Don’t look up: ‘Astonishing number’ of viruses float down on us from the sky


VANCOUVER — This study will make you think twice about stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. A team of scientists from around the world confirmed millions of viruses rising into the atmosphere, traveling — sometimes for thousands of miles — and falling back down to the surface.

The study, carried out by researchers from the U.S., Canada, and Spain, is the first of its kind to confirm viruses are being swept up into the free troposphere — the layer of atmosphere between the area where Earth’s weather systems develop — and below the stratosphere, where airplanes fly.

New York City
“Fresh air” may not be so fresh after all. A new study finds that millions of viruses and bacteria are swept into the atmosphere and travel long distances before eventually falling back down to earth.

The numbers are “astonishing” the researchers say, but remember, a virus is a tiny particle, little more than a strand of DNA and a mechanism for attaching to organic matter.

“Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square metre above the planetary boundary layer — that’s 25 viruses for each person in Canada,” says University of British Columbia virologist Curtis Suttle, lead author of the study, in a media release.

Scientists have been finding genetically similar viruses in disparate parts of the planet.

“Roughly 20 years ago we began finding genetically similar viruses occurring in very different environments around the globe,” says Suttle. “This preponderance of long-residence viruses travelling the atmosphere likely explains why—it’s quite conceivable to have a virus swept up into the atmosphere on one continent and deposited on another.”

Suttle and his team found that viruses and bacteria are often swept up into the atmosphere by attaching themselves to particles in soil dust and sea spray. The researchers used platforms in Spain’s Sierra Nevada Mountains to detect how many viruses and bacteria were settling there every day. They found billions of viruses and tens of millions of bacteria being deposited there per square meter every day.

“Bacteria and viruses are typically deposited back to Earth via rain events and Saharan dust intrusions. However, the rain was less efficient removing viruses from the atmosphere,” adds study author Isabel Reche, a microbial ecologist from the University of Granada.

The full study was published in International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal.


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        1. I don’t know any conservative that are under 20 that believes in chemtrails. The young are not yet rounded rationally. They still get scared by scary movies. But I know a lot of liberals that believe this mythic conspiracy. Same goes for DARPA changing the weather etc.

          1. I am watching three planes in the sky right now. The trails finger out like angel hair. By afternoon this sky will be totally WHITE… again. The sun will behind a vellum cloud of particulate. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power.Look up.

          2. How do the perpetrators of chem-trails prevent being affected by the chemicals themselves? Maybe the chemicals are blocked by their tinfoil hats?

          3. They are not protected but have the means to perhaps filter the air in their home, pay for premier healthcare, etc. Anyway, you are wildly ignorant and close minded. You can look up the patents, read the U.N. plans, etc. It’s all out in the open. is a great resource. Good luck,

          4. Spraying from a high altitude airplane is probably the least efficient way to distribute anything over a wide area. Why not just put it in the water supply?
            Uh oh, wait a minute…(grabs water from my high filtration water supply)…OK, we were saying?

          5. Why do you use a water filtration system? Why don’t you just drink from the tap? What are you afraid of?

        2. It’s why more informed and educated people never vaccinate, too. This crap is all designed to harm and kill – another part of the nwo/globalist plan. Read UN Agenda 21 for starters…

          1. Your kids are infected with diseases, animal juice, and toxins.
            You need to stay away from our healthy kids.

          2. ….so I suppose your kids are free of diseases, sicknesses and infections, and will live forever! Derf, another neo-hippie.

          3. And they are free from fear. Nutritional supplements make them healthy. Natural way is better than the Doctor Frankenstein way.

          4. You should ask for the insert that comes with the vaccine and read it.
            Look at all the side effects from them. Now that is the smart thing to do.
            Don’t worry though the government setup a Vaccine Injury Court for you to go to, if needed.

          5. I find it telling that this article attracts both the anti-vaccine AND the chemtrail nutjobs.

          6. The tomato is a fruit…. and so are you… or are you a Big Pharma plant??? We think so !!

          7. im a nice guy, so you can have all my vacines since you love them so much…. what can i say? im selfless…

          8. Chemtrail nutjobs? Why don’t you look up for starters then after you see that go research Geo engineering and even look up some patients, after that look up soil and snow test results, then after that look up the vaccine insert

          9. Just for the chem-trail people…Ask yourself how many people does it take to produce, distribute, load and disperse all the “chemicals” from all the airplanes around the world? Do you think all the thousands of people and millions of square feet of manufacturing space are unnoticed by the rest of us? Wait a minute…maybe this all takes place in that “inside earth” area I’ve been reading about lately??

