Study: 4 in 10 men have experienced ‘inexplicable sadness’ after sex


QUEENSLAND, Australia — Having sex may feel like a badge of honor for many men, but for others, it’s an act that, once finished, brings about intense feelings of sadness. In a new study, researchers for the first time ever have identified that women aren’t the only ones who can suffer from this emotional tidal wave in the bedroom, better known as post coital dysphoria, or PCD.

PCD occurs when a person has, for all intents and purposes, enjoyable consensual sex with a partner, but is met with “inexplicable feelings of tearfulness, sadness, or irritability” afterwards.

Couple in bed
A world-first study by QUT researchers concludes men can and do suffer from postcoital dysphoria (PCD) which results in feelings of sadness, tearfulness or irritability following sex. (Photo credit: QUT Marketing & Communication)

Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology say PCD had only previously been recognized in women, but after a survey of 1,208 men from numerous countries — including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia — it’s clear that the condition is more common among males than one might expect. In fact, four in 10 participants recalled suffering from PCD symptoms at some point in their lives.

“Forty-one percent of the participants reported experiencing PCD in their lifetime with 20 percent reporting they had experienced it in the previous four weeks,” says co-author Joel Maczkowiack, a masters student at the university’s school of psychology, in a release.

As many as 4 percent of the individuals, who voluntarily participated in the online questionnaire via postings on social media and psychological research websites, said they battle PCD symptoms regularly. Men acknowledged that statements such as “I don’t want to be touched and want to be left alone,” or “I feel unsatisfied, annoyed and very fidgety. All I really want is to leave and distract myself from everything I participated in,” applied to them when thinking about times they’d made love. Others described feeling “emotionless and empty” even though the sex was otherwise satisfactory.

“It is commonly believed that males and females experience a range of positive emotions including contentment and relaxation immediately following consensual sexual activity,” says co-author Robert Schweitzer, a professor at the university.

Schweitzer says that research has shown that couples that continue engaging in acts of intimacy after sex, such as talking, kissing, or cuddling, feel more satisfied in their relationships and strengthen the bond they share. Conversely, the emotional rollercoaster that comes with PCD could magnify any conflict in a relationship and wind up causing a bond between two people to break even further.

“The first three phases of the human sexual response cycle – excitement, plateau, and orgasm – have been the focus of the majority of research to date,” Professor Schweitzer said. “Yet previous studies on the PCD experience of females showed that a similar proportion of females had experienced PCD on a regular basis. As with the men in this new study, it is not well understood. We would speculate that the reasons are multifactorial, including both biological and psychological factors.”

The authors say the findings show sexual experiences for men could be more diverse than believed, and are important for clinicians to consider when working with men who may experience such symptoms.

The full study was published July 24, 2018 in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.


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    1. I used to be a real man. Now I am old. Once a day is about all I can manage,unless of course I am participating in a study of the Coolidge effect. Then sky’s the limit.

      Can you believe the Coolidge effect was studied? Lucky bastards.

        1. Yep, being old is realizing that they aren’t quite worth what they think they are.,
          You stop trying so hard, and all them divorcees and widows seem to come out of the woodwork.

    1. That’s when you take it anyway. She’ll decide halfway through she’s in the mood again.

  1. In other news, 10 out of 10 men experience “inexplicable feelings of tearfulness, sadness, or irritability” when they don’t have sex.

  2. I’ll bet that most of the problem is because the man isn’t married to the woman. There’s a sense of pointlessness then.

    1. Or the man has been married to the woman for a few years and, as women like to say, the honeymoon is over the woman treats sex like a chore. The serious downside of marriage.

      1. No, the downside is she is no longer hot after 35 or so. It’s just not exciting. It’s a chore for the man, actually.
        Well, that’s my problem anyway.

  3. You had to work so hard to get it, once gotten, you realize it wasn’t all that good and it was just a waste of time and effort!

    1. The effort is much greater than the reward. Every woman thinks they’re great in bed. Few actually are. Even worse, the best sex is usually the crazy ones!!

  4. It would be interesting to know how many of this 40% are circumcised. Feeling only half of what you are supposed to could be a big factor.

    1. As a circumcised man, I can say that isn’t the problem. Pu$$e is great. It’s having a woman to deal with afterwards that kills the mood, especially in this day and age. Masculinity is constantly under attack by feminists and the media, not to mention colleges these days.

        1. 4 in 10 men do it coyote style. When you sleep with ugly women of course you are going to feel so sad afterwards that you would rather chew your arm off than wake her up.

