common sense sustainable growth i understand. There are better ways to produce and construct our infrastructure. Income redistribution is the flag. Whenever one group decides to take the results of my labor by force, then give it to someone who hasn’t worked for it? The envious little Marxist weenies are not giving up folks. Even though their theories have never worked in practice. Reality is rarely daunting their fervor for controling us to their whims.

          12. Leftards are really weird. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown was convinced it was never going to rain again. All Democrats are climatologists, and bad ones at that. Now he has over-full reservoirs and a bad dam in Oroville ready to burst and put a quarter of a million people in mortal danger. He took money allocated 12 years ago, for repair of the dam, and put it into a pork barrel project that sane people call, “The Train to Nowhere”. Now he’s begging the Federal Government for money to fix the dam. Such hypocrisy we see from the Left. Their steady diet is the chanting of useless mantras that are usually wrong. Smoke that in your bong.

          13. How so? Is it because you think so? What is the basis for your apparent deep insights?
            Or is it the more likely case that you have a personality issue: anyone who does not agree with your world view is a dope in your eyes.

          14. Have you seen the temp. sensors placed on concrete directly behind airliners preparing to roll for takeoff? Right inline with the jet-exhaust. Google it…

      1. The money is made by promoting pills and potions not by debunking them…The vitamin companies are famous for their phony made-up research using a couple of people in their studies over 2 weeks.

        1. There lots of good long term double blinded placebo controlled studies showing improved nutrition through supplementation produces some positive results.

        1. And you of course have copious amount of documentation right? No, you don’t. You’re just spouting things you’ve read on some blog or forum with absolutely no understanding of how the data was accumulated, verified or tested. You’re just a parrot: chirping but understanding nothing.

      2. Not bad! it made al gore – a seminary drop-out a billionaire:) I can make my money if I find some nut cases to believe me, I guess. Of course I will have to have a slick smooth tongue and wipe my eyes with some tissues while I denounce “evil” pollution, in other words, do a obama:)

        I was reading about the extremely minute (that is cannot be measured) heat increase the coal industry would cause if it was fully operational as it was before obama, and how obama decimated it by giving major subsidies to wind etc., while allowing China to pick up the slack. China increased its coal production to levels that the US can, according to present statistics, never regain!

        who or what was responsible? chinese lobbyists paying obama’s interest groups or him directly, or his globalisation – redistribute the wealth masters?

    1. I agree with you. I don’t believe in modern medicine at all. Physicians and pharmaceutical companies have been purposely trying to slowly kill billions of people for many years now. I came across this website ( and have been following this guy’s teachings lately. He makes a lot of sense. He believes (and has proven) that pharma is bad and food is healing. His name is Dr. Joshua Axe. Very honest, explains things so plain and simple, and actually enjoys helping people.

      1. I bet you’d believe in “modern medicine” if you had cancer or diabetes. Take a trip to a third world hospital sometime. BTW, anyone who someone who says something as moronic as what you put down doesnt bode well for endorsements for Dr Axe or anyone else. “Plain and simple” explanations might be great for you but chemistry and biology arent plain and simple. If treatments for serious ailments were plain and simple, we would live to 40 just like oh….MOST people in history because chewing on leaves, blood letting and eating dried horse manure doesnt beat modern meds and you cant argue with THAT hard data.

        1. It is very sad that there are so many people in today’s society that believe eating healthy is, as you said, “chewing on leaves, blood letting and eating dried horse manure.” Your “hard data” of modern meds beating out healthy eating of proper foods is ridiculous, to say the least. It is shameful to rely solely on someone who is virtually a complete stranger, such as a physician, to keep you healthy. If we all decided to eat proper foods then there would be so little need for physicians and modern meds. I would rather eat a handful of blueberries on a daily basis than to take a pharmaceutical pill. Modern meds have ruined people’s health, and in many cases, have killed people. Plain, old fashion food has saved many lives, and has put people on the right track to proper health and an energized life.

