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  1. George Mattson says:
    07/18/2023 at 2:03 AM

    I have developed a later in life sensitivity to gluten; 3 years ago, this was extended to corn protein.
    In 2012, the Cleveland Clinic published a study on MDX and its presence in our processed foods.
    Everything labeled sugar is NOT cane or beet sugar. It is a corn derivative, The corn protein is not removed. My small intestine sees it as an allergen and this affects the GI tract. I have yet to eat a “sugar” labeled product without gastric impact. My gut tells me that “you had a corn derivative”.
    The Canadian government requires more specific ingredient labeling. The FDA allows MDX or similar corn derivatives to be used as “sugar”. This has contributed to an explosion of Crohn’s disease over the past several decades, caused by adherent invasive EColi bacteria. A HUGE thank you to Shyla Cadogan for her article.


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