          1. I read once that the ideal woman is 3 feet tall, has no teeth and the top of her head is flat so you can set your beer down.

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          4. Does happen! Kind of surprising when you are accused of rape. “Why did you come with me?”

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          6. Yeah you will see in the future where documents have to be signed IDs have to be photocopied and a fingerprint submitted before sex. Just a CYA issue.

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        2. It is the first thing a wife does after marriage, to make her husband feel great, and the least thing, too.

        3. My Doctor liked to quote his grandfather, to wit: “There is nothing as over-rated as a Bad Ph*** nor so under-rated as a Good $hyte.”

      1. Radical fems don’t have a clue what good sex is. Always thinking how to overpower a man. Radical Fems destroyed honest sex.

      2. Exactly. No man is upset after having sex because of the sex. They are upset when they factor in the time, effort and money they invested to get that sex. They have buyer’s remorse.

    1. Sure, you’re right, but only when you treat a woman as an object to satisfying your addictions and numbing your pains.

          1. Or if he resides in New Amsterdam. (This Hairy Guy swears that Devil’s Water is just too damn smooth!)

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  5. Postcoital dysphoria? When I was young they called it the coyote syndrome. A coyote will chew off an arm or leg to escape a trap. That, or just leaving the scene of the crime.

  6. Once again showing why the discipline of psychology is basically worthless. They are trying to quantify scientifically what cannot be. They are using people’s answers on a highly personal test, which any psychologist knows varies depending on mood, sometimes drastically.

    Oh wow cool scientific sounding word “post-coital dysphoria”, even has a cool acronym. Psychology as a science is a joke.

    1. Call it a syndrome and sell people drugs to combat it, the SOP for the pharmaceutical companies these days.

    2. Last I heard…Psychologists have one of the highest suicide rates of all the professions….Right up there with cops…That is soo revealing.

      Even they don’t believe their BS.

      1. I think most of them get into the field to deal with their own issues. Lawyers have a high suicide rate also.

        1. My sentiments exactly.

          It was such a chore just getting her to shut up and take her clothes off. Like she’s really worth putting any extra effort in…. For what?

    1. Like that old Polish joke? Two guys talking about performing oral sex on their wives…One guys says, man…Everytime I try to eat out my wife… it tastes like chitt….

      The other guy says: Sounds like you take too big a bite.

  7. Probably indicative of the relationship between partners outside of the sex. Maybe I missed it but it doesn’t say if these participants are single, married, BF and GF living together, one night stands, etc.

  8. That 4 in 10 did not use protection and are worried about 20+ years of paying for a kid they will never see or get to know.

  9. A wise old philosophy professor of mine once told me that all men feel sadness after sex…When asked why…He said because they soon turn to wondering…Is that all there is to this life? Is there nothing more? Is that it?

    The only true joy…And wonder….And beauty….Comes from knowing God…Far superior to any earthly pleasure….Like I said….Wise man…

  10. I admit, it happened to me once. The alcohol wore off, I looked to my right, saw what I had slept with, and immediately wanted to cry.

  11. “As many as 4 percent of the individuals, who voluntarily participated in the online questionnaire via postings on social media and psychological research websites, said they battle PCD symptoms regularly.”
    First, the people in the “study” we social media users, thus, very likely mentally ill.
    Second, the participants voluntarily took online questionnaires on social media, thus, they are very stupid.
    Third, people online lie.

  12. Maybe they are just missing “their boys”. Too dumb to realize that they will have a million or so new ones by morning.

  13. Interesting… I recently read a stat that said 4 out of 10 women need to lose weight. Somethings you can’t unsee.

  14. “Post coitum omne animal triste est sive gallus et mulier.” Galen of Pergamum

    It ain’t news.

  15. This isn’t any dysphoria. It’s I’m sad because I can’t hAve sex for the moment. One gets sad because they just released a bunch of testosterone and they’re wiped out. Give it 10-15 minutes and you’ll be happy again. Can I get a witness men?

  16. Sex outside of a monogamous marriage between a man and a woman is the Devil’s playground. Evil Spirits enter the participants of fornication and adultery. This leads to depression, anger, sadness, and feelings of emptiness. Beware the Succubus….

    1. monogamy was the only way to ensure a Man wasnt raising someone elses child. Nowdays DNA testing eliminates the need for monogamy…………besides, women want a BETA to pay as long as the ALPHA will play………….women are manipulators of weak minded men………..women do not love men, women love resources.