          1. In principle I think you’re right. But you went too far. Your ‘handful of blueberries’ sounds great. But if you really need to have one (or more) handfuls a day to moderate a life-threatening disease or condition, being able to get them reliably sounds good too. Maybe a capsule, or a tablet, for when there’s no blueberries.

          2. My “handful of blueberries” comment was meant as a general statement. I did not mean that it alone is all I need. My point was that healthy foods are a million times better than any chemical.

          3. I’ll say this, polypharmacy effects are very often bad. My Dad in his
            40s was diagnosed with slightly high cholesterol and got prescribed a
            med for it. A bit later he started having joint pain and got a med. By
            his 50s Dad was taking 7 daily medications for a variety of diagnosed
            ailments with talk about more for new problems. One day Mom reads an
            article about cinnamon or something helping with cholesterol and adds it
            to his diet. Next thing you know his Doctor takes Dad off his med for
            cholesterol because of a drop of it in his tests. Within a couple of
            years he got taken off all of his meds because all of his ailments
            disappeared one after the other as meds got un-prescribed. Same for
            Mom, she was up to six daily meds and is down to just one as the two of
            them enter their 70s.

            But, having said that, I certainly want a
            modern antibiotic rather than dying from an infected slight finger cut
            from a gardening mishap. So, there are good and bad. Taking a walk
            around the neighborhood daily and getting a daily banana, some cinnamon,
            a bowl of whole oats, or some blueberries might be enough for a person; but when
            something serious comes along a new med just might be the thing. Again,
            I think moderation is the key.

            Let’s just say that I never intend to have to take a different prescription med every other hour throughout the day, every day. And, basically, I don’t pay attention to the miracle food or “it’s good, now it’s bad, no it’s good again” reports, I’ll continue to try to balance and moderate,; and have some chocolate or an orange if I get a hankering, figuring my body is trying to tell me it needs something.

          4. Gotcha.I agree 100% about your food being important to your overall health.

            It’s become clear to me as I age that sometimes people get sick. They catch communicable diseases, suffer accidental injuries, and develop conditions of the heart and such. Diet affects that but cannot prevent it. That’s my point. I don’t think we’re in opposition.

          5. You’ve gotten so far outside the realm of reality with all your self-styled “theories” it’s stunning. Physicians are in the business of fixing what can go wrong with the body, for the most part. If they weren’t doing it, they’d quickly go out of business, like any other enterprise that fails. It’s abundantly clear that you fall into the “often wrong, but never in doubt” category, and I won’t waste any more of my time on you, but, good luck, you’re going to need it.

          6. Physicians don’t have answers for every problem that “goes wrong with the body”. Certainly injuries, diseases and serious medical conditions are best addressed by physicians. But just look at the increasing number of multiple-antibiotic-redistant “super-bugs” and opiate addictions– a direct result of questionable treatment, namely, widespread over-prescribing by physicians.

            Treating metabolic syndrome with a diabetes regimen is a perfect example. In this case, there are early interventions that can be effective, as confirmed by the above commenter’s OWN DOCTOR. “Hmm, let’s start you on Metformin” isn’t necessarily the one-and-only answer.

          7. Sorry, you haven’t dealt with a chronic illness. Conventional doctors today treat symptoms. They rarely “cure” squat. They don’t look at the root cause.

            Ask ANYONE who has been on antidepressants – less than 1% of doctors have encouraged them to get outside, get active, change their diet, etc. They don’the look at deficits in D, Magnesium, Potassium…
            Antidepressants don’t “cure” depression, they just mask the problem. That is just one example.

          8. Always remember, medicine is a practice, and they practice on us, and 50% of the doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class and we have no way of knowing which ones they are.

        2. Oh, in response to whether or not I would believe in modern medicine in I had cancer or diabetes, I would not. In fact, I was slightly passed being borderline diabetic. My physician wanted me on pharmaceutical meds, but I refused. I decided to use advice that Dr. Josh Axe has on his website to naturally counter diabetes. I went back to my physician a while later. He sent me for more tests. Then, he told me that somehow I no longer have diabetes, and to keep doing what I am doing.