            You do realize that ALL airplanes produce condensation why they fly at high altitude? It “hangs around” up there just like a cloud does because they are one and the same. Con-trails have been around since high-altitude manned flight became common. Do you also think the “gub-mint” began spraying us with chemicals way back then?

            Can’t you imagine any better way to perform whatever these “chem-trails” are supposed to perform than by random spraying? How do the perpetrators prevent being affected by the chemicals themselves? Maybe the chemicals are blocked by their tinfoil hats?

          10. Well-versed in Alinsky arguments, I see. Now put down “Rules for Radicals”, go outside, and LOOK UP.

          11. Nothing I said applies to Saul Alinsky or his acolytes.

            I merely pointed out, using common sense, that the infrastructure to produce some type of “mystery solution”, whether to affect global warming or conduct mind control, would be impossible to go unnoticed.

            Have you ever seen anyone pumping some strange chemical into an airplane? (That blue stuff has a definite and very specific usage!) How many people does it take to distribute that much chemical around the world, yet none of these people know they are involved in some nefarious act? Or are they all so well paid by George Soros and his New World Order that they would gladly do such acts to their neighbors, their own children and parents, and everyone else, INCLUDING THEMSELVES??

            Talk about opening your eyes…open your mind and think for yourself for a change.

          12. How many people did it take to sell Uranium to Russia? How many people did it take to create a bs story about trump hiring prostitutes to pee on obamas bed? How many people did it take to spam that garbage all over the television and internet to try to steal the election from him and then try to push for impeachment under phony pretenses? How many people did it take to hire protestors to throw riots and attack people and ensure that any such violence happens only where bought off police officers were?

            How many people did it take to run a dizzyingly tremendous global child sex trafficking network? And before you call that that a ‘conspiracy theory’ how many massive pedophile arrests were conducted since Trump got in?

            Eventually you will see that none of this crap is an exaggeration in the slightest. They are letting the truth come out slowly, starting with the corruption that was taking place. When the REAL crimes start getting admitted to/proven in an undeniable way, the general public that has been calling everyone trying to warn them crazy conspiracy theorists are going to be in for one really rude awakening.

          13. You are answering you own questions and validating my point.
            These events you point out are all well-known, even if we don’t know the exact number of people involved.
            Air spraying of chemicals by commercial airplane is not at all proven. It is merely a conspiracy theory spouted by people with nothing better to do than test the gullibility of others.
            Here’s another thought…if somebody (NWO? Bilderbergers? Masons?) wanted to spray chemicals in the air for some nefarious reason, don’t you think they could find a method that wouldn’t leave any visible trace so as to go unnoticed? We certainly have better technology that could do this, I’m certain. But no…they leave giant trails of white stuff that gullible people are more than ready to believe are chemicals.
            Maybe you could go to the airport and find even one person that fills a mysterious tank on commercial aircraft with some strange chemical from an unmarked canister?

          14. Chemtrails: Contrails: Having flown 1,000’s of miles (USAF, private) contrails are mostly water vapor from the burning of jet fuel, which is mostly kerosene. Those contrails do not stream miles behind a plane. Prop driven aircraft use avgas and produce a smaller contrail. Neither of these produce what is seen in the skies now.The chemtrails are “to reflect the Sun’s rays back to slow Global warming” one of the ingredients is an aluminum waste product, for reflective use. Others are to keep the cloud suspended . You won’t see any one filling these planes, not at a public airport. An aside, Denmark has had real push back against chemtrails, so it isn’t just us. If you look, at times, you will see jets in the air at the same time. One may have a small trail,quickly disappearing. The other is putting out heavy trails that linger. The U.N. has Agenda 21(which now has been changed to another name) It is a template for control of the worlds population. H.W. Bush signed on to this in Rio back in 1998. Research this, it’s out there. P.S. my wife didn’t write this. TW

          15. If anything out of the ordinary happens in government in this day and age everyone says it’s a “conspiracy theory.” That’s what they hide behind.

          16. Its not random! They block out the sun on an almost daily basis? Usually at dawn or dusk, but sometimes all day. To combat Global warming? You can honestly look at this picture and not think they arent sparying for an unknown reason? The sky didnt look like that when I was a kid! And that was after your high altitude flying was in existence. Why do some planes trails disappear and others remain on the same day, same altitude, same direction?


          17. Just took a picture like this as well. Going to have to start a civil air patrol to keep these types of aircraft out of OUR skies!