    2. Spot-on.

      Sex outside of marriage, between a man and a woman, is in violation of the spiritual laws which God placed in both the natural and spiritual realms. So, to put in a another way, sin is the transgression of the law…God’s spiritual law (ref. I John 3:4).

      And sin by implication, since it’s an illegal act, gives legal grounds for evil spirits to enter.

      And if one is having dreams of a sexual nature…that’s not a good sign.

  17. “…individuals, who voluntarily participated in the online questionnaire..”

    Wut? Online questionnaire? Puuuuuhhhlease……this is a total waste of time!

  18. George Carlin once said, his “ED” went away after he left his wife and met a super hot Chiquita. Miraculously cured.

  19. Was this study conducted on people in valid committed marriages who are open to conceiving children? Or on unmarried fornicators, people in invalid marriages, adulterers, and contracepting married couples?
    That “sadness” you feel could be your conscience. Seriously. If these are people shacking up or living bad lives, it may be that they have a moment of horrible lucidity after the lust wears off. Just a thought, one that atheistic secularists would never have of course.
    It could also be that people have unrealistic ideas about coitus. It’s supposed to be a means to an end – creating a family. The joy is in the children and the love, not in the physical side of things. We are just so degraded as a culture that this has been lost.

  20. The problem with studies where they ask for volunteers for a depression study, a sex study, or a relationship study or what have you is that neurotic people are most likely to participate. This is not even close to a representative sample of the population. This is just some low paid researcher or graduate student trying to make a name for himself or herself.

  21. It is because some acts of sexual intercourse are sinful (fornication, intercourse, etc.) and after those acts some realize on a deep level that they have committed a mortal sin — the punishment for which is traditionally known as “eternal damnation,” which consists of eternal separation from God. Best to avoid it.

  22. Science is supposed to categorize results based on major affecting variables. Of course nothing here about which sex was in marriage or in affairs or one night stands are completely ignored. Hello? There is a thing called guilt.

  23. That’s because the 4 out of 10 realize it’s time to shower, get dressed and go home to their wives.

  24. When men have been preached to for decades that they are evil and that all sex is rape of the woman blah blah blah, I’m surprised that they are even sleeping with women at all. We should be thankful that this number is only 4 out of 10. The third-way sjw’s won’t be happy until its 10/10.

  25. You don’t have to look far…Sam Kinnison’s first appearance on the David Letterman show. Primal scream and all that.

  26. Just more internet rehashing of human behavior that’s gone on for thousands of years in golden anonymity.

  27. Those 4 guys are probably wondering what its going to cost them. Seriously, what is a fling or one night stand to guys is perceived differently by today’s entitlement queens. More women than not expect something in return afterwards, be it an emotional commitment or something material. There’s the possibility of pregnancy and indentured servitude for 18 years. Perhaps worst of all…a delayed accusation of sexual assault. #MGTOW

        1. Makes me sad, the division between men and women. I am sorry you and others have come to hate women. This won’t end well for humanity, but neither does government sanctioned infanticide.

          1. These guys don’t “hate” women. They’re involved in exploring themselves. I think its a temporary condition. But as an Asian-American immigrant, I can understand their choice. If women acted like U.S. women do where I come from they would be shunned, mocked.

          2. If more white women thought like you and had the strong cultural instincts you do then the division would not be so big. Thank you for being you. I know it must be difficult because I think most women will vilify you and women typically do not like being in that position. You seem like a tough gal made out of some good stuff. Hopefully there is a man in your life who appreciates you like me a stranger does. I’m not hitting on you by the way. I’m miserably married. 🙂 Hope you appreciate dark humor.

      1. Men going there own Way…………same as BACHELOR. Single life with maids and escorts IS sio much cheaper than a wife…………let em take care of themselves

    1. ROFL! I have been married 36 years so I say … Wait… can’t catch my breath, laughing too hard! ROFL! Can’t breath ugh!

  28. 4 in 10 realize that they will have to endure days of endless chin music, just for a few seconds of bliss, and realizing that in most cases its too high of a price to pay.

  29. Per the radio
    10% can claim an Imaginary Lover.
    10% say they like that tiny dancer in their hand.
    10% cut the small talk and just beat it.
    10% scream with a rebel yell, stroke me, stroke me.

    Which points out the obvious…
    40% Can’t always get what they want, Can’t get no satisfaction, or are obsessed with Don’t let me down!