          1. Same thing happened to my 85 year old mother. My sister (professional dancer, retired, steady gigs until she was in her early 40’s), mom, and I have taken anti-oxidants for 25 years. Last year, her doctor told her she was borderline diabetic, then I found out she’d discontinued her chromium picolinate. Had her restart and 2 weeks later the doctor said he “couldn’t believe it”, her blood sugar was “perfect, keep up whatever you’re doing”. Btw, both my sister and I look younger than our age, our 2 brothers who decided against anti-o’s look OLD for their ages…..

        3. Type 2 Diabetes has been successfully CURED, with either a healthy Vegan diet and or/ going down to one healthy meal a day, in other words fasting every day for 20-22 hours and only eating for 2-4 hours a day.
          Patients have been able to go off meds and insulin.
          Cancer is a war. But I would never recommend treatments that state the side effects are a another form of cancer.

        4. But keep in mind, medical students are trained to perform interventions for injuries and serious health conditions– but nothing about maintaining good health.

          1. When I told my (former) PCP that I had quite dairy, she said there was “no way” I could get “adequate calcium without dairy”. I told her that a serving of broccoli, an orange, and almonds had far more calcium
            She stared at me for a second then said “I only had 20hrs of nutrition, I spent med school studying pharmaceuticals.” That was my last visit to a doctor.

          2. That is absolutely correct, they don’t teach doctors anything about nutrition. I found a young doctor, who hasn’t yet been brainwashed into the big pharma racket, she tests for vitamin and mineral levels. She actually told a friend of mine to take more Vit D and when she did, she felt much better. She’s also happy with the vitamins that I take. I don’t buy the junk vitamins either, I get my vitamins from Swansons vitamins online, I have for the last 30 years, good quality and the prices are terrific.
            I took a bone density test and my chances of a fracture or break were 0-2%, that’s almost unheard of for my age, I’m 74.

        5. I have MS. I used to take 13 medications daily and I felt like complete ___. Went to see a new specialist who wanted to give me 4 more meds. I told him no, I wanted to discuss…

          Fast forward, he told me he wouldn’t see me unless I took the meds. So I fired him.

          I quit all meds cold turkey. Went on a restrictive form of paleo – within 3months, felt like a new person. Chronic pain – used to pop Aleve like candy. Haven’t taken a single one in more than 4yrs. I kayaked the Grand Canyon, backpacked >40 steep miles in a long weekend…

          I’m healthier now at 42 than I was at 22. I wouldn’t see a conventional doctor unless I needed an amputation.

          1. Try this site, people share there experience, practise in fighting nearly every possible disease with natural remedies:
            It is fantastic, I’ve taken my arthritis under control by drinking ACV & Boron. Orthodox medicine would ‘cure’ me to death with immuno-depresants & steroids .

        6. Perhaps if we were all more careful about what we put in our bodies, cancer and diabetes wouldn’t be an issue. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
          What gives you the right to call someone else’s opinion that isn’t the same as yours, “moronic”?

    2. I say anything that is natural is probably at least okay for you in moderation and anything synthetic or processed is bad for you in most cases. But then again what the hell do I know, well maybe I do know more than whoever wrote this pathetic article.

      1. Logical fallacy: Argumentum ad naturam

        It is a logical fallacy that anything that is natural is good for you or at worst is benign. This is not a scientific position. It is a religious position where god has been replaced by “mother nature”. I assure you it is more complicated than that. For example methyl mercury is a natural product. Now eat fish contaminated with this natural thing.

      1. When I first heard of global warming years ago (due to man-made CO2 emissions), my very first thought was “Good, perhaps that will stop the next ice age”. I had been programmed to be worried about global cooling before then !!! (I am 65 years old.)