          18. Lenny, the sky DID look like that when you were a kid; You simply weren’t paying attention. The sky looked like that when your parents were kids, too. They’ve been looking like that since propeller powered aircraft were flying at high altitudes above 25k feet. And that’s what makes you a mindless dolt. Sad, really.

          19. Wow, nore insults. Well looking at photos from when i was a kid, late 70’s 80-90’s I see none. NONE! Now you see them on tv shows, movies, and more recent photos from about 99 on. So spout your false info and by the way writing in bold font doesnt futher your lies, just shows who the dolt is. And youve been alive since propeller planes were in the sky? Give it up bro. And save your name calling and insults, they do nothing to promote the BS you tell. Have a great weekend!

          20. I’m considered an old fart and lived in what would be considered “the country” while growing up.
            Yes, I saw contrails as a kid and as I grew up and studied science, I understood how they are formed.

          21. I was wondering the same thing… The higher altitude spraying seems to dissipate but leaves a light baby blue. Lower altitude spraying– I have photos where the planes are so low you can see the whole fueseloge up close– then the sky is completely blotted. Notice a mist is hanging at ground level all the time, visibility poor. This mist is everpresent at ground level.

          22. If you really look you can see a fine mist up there almost everyday. Check out Mike Decker on u tube. He has some cool videos with real close up shots of the poison they are spraying. I watch the sky daily and take pics of the funky clouds and crazy “sun dogs” we get now with colors ive never seen before.

          23. it is not a secret…they openly talk about doing it…why can you not accept that? do you not accept the fact that Fukushima has been spewing radiation into the Pacific for 7 years now…and the situation is worse than ever …and NO ONE ever talks about it!!!! Wake UP!!!!!!!

          24. look up david keith at harvard…and their geoengineering program…it is not a conspiracy…you are very out of touch with reality.

          25. As long as you don’t mind your kids having measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and meningitis among other things, then you should feel free to do whatever you like. But if you’re relying on the vaccines of other children you should re-think your position because that’s not working very well anymore. Pretty much all of the vaccinatable diseases are on the rise.

          26. Vaccines a fraud. They don’t work.
            My friend vaccinated their baby girl. She is 21 years old now and still in diapers drooling from the mouth.

          27. If you don’t mind your children contracting the diseases, by all means do what you like. People who rely on the vaccinations of others for their protection are irresponsible and delusional. It is impossible to know how many are vaccinated and many immigrants have no vaccines at all, many from other parts of the world are carriers or actually sick & bring these long irradicated diseases directly to your child.

          28. No one can come to the USA without a ton of vaccines. Immigration just will not let them in. Plus they require a medical examination.
            You are the delusional one.

          29. They’re coming in illegally! They’re not following the rules and getting a” ton of vaccines”! Nobody from government even knows they’re here, nor do they know who they are, where they are, or how many there are! How could your mind possibly be so warped as to be unable to understand that immigrants may have vaccines (although I doubt that is indeed a requirement even for legal immigration) but illegal alien invaders don’t even know they’re supposed to have vaccines, they don’t have vaccines!

          30. Intelligent huh? Who is Dr William Thompson quick don’t Google it just show me how informed you are

          31. Vitamins are a conspiracy theory, your body doesn’t use them eat chemical nuggets instead…then you can also enjoy a carefree life and deny planes are spraying something even though it’s in the sky hovering all day bigger than Dallas

          32. Why? Are you scared my unvaccinated child will get your vaccinated child sick… even though your child is vaccinated? Things that make you go hmmm..

          33. Your little turd has already been exposed to a weakened virus in which the immune system is basically brought up with baby gloves so when a mutated version does infect, it will get overwhelmed and the reason for the mutations are the over use of antibiotics. But you do what you want, just stop trying to force others to put something in their body that won’t even stop it by your own admission

          34. Not to mention if my child caught a mutated strand the vaccine wouldn’t have helped anyway.

          35. As a doctor I would never inject my kids nor anyone else’s unless they were ISIS, with the aborted fetal tissue and neurotoxins contained in the vaccines. You have to be either ignorant of their contents, ignorant of the vaccine jury fund, ignorant of the damage so many parents and doctors and scientists have reported, or…….just plain STOOOPID.

          36. Common sense eludes these trolls nlinded by what big brother has taught them on the news and in their schools! Sad!

          37. Let’s hope your children don’t come in contact with illegals now infesting schools in border states. Those kids aren’t vaccinated either and are disease carriers. Oooops.

          38. You ”has better” change that grammar before one of those dummycrats jumps all over you for being dumb! (For the record; I agree with you.)