  30. And the remaining 6 in 10 start thinking about the next babe about 2 minutes before his explosive dribble.

  31. These men should try too ugly and undesirable for anyone to want to have sex with just once. They’ll feel much better about themselves then.

  32. I love stories like this. That is when the true chauvinists come out.

    If you build it, they will come (sic).

  33. for me it all depends on how big of a hog she is. If a real hog I am very sad. Esp. if any of my friends saw me with her. If she is a media hog I usually feel fine.

  34. Inexplicable? The defense system that guards against the repressed emotional pain gets weakened after orgasm and hence, the deeper unresolved childhood feelings come up cause you’re vulnerable and no longer guarding against them.

  35. You cannot truly be happy or satisfied from sex when you do it with intention to fill some void in you, cause guess what, that void don’t go no where when the sex is over. Gotta deal with your childhood pain/imprints instead of repeating the addictive coping mechanisms.

  36. Most men feel very vulnerable after sex…largely because our society has taught them not to show their emotions.

  37. I felt like that way always until I found my significant other. Men have a drive to have sex but they may not like the women they have sex with and afterwards regret being so close actually inside of a person to whom they do not have a strong emotional attachment.

    The old fashioned way of first finding someone who you love and then having sex made a lot of sense.

    The first time I had sex with my current partner which was more than 40 years ago and I just wanted to be next to her afterwards I knew she was right for me.

    Men have feelings and sex is a spiritual act. It is not sports.

    1. Seriously, you are partly correct. But there are times in a man’s life when sport-f***ing chicks is what is needed.

    2. I think you’re one of the fortunate few. I don’t know many people who would say they’re with the person they really wanted.

  38. I have felt sad after sex, because the raging hormones influenced me to knock boots with some chicks that I shouldn’t have. In other words, the whiskey-goggles wore off!

    But I didn’t stay sad for long!

  39. Anybody done a “two bagger”?

    A two-bagger is a chick so ugly you put a paper bag over her head so you don’t have to look at her. then you put a bag over your head in case her’s falls off!

  40. Yeah sure…. Maybe they are thinking about the 80 bucks they spent on dinner?
    She wanted the Creme Brulee for dessert and now wants to know if her rear end looks big.

    1. You ALWAYS end up paying for poontang in one way or another. whether it’s dinner or having to listen to some Gaia patchouli libtard bullshat.

  41. are ya stupid or something? Have fathers not bothered to talk with their sons? Of COURSE that feeling happens! It passes…very quick depending on age and attractiveness of…hopefully their WIFE! Wow. Stupid article.

  42. Here is how to solve that problem: During high school the boys and girls are separated and each is taught about sexual health from a yogic perspective. When I was twenty I was given a book on yogic health for men. It taught me about how to channel my sexual energy into creative processes in stead of just ejaculating every time i felt horny. Being able to control ones sexual drive through a understanding of our bodies from the ancient perspective of yogic science can help people to not feel so empty after sex. And gives one an understanding about the creative force that we all have with in us. Yoga is not just about bending your body and being fit, it is a synergistic understanding of the physical and the subtle. In today’s fast paced material obsessed, sex focused world, giving the youth a sense of strength through the yogic sciences I think would stop this emptiness. Just a thought. A quick blurb on Kyria yoga from wikipedia: “The Kriya Yogi mentally directs his life energy to revolve, upward and downward, around the six spinal centers (medullary, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal plexuses) which correspond to the twelve astral signs of the zodiac, the symbolic Cosmic Man. One half-minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of man effects subtle progress in his evolution; that half-minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment.”

  43. it meant men had ‘Inexplicable Sadness’ after sex because they do not remember the last time they got lucky.

  44. He feels sad because he realized how bad he just fucked up his life. Women are leaches. They will suck the life out of you and leave your dried empty husk rotting in the sun. Wallet, I meant leave your dried empty wallet rotting in the sun.

  45. Gen. Jack D. Ripper had it figured out perfectly (see Dr. Strangelove, 1964). It ‘s the loss of essence that’s to blame. As Jack explained, ‘I don’t deny myself to women, Mandrake, but I will not let them have my essence’. Case closed.

  46. sleep……….if you just lost your virginity as a man………..maybe a bit let down. Otherwise, get up go home and make sure to thank her………..adios

  47. today we alphas are getting plenty of thousand cock stare femicunts realizing theres nothing else out there is certainly depressing. Id imagine once those cock carousel riders hit the wall mid thirties and bag a beta sucker to provide her a child and child support those betas also know the score and are pretty depressed at what they sense is coming after all they know they didnt get better with age. so whos the 60% probably the naive guys that havnt been hit with divorce papers yet and younger alphas who havnt yet lost their enthusiasm for the femisluts

  48. The male orgasm is the male period. He empties out all the best in himself, and all his spirit. He is then empty and depressed. It takes him days to recover himself. This should be obvious as the sun. And if men men were more self-aware (or honest) the stated number would be way above “4 in 10.”