        1. The global warming who became climate change a truism at best started in modern period in the 90′ at the end of the cold war.The left losing the war of the century against the capitalism redirected all their efforts a.k.a propaganda towards the cosumer society..and it’s engine: the oil.That’s when the biggest perversion in history of science started. This magic show using all the tools of the best puppets masters of the left continues today as the biggest hoax in the theater of life.

        2. They had to change it to warming because it wasn’t getting colder. Now they just call it “climate change” which covers everything. I call it WEATHER. We’ve had that as long as we’ve been alive.

          1. Ya same old shit the day we where born till we die man kind fucking each other every step of the way

      2. I agree that our planet warms and cools. But when we are adding so many toxins and poisons to our water, air, soil – it can’t be ignored. I am a scuba diver – did coral mapping off the coast of Grand Bahama Island every other year for a decade. To see how the coral has died – particularly in direct correlation to the chemicals from the golf courses was mind blowing.

        It is hard to take much of the climate change poster children like Al Gore, Dicaprio, when they fly around in private jets but lecture us.

        Mother Nature always adapts – look at DEET-resistant mosquitos, antibiotic-resistance… sucks the we are selective about what matters and have to question the “data”

          1. And I wore a pair of peep-toe ruby ones yesterday… I wouldn’t click heels for fear of scuffing.

        1. Global warming is hijacking the environmental movement to ignore the real culprit, the chemical revolution, and to instead put a tax on life! As most leftist movements do over generations, the snake is now eating its own tail!

      3. When McDonalds first came out with Happy Meals in the early 70s, they had global cooling propaganda in them. I remember reading about the coming ice age, and then throwing it in the trash. Even then I knew the scare propaganda was bs.

        1. So many people reacted the same way and threw it in the trash that measurable carbon sequestration occurred and saved the planet. Congratulations.

          1. This was before recycling was widespread. Even propaganda was telling us to throw it in the trash, so there wouldn’t be litter. That was how we cared for the planet back then. “Congratulations” for being judgmental when you would have done the same thing if you were alive then.

          2. Okay. I apologize! I guess it was your fighting stance in your avatar, I thought you were looking for a fight!

          3. Except now it is incinerated at your local “energy recovery” plant which is what they call it here where I live. First, there is the carbon dioxide. Then, when PVC packaging gets into the load, out comes a witch’s brew of chlorine containing compounds. Remember WWI? Yeah, those chemicals.

        1. The Earth, in a still inexplicable occurrence, healed itself…

          Give me your money, I will spend time researching to tell you something which could be true, until it isn’t.

        2. They found out the hole gets larger and smaller in cycles in exact ratio to how much particles the sun is throwing at us. Imagine that, particle bombardment along magnetic lines were the natural cause and not our air conditioners!

          1. Uvc makes ozone. Uvb is absorbed by ozone, splitting it in the process. The ratio of uvc to uvb may not be a constant. And there is little sunlight at the Southpole so it doesn’t matter if there is a hole there. Not to mention the sunlight that does make it to the ground doesn’t go through the hole

        3. Once they had succeeded in trashing the refrigerant gas market; they moved on to other scams. I read an article that was a “forty years ago” in Scientific American about the discovery of an ozone hole above Antarctica in 1938. Freon wasn’t used as a propellant until they had a malaria problem during the Second World War, about five years later.

      4. I don’t know if they were convinced we were facing the next ice age……..but they sure collected a lot of research dollars to push that agenda…………it was all over high school in the late ’60s and early ’70s!

        1. I still have a book titled The Cooling. The story was that the Canadian Maritime Provinces would grow a permanent ice cap that would then cause multiple years without a Summer, like 1816.

    3. I have also found that moderation is KEY. Thanks franc1sc0, for reminding the Young’uns, Moderation is KEY.

    4. It’s partly the way these studies are reported in the mainstream press, making it appear that the results from a single study represent “conclusive” findings. Even this reporter is doing it, by claiming that the Chinese study “confirms” the findings of the Danish meta-study. Although (at least according to this article) the Chinese study concludes anti-oxidents are harmful, while the Danish meta-study merely reports “no benefit”– different findings!

