NEW YORK — The type of beer you drink may reveal more about you than you might believe. A survey of 1,000 beer drinkers found that certain personality types and hobbies appear to be associated with different types of beer.

The research, commissioned by Founders Brewing Company, focused on two popular types of beer: lagers and ales. Lagers are usually lighter and less hoppy, while ales are a bit more bitter with fuller, heavier bodies.

The survey showed that lager drinkers tend to be more extroverted and go out with friends on a typical Saturday night. So it’s no surprise that this group was also found to embrace meeting and interacting with new people more than others.

Ale drinkers were found to be bigger flirts, and they feed off of being the life of the party. Yet an ideal night for this group would, surprisingly, consist of them simply staying in, relaxing on the couch and enjoying a documentary on Netflix, or reading a good book. A preference for ale also showed a preference for the arts over sports.

Lager drinkers, meanwhile, were found to have higher stress levels and spend more time worrying about the future. That could be why they place a strong emphasis on hard work and value showing up to their job on time compared to those who love ales.

That said, it’s not that ale drinkers aren’t into their careers. After all, they were more likely to say they’re satisfied with their job. They’re also more prone to feeling like they’re leading a happier, fulfilling life overall. Yet despite their more easy-going nature, ale-heads were found to be more easily frustrated and intimidated than their lager counterparts in the study.

One’s beer preference also tied into their pet preference. Lager lovers were more likely to have a dog, while ale drinkers showed a link to loving cats.

Some other findings: Lager drinkers tended to have a lower salary (about $38,000) on average than those who prefer ale (about $41,000). They also enjoy action, thriller, or adventure movies, whereas ale drinkers enjoy romance, animation or documentaries.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll in December 2018, also found the perfect time of day and week to drink a beer after aggregating responses from participants: 6:31 p.m. on a Friday.

So, if you agree that the descriptions match up with you based on your favorite beer, then all we can say is… Cheers!

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