  49. OF course they do! Their feminized angry bitter Liberal girlfriends emasculate them. Their wives do even more damage. Women are out of control, poisoned, brainwashed, they are Waaaaaaay out there on a limb. What if Men just say NO to you skank bitter hags? Take off your puzzy hats and BE A REAL WOMAN!

  50. They should have also included the results for married men versus those who are not. I’m betting those who are hooking up with women are a lot higher than those who are in committed relationships.

  51. I think I might be part of the 4-in-10 myself…but many, many tests will be required to determine the scientific outcome.

  52. This is hardly inexplicable. The cause is self evident given one portion of the human brain drives us to engage in coitus while an entirely different section of our brain, a more analytic and thoughtful portion, is oftentimes able to assert itself . . at least briefly . . following completion of the act. Not all sexual encounters are able to withstand such scrutiny with impunity.

  53. 4 in 10 men realize she was texting on her phone all along – after which she looks up and asks “Are you finished yet?”

  54. It’s depressing because she gave you what you want, now she feels free (even obliged) to bitch and nag again… that’s why sex is called “shoosh-time”.

  55. Here’s another possibility. People, male and female, have been so conditioned by TV shows, movies, commercials, magazine articles, etc., to believe sex is the be-all and the end-all of life, that there is an inevitable let down after the over-promised glory of sex. I would even go so far as to argue that we have lost our sexual identities–who we are as sexual beings–in the vast commercialization and politicization of our sexuality. There’s more to life than sex. I, for instance, have discovered model railroading.

  56. Men live for sex and right after sex marks the furthest away a man will be from having sex again. That’s sad.

  57. My wife was in a coma and the doctor says to me “if you have oral sex with her it might wake her up..I’ve seen it before” so I say “well if it will help the mother of my children then by god I will do it” I head into the room and come out 5 minutes later. Doc says “what’s wrong?” I say “its no good doc, she’s choking”

  58. “I first became aware of it, Mandrake, during the physical act of
    love…Yes, a profound sense of fatigue, a feeling of emptiness
    followed. Luckily, I was able to interpret these feelings correctly.
    Loss of essence. I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women,
    er, women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid
    women, Mandrake…but I do deny them my essence.”
    ~General Jack D. Ripper

  59. 4 in 10 can’t believe they were so desperate they just nailed the pig lying next to them.

  60. Because it probably wasn’t that good and they know from their experience how the woman will make them pay emotionally.

  61. Because they realize how much bitching they are going to have to endure until next month’s ration of one uninspired sex event.

  62. Could it be that too many women act like they are doing the man a favor by having sex? That’s very common, especially married women, and is not something that men ever do. After the lousy sex, the man says to himself “is that all there is?” and wishes he could escape. Also, if the man is married and the thrill is gone, the sex is pretty bad or at best pedestrian, and the man rightly feels terrible from being trapped, especially if he’s the main provider since he will get truly screwed over in a divorce. Of course a lot of women probably feel similar things. Frankly, I think marriage is an unnatural institution that has been used to strip men of their freedom and, in recent times, their masculinity. But there is some good news, since nowadays it is easy to find women, including “married” women, for sex. So why should a man get married and take on that emotional prison and the ridiculous financial burden of alimony when the divorce comes as it will in the vast majority of marriages?

  63. Men feel sad after sex because, once again, the experience didn’t meet his expectations and he’s STUCK with this woman who’s a dreadfully bad lover…as women from western industrialized (feminist) countries ALWAYS ARE…miserable in bed. So he’s miserable, too. And she won’t go away. BTW you don’t pay a prostitute for sex…you pay her to go away and never come back. In a post-feminist world, a man’s sex drive is a curse. Women just aren’t worth all the trouble.

  64. with aged sex strat to be more enjoy by women than by men
    so 4 out of 10 just realise “I SHOULD HAVE CHARGE HER!!!”