      Also, notice this writer doesn’t provide any specific references that would allow readers to study and evaluate for themselves. So this latest study should be kept in mind, but the rule is: unless confirmed by other research, a single study is never “conclusive”. Sure makes for scary headlines, though.

    5. Look at the FDA approving so many drugs and devices – the list of potential side-effects are staggering… I don’t trust much of what they recommend – so many studies are funded by special interests and info on studies hidden… now flossing is supposedly unnecessary.

      Use common sense. If we quit eating so much crap, we wouldn’t need all these “remedies” to fix stuff.

    6. Movement and vegetables are best things for you.

      I would also add plenty of rest and moderate your stress. I have to turn off the news lately.

    7. excellent and well thought out comment. as for the climate change thing. they cant predict it a month out and they are telling us how its gonna be in 100 years. you betcha. besides climate change is not about climate, its about control and taxation.

      1. Water can be consumed to the point of harming a person. More than your body can excrete and you can suffer issues with swelling (including brain swelling), electrolyte imbalances, and other things. People die from it. If too much pure, clean drinking-water can kill you, what can’t?

    8. Like most of the media, scientists make things up for their own benefit. I have never paid attention to any of it, I do take vitamins, have since the 60’s, I rarely get sick, never have had a flu shot, and at my age, the only meds I take is thyroid and the lowest dose of BP pill they have. I drive the docs crazy because they’re dying to find something wrong with me, they think I’m not telling them about some symptoms they think I should be having. lol
      Always remember, medicine is a practice, and they practice on us, and 50% of the doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class and we have no way of knowing which ones they are.

    9. Yes, and instead of Americans, or anyone worrying about longevity, just be mindful of each day, and don’t waste a single moment.
      Enjoy each day, eat what the heck you want…No one gets out alive, so enjoy the foods you like. Your expiration date in my opinion is not up to you, or your diet.

    10. ” A study in China? ”

      Agree. Use common sense.
      The absence of any one vitamin or mineral will cause a problem.
      Too much of any one vitamin or mineral will cause a problem.
      If you need help, visit a registered dietitian and a naturopathic
      physician for blood panel & counsel.

    11. franco1sc0 – yes moderation and common sense equates to longevity and wellness.
      true favourable testimonials are indications of positive benefits and cure, not Chinese research.
      saw bland retina photos of near blind, olde gal. after six months of daily intake of vitamin C and Lysine, her eyesight returned to near normal. her new retina photos showed tremendous increase in visible red capillaries. source: DrGiffordJones [ who is alert, in his midd 90s and ingests these as powders as do I ]. be well – jim

    12. You are correct. Good science demands that a theory be tested vigorously….theories are made strong/valid when so many attempts to show them wrong fail…..that is the way science is supposed to work.

      Einstein famously said something to the effect 100’s of studies can prove my theory correct…but it takes just one to prove it wrong.

      Climate science is not practiced in this manner…one is called a Holocaust Denier if they should even question anything about it. But yet there are dozens of climate models each with differing degrees of warming projected into the future, based not just CO2 increase, but on the real culprit that is not fully understood….the role of water vapor…increased CO2 is assumed to be positively amplified by increased atmospheric water vapor which is what is theorized to achieve the warming…not CO2 directly, which is simply too tiny….at less than 1 part per 10,000 to achieve any meaningful warming.

      If the science is settled why are the models not all the same? The answer is because the assumptions about the physical workings of the atmosphere are not all the same….the science is not settled. The climate is a very complex system….it would be amazing if the first attempts to model it were spot on accurate. A system that has many interacting variables, none of which are static but change as well. As system known to change all the time without any influence from humanity. A system that is being projected far into the future such that model validation is not easily performed (as it is in a weather model whereby the forecast 5 days out can be verified 5 days out…not decades later.) There are many challenges to climate science, but somehow this science was modeled perfectly on the first attempt…no need to question anything…it is all settled….that is the way climate science is practiced…all very suspicious.

