TikTok rabbit hole: 45% of adults admit regularly watching ‘oddly satisfying’ videos online

NEW YORK — Two-thirds of Americans would rather scroll through #CleanTok than actually clean their own house. That’s according to a recent survey of 2,000 U.S. residents, which reports that 64 percent of respondents enjoy watching others clean more than doing it themselves.

That may sound bizarre, but it turns out 45 percent of folks admit to watching “oddly satisfying” videos on a weekly basis. Cooking and baking (42%), deep cleaning (41%), and organizing (40%) are popular picks, more so than videos intended to cause ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian responses (32%).

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Stanley Steemer, the survey also found that seven in 10 feel like a new person after cleaning their home. Those polled were most excited by the prospect of seeing (48%) and smelling (42%) the results of their cleaning efforts.

Almost half the poll (47%) will even brag after cleaning the inside of their home, while over two in five (45%) will brag about cleaning their home’s exterior. Nearly three in five also admit they’ll sometimes intentionally make something messy so it’s more satisfying when they clean it.

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Is it ever clean enough?

For nearly two in three people (65%), they’ll never get their home as clean as they actually want it to be. Those who’ve moved in the past year tend to be more frustrated about not getting their home as clean as they’d want it compared to those who last moved over a decade ago (79% vs. 50%).

Moreover, 57 percent don’t trust themselves to clean properly. Respondents revealed certain areas of their home which they clean less frequently than others, including windows (30%), the back of the TV (30%), and underneath the furniture (29%).

That may be why more than half of those polled worry that things aren’t clean even when they look like they are.

“Cleaning can be a rewarding process, as many have discovered, but the amount of dirt left behind during regular cleanings can be surprising,” says a spokesperson for Stanley Steemer in a statement.

When it comes to deep cleaning, half of those who moved into a new home over a decade ago believe they do a better job cleaning than others, including professionals. While 37 percent cite the bathroom as the more satisfying room to regularly clean, “deep” cleaning proved to be another story — one where the bedroom reigned supreme (30%).

“People often worry about missing nooks and crannies, but more importantly, living in a truly clean and healthy space,” the spokesperson adds. “Your local cleaning expert can help ensure your home looks good and is healthy for the whole family.”

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