  65. Is this typical of Aussies?
    I have rarely seen such anger in a series of threads.
    maybe men are depressed when they realize, again, that the sex act doesn’t mean much when all they did was use the woman as a receptacle because they have no feelings for her. They just wasted their time with someone they barely know and don’t particularly want to get to know.
    That initial passion is an emotional deadend.
    Imagine how the womaan must feel when she realizes she has to, once again, thoroughly cleanse herself of this stranger for whom she has no feelings apart from a sated lust.

  66. Is this typical of Aussies?

    I have rarely seen such anger in a series of threads.

    maybe men are depressed when they realize, again, that the sex act doesn’t mean much when all they did was use the woman as a receptacle because they have no feelings for her. They just wasted their time with someone they barely know and don’t particularly want to get to know.

    That initial passion is an emotional deadend.

    Imagine how the womaan must feel when she realizes she has to, once again, thoroughly cleanse herself of this stranger for whom she has no feelings apart from a sated lust.

  67. If you love her out of bed as well as in bed, you will hold her closely all night. Not sad, but like a victory lap. It will be not dysphoria, but euphoria.

  68. I too sometimes feel bad after satisfying sex…thankfully there’s nobody else around to see it…

  69. Coyote Ugly is the unscientific name for the situation and nobody needed millions of dollars for the international study to know what it is all about.

  70. So this is why all those guys, other than Boris, are so grumpy! Every guy needs to find his Natasha and stay with her. Happy days (and nights) will be here again! MAGA!

  71. What age demographic did they poll? I’m guessing 18-35……These “new age” men are mostly emasculated sissies that don’t really identify as “men”…

  72. What’s to explain, maybe it just wasn’t very good. (Looks over shoulder and flinches) Oh, hi Honey, I was just telling my friends here stupidly)
    .I gotta go.

  73. My hunch is that those 4 men in 10, realized they just sinned, either by having sex when not married (fornication) or had sex with a woman other than their wife (adultery). After the sex, their conscience catches up to them. Post coital depression doesn’t affect men who have just gotten done having sex with their wife, as that is perfectly moral and ok to do.

  74. From Dr. Stangelove.

    Gen. Jack D. Ripper: “I can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist subversion, and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.”

    “I-I first became aware of it, Mandrake, during the physical act of love…Yes, a profound sense of fatigue, a feeling of emptiness followed. Luckily I-I was able to interpret these feelings correctly. Loss of essence. I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women, er, women sense my power, and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, Mandrake. But I do deny them my essence.”

  75. Best sex lasts all day long. Close out the world, spread out a blanket on the floor, some snacks, wine, pot (maybe, not much), music, take it easy, laugh, fun, play, anticipate…this may take hours all the way to time for bed, really. But then there’s always the ‘quichie’, but nothing after, think about it.

  76. ” 4 In 10 Men Have Experienced ‘Inexplicable Sadness’ After Sex”. There is nothing inexplicable about it. Those four are married and know they won’t get laid again for another month. Three of the other six are married too, but they have a little something on the side.

  77. Anyone who engages in meaningless, loveless sex will experience that. Sex was meant to have profound meaning for a couple.

    1. Then why do women bring it down so much after getting married? I won’t wait for your answer – even if you have one it will be unfulfilled, meaningless and a waste of time – which, ironically enough, defines your sex

      1. That seems pretty harsh…Barbara was just trying to make a valid point…I know plenty of people trapped in the bar scene…Never getting more than a one nighter out of it…Or trapped in loveless marriages…Just going thru the motions.

        Real love and great sex takes effort…Patience…Planning…And a little bit of hard work…But it’s worth it…IMHO.

          1. No thanks, I just had all my shots, don’t need to do it again. Is that the best ya got, boy?

        1. It was meant to be “harsh.” Our culture has weaponized sex.
          A wise man said, “Women have half the money and all the puzzy.”

          1. Ha….Good line!

            My wife is a homemaker….She cooks and cleans…I make the money…And so far….The sex is still great…

            18 years of marriage…And she’s still a fun loving little minx…Of course, she’s Latina and they tend to enjoy their sex and sensuality a bit more than most girls….Far fewer hangups about it…..IMO.

      2. Sad you apparently forgot how to arouse your spouse. Yelling “drop your draws” is hardly romantic.

        1. Ya, ok, junior, like you have any idea what happens in my life. No shut up before you say something even dumber

          1. I have no problem with my reality – you, junior, are the one who has issue with plenty more. But, hey, either put up or shut up, Hallie

    2. Says the gender who can get it any time she wants. When guys can walk into a club and get picked up as easily as you can, Barb, THEN we’ll talk, AKA, never.