      There is no doubt that CO2 absorbs a portion (a small portion) of the outgoing long wave radiation leaving the Earth for space…the mechanism by which the planet cools itself…it absorbs incoming radiation from the sun in shorter wave lengths outside the spectra of CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) and the outgoing radiant heat is converted to longwave spectra that causes vibrations in dipole molecules, such as CO2 and H2O.

      But that is all that can be simply stated about CO2. But the climate is not just CO2. It is a complex system. There are many variables that impact Earths heat budget….CO2 at less than 1 tenth of 1% total atmospheric composition (99.99% of air is not CO2) is not the only climate variable and all have feedback influences on each other…the sun without doubt being the most influential climate driver.

  97. Another hit job by the pharmaceutical industry. There is no profit to be made from healthy people. Nutrition is the foundation of healing and maintaining health. There are zero deaths per year from vitamin supplements.

        1. Say what you want about vodka, but I’ve been using it for years to keep my orange juice germ free and I have yet to come down with an orange born disease.

      1. “Vitamin D makes you fall down.” Sounds more like novel results mining. Look for any anomalous correlation until you find something interesting. Don’t worry about causation, just publish and get paid!

        1. Well vit D is pretty useless unless taken with vit k2. That helps it get to the bones. Taking vitamins in food that come with other vitamins tht work together is much different than a huge dose of one by itself.

    1. We need an alt-AMA monopoly and create alt-insurance companies. Bill Gates get on that when not killing little kids in India with your vaccines.

    2. Great logic. There are also NO deaths attributed individually to old age! Or how about no deaths attributed to radiation poisoning? Nope! MAYBE the point was deaths and illnesses that are RELATED to XYZ. THINK.

      1. Your reasoning is defective. Old age is a condition, not a substance that is introduced into ones body. Radiation poisoning deaths are being covered up by the same folks that try to demonize vitamins. There are over 100,000 deaths per year attributed to the use of pharmaceuticals that are taken as prescribed.

    3. Maybe no deaths outright but certainly harm from too much water insoluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K. Supplements on the other hand have contributed to death or illness when people have bad reactions to them and didnt realize it was the supplement that was making them sick.

      1. Thanks for confirming that there are zero deaths per year from vitamin supplements. What is the harm that you re referring too and how much is too much? You don’t mention the harm caused by deficiencies in vitamins like A, D, E, and K.

      2. If you don’t want to take supplements, fine, don’t take them, but for crying out loud, use your brain, if you can find it. Wow, all those millions of undiagnosed deaths were probably, no, were for sure due to vitamin supplements. Save the world, stop taking vitamins. Save yourselves. Happy now?

  98. Since we are talking about Chinese supplements here, maybe Beta Kerosene is as popular as the tryptophan made from waste metal with altered bacteria. Yeh, I would have a problem with supplements in China too.

  99. People wouldn’t look for dietary supplements if 80% of the food on the supermarket shelves weren’t pumped full of sugars. Fix that and the supplement industry will vastly reduce as people start feeling better over the next 10-20 years.

    1. Problem is that our soil is vastly depleted, so produce doesn’t have the nutritional punch that it did 40yrs ago.

      1. You’re right, however if you do some digging(pun intended) there are reasons for the drop in nutritional properties of topsoil. BTW If they stop extracting fats from foods and injecting it with hfcs to regain palatability that would be a start as well. Remove low fat/no fat products…

        1. Short of coconut & olive oils, roasted coffee and nuts, and locally processed beef/poultry – nothing I eat is processed. I either grow my own produce (I compost and add worms- get my soil tested annually and adjust nutrients as needed) or buy from locally-grown organic farmers who also amend soil.

          Amazing how my health has improved since I ditched all that crap.

  100. If you are taking “beta- KEROSENE”, you definitely are killing yourself. Beta-carotene, on the otherhand…

      1. You eat pet food? lol
        Read your labels, if it doesn’t give you the info you need, send the company an email and demand to know.

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