  78. I have experienced that kind of depression after having sex with women I did not love. Sex without love is only a tiny bit better than masturbation. When I had sex with women I loved I felt a sense of elation, of “spiritual” happiness. I am not surprised that so many men (and women) feel unhappy after sex. Nowadays sex has become more important than love, and one can’t find happiness in a merely physical relationship. Add to that that often sex follows the use of drugs or alcohol, which further takes away from sex its sentimental component. It’s just copulating–made worse by the fact that it’s not even done to create a new life.

    1. Don’t forget to change your tampon before heading off to church to choke down some crackers and grape juice, cannibal

          1. I also know how to use commas, when appropriate. I see tax dollars were wasted on your education. 86? Well, given your banter here as a 12 year old, looks like granny loves still giving it out in her 70s…gum jobs rock

  79. We want it really bad. So bad we are wiling to put up with yappers,drink counters,whiners, and all sorts train wrecks so when the deed is done we often just want to GTFO ASAP.

  80. Gee….. I wonder why? DUH ! The only reason they feel that way after sex is that they are too unaware to realize that an orgasm without love and fidelity is as empty as masturbation. AND there is the crux. In fact I believe that having sex with a woman is essentially trying to make a pie out of Apples and Oranges. Men can get off is minutes, and women need as much as half an hour of four play to get them sufficiently aroused, as she believes it is the man’s responsibility to get her up and get her off.

    Do you look into your lovers eyes when you orgasm, or do you close your eyes and imagine something more appealing to you in the moment. The fantasy may get you to the finish line, but it is just as empty, and lacking in emotional fulfillment. So, the bottom rung of that ladder my friends is that if you feel that way after sex, then YOU ARE IN BED WITH THE WRONG PERSON OR THE WRONG SEX !

  81. With articles like this, and those showing every guy is capable of having his life destroyed over some regretful hag, it makes me want to buy stock in the companies making good quality sex robots. You had a great run, ladies, but your time is coming to an end as soon as they can program these robots to make a sandwich and get a beer to me

  82. Another junk psychology study – 50% of which can’t be repeated and are therefore meaningless. The men are probably depressed over the inevitable #metoo allegations to follow.

    1. Or sobered up, or realized that “hogging” isn’t as fun as his friends told him – or, my vote, all the above

  83. That’s cause we are freaking sad that it’s over and it’ll be a year for we get more. Women only like sex when they are dating a man, pre-marriage. After marriage it’s “we got the rest of our lives to do that.” At my age of 57 after a cancer bout and a heart attack bout I got nothing left anyway. But I sure as hell got tools and busting my asz around the house. Oh and there is that spider ???? killing thing. And someone has to drink the beer ????.

    1. Please. The only sex you’ve had is with your RealDoll. Eat some more fried chicken and just speed up the inevitable. Thanks!

  84. It’s an anxiety attack…He’s thinking about the STDs he’s likely picked up from the tramp…

  85. Did this study actually receive funding? This is a phenomenon so old that Galen already had a aphorism for it:
    Triste est omne animal post coitum
    Worse than the Trumpers, scientists too are getting dumber and dumber.

    1. Depends on who you wake up with in morning, I guess…I swear…She looked so good through the bottom of a beer glass.

      It can be a rude awakening, Chief.

        1. No…It was a clear cut case of rape.

          She forcefully jumped my bones when I was under duress….Or under her dress…Or whatever….;-)

  86. premarital sex is depressing because your conscience is telling you that you’re using someone without any commitment

  87. Taking a $50 pill to get an erection to have sex with a woman they aren’t attracted to makes guys sad.

  88. This is the consequence of sex without love. When a man loves a woman deeply and she agrees to sleep with him then you don’t get this after sex depression. Sex without love is empty. And the best sex is married sex because there is a deep spiritual bond, not just physical.

      1. .it certainly is a crock .clearly he’s never tagged a strange woman in the seat after a night of drunken revelry

  89. I wonder how numbers breakdown with men between their married partners and unmarried partners. It would be interesting to know if the feeling of disappointment or sadness is different between the groups. Does infidelity play a role in the negative feelings? Does the belief that they are somehow contradicting their moral understanding cause it? Or is it as common in marital sex as it is in unmarried sex?

    1. Well science shows that when fcuking your brain secrets hormones that leads to bonding. It’s the same hormone that women secrete during childbirth to bond them to the new child. So you blew that one big time.

  90. Sometimes it’s just that bad.

    “Did I hurt you? No. Well there for a second I thought you moved.”

  91. I suffer narcolepsy with cataplexy after having sex. Well, I don’t really “suffer,” I just sleep it off.

      1. Stay with me…..Just don’t be here in the morning when I wake up.

  92. After sex is when I feel most motivated to get up and get work done. My wife doesn’t mind that I let her get some sleep while I go get work done for a few hours afterwards. Did the study run into any of those kinds of guys?

  93. 4 in 10 men have been married 20+ years, and this was their annual romp, and, you know…meh.
    For me, I get immediately tired, roll over and snore.

  94. I must be one of the 6 in 10 who are satisfied and extremely happy after sex. Maybe it is because the worst sex I ever had was fantastic.

  95. I used to experience guilt and sadness after sex when, as a single man, I had sex with women I did not love. As a married man, I feel wonderful after making love with my wife.

  96. I view the opposite sex from a distance these days , i just cannot tolerate cuddling . I don’t have to deal with screaming in my ear due to PMS or just getting mauled for no reason whatsoever. I also get to take the garbage out whenever i damn well feel like taking it out .

    A true worry and stress free life.

  97. “I don’t want to be touched and want to be left alone”

    Interpreting that as sadness is pseudoscience at its abominable worst. Typical case of arbitrary metrics leading to confirmation bias.

  98. Soy boy cucks who are most likely MILLENNIALS is what the headline should read. Liberal men are beta male losers who listen to feminist and think everything they do is bad to women.

    1. Friends? They were my little clones and I just them off into dank smelly darkness to die! Better than death by sock, wait? What?

  99. This happens to me every time I’ve had sex . it’s a feeling of guilt or depression that lasts about 10 ,minutes then goes away, strange…

  100. likely a result of realizing that the 5 second orgasm totally wasn’t worth the effort put in to achieve it..

    hoodwinked by the person’s inability to say “NO” to their lizard brain self..

  101. Fact is, women aren’t worth it today.

    Where have all the good women gone?
    Most today are just shills. No thanks.

  102. It’s probably that the men realized that they were blinded by the desire for sex and after the fact realize they did it with a whale.

  103. It is not a shock. The reality is that 4 in 10 men find out that it took them less than 60 seconds to figure out that they are not in fact, as good as the porn star they thought they were……lol

  104. That’s because shelling out that $500 (or $20) as the case may be, really sucks! Buyer’s remorse don’tcha know.

  105. Too much plastic in the food supply. Men are becoming weak and emotional. It is that or the survey included a disproportionate number of liberals.

  106. Yes, that is pretty much the proverbial nail on the head. You realize that you are locked in a relationship with virtually to escape. If you say how you really feel, are you prepared to fall on your sword or do you let the sword above your head fall. You have sex because it is your duty to have sex. No real motivation to go have sex because you feel horny. Trapped in a real hell. You might even be blaming yourself as you could be in a prison of your own creation. You should have walked away when you had numerous opportunities, but you were trying to prove something and the only thing which you proved was that you were after a reflection instead of the real deal. The reflection is there to haunt you day and day out.

  107. Not inexplicable. It’s just a come down from all the dopamine and good stuff your brain releases during the act.

    The other 6/10 just fall asleep.

  108. That’s because the men suddenly realize that as soon as you stick your willy in them, they think they own you. And sometimes, they do.

  109. The 4 in 10 just realized they opened themselves up to “rape” and “sexual harassment” accusations 30 years in the future.

  110. Well hell, you’re sad because it’s over and you don’t when you’ll be getting some more. Could be a long, long time if you’re married to my wife.

  111. I’ve seen Australian women and God knows heard them… I’m surprised the number is so low.

  112. It’s more than 2 in 5 if one in five reported it on the last month.
    It means you probably didn’t wanted to have sex but pushed yourself through it anyway, or it means you have bottled up chronic depression.
    You know the “I don’t want it right now but I can’t waste the opportunity”?
    That’s a recipe for this.
    And then there’s bottled up depression, orgasms can be great uninhibitors, so can intimacy, considering the under diagnose of men when it comes to depression this should be great contributor.

  113. Well, DUH.. If it’s just sex for “sex” then the meaninglessness is going to cause a vacant sadness…DUH

  114. Is this really a poll about single men or married men? Not only that, it’s a study from Australia. Give me a break. Headline grabbing garbage. I would say it’s fake news, but pinch sulzberger, from the new york times, asked that his fake news not be confused with other fake news. Seems there is a lot of competition among fake news outlets. Ho hum.

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