          39. Let’s hope your child doesn’t go in to convulsions as the brain begins to bleed after a round of vaccines, it happens more often than you think, Reagan instituted the private vaccine courts

          40. Never have heard of that happening to anyone.Parents should be thrown in prison for making their kids unvaccinated. They are a major health hazard.

          41. My child had heart failure, on the pediatricians table when she received her MMR vaccination. She had to have emergency pacemaker surgery.

          42. Change your name to
            Mr knownothing, btw the parents that do vaccinate and their child goes in to convulsions and the brain starts bleeding are the suspect of child abuse and are sometimes accused in court of beating their child because of the brain bleeding.

          43. If you knew the truth you would soon recognize the profound ignorance of your remark. AIDS began in the Congo with the SV-40 virus hidden inside the polio vaccine produced by Dr, Robert Gallo and his team fulfilling a contract with US Government and Litton Bionetics. Weaponizing viruses for warfare. But you go ahead and stick all the poison you want to in your arm but don’t ever try to force me to do the same. Fair warning to you and your ilk.

          44. Wasted mercy is saying that God gave us an immune system, so we really don’t need vaccines with toxic metal substances…..I think, am I right?

          45. And herbs to cure naturally. God didn’t say, so glad Big Pharma is here with the synthetic drugs…that’s what the body is really made for. LOL

          46. And the eugenicists that run NAZI NASA know how to destroy our immune systems with high altitude aerosol nano particles of barium, strodium and aluminum oxide sprayed from jets around the clock and around the globe. De-population agenda is in high gear. Too difficult to control 7 million. It is a lot easier to just kill them or so says Mika Brezensky’s daddy Zibigniew. The truth of the goals of the Illuminati NWO scum is on display for all to see at the Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia.

          47. White so-called “privilege” is mass immigration, “diversity”, open borders forced on All & Only white populations.

            Diversity is mandated ONLY wherever white people live.

            It means CHASING DOWN whites

            Its Geno Cide
            Its Anti White

          48. Diversity destroys Democratic
            Republics like OURS.
            WAKE UP
            You are witness to it.
            Radicalism in the defense of
            LIBERTY is no Vice.
            Founders gave US a Republic and
            challenged US to hold onto it.
            Designed to work when placed
            over a Society of Like Morals
            and Basic Beliefs, as per
            Benjamin Franklin.

          49. South Africa is on the verge of a white genocide right now. Why no reporting from the Jewopoly media?

          50. Double barreled shotgun.
            We can pretty much agree that
            DEMDIRTYRATS expose themselves to this far more than
            WE THE PEOPLE.
            So logically WE should quaranteen
            The Coastals and Plantations,
            sealing them off from
            THE MAJORITY.
            They know the SHATHOLES that they live in and around.
            They see the ‘HOLES every day
            and expect BIG GUBMINT will
            rescue them.
            Meanwhile BIG GUBMINT
            Officials PROFIT from High
            Taxes and Corruption that
            they will NEVER abandon.

          51. you should be more afraid of the ingredients in vaccines…not other humans….and you should be even more afraid of your government, they are the ones allowing the mayhem.

          52. Speak out about government corruption and get suicided by shooting yourself twice in the head as did Gary Webb author of Dark Alliance.

          53. Unvaccinated children pose dangers other than spreading diseases: paranoid mommies and daddies, arrogant, pushy, judgmental attitudes, callous disregard for anyone but themselves.

          54. I loved your last line especially since you are the one suggesting giving shots that have been shown to cause brain bleeding on the bases if I don’t I’m putting you in harms way

          55. Pushy? You mean like saying if I don’t I pose a threat? Arrogant, judgmental? Calling someone arrogant right before calling them judgmental is classic also. Try not to confuse being informed with being arrogant.

          56. Yea that is why the Amish have virtually no autism. EPA says 5 mcg max Mercury exposure. Flu shots 25 mcg

          57. you have in backwards…just because you refuse to deprogram your brain from the lies and propaganda…doesn’t mean you know jack about jack. you just think you do.

          58. Hell yea Im scared of your unvaxed toxic ridden kid bringing meningitis, polio and other infectious diseases around my kid.

          59. Don’t make them think – they will injure themselves. Oh, and Winter Tomato? Vaccinated kids are still catching illnesses they were vaccinated for and are MORE likely to be carriers. Oooops.

          60. Thanks for the regards but they’re in their late teens and are thriving and healthy.

          61. If your kids are vaxxed, why are you worried so much and don’t want them around. I mean they are protected and can’t catch anything. Or do you not trust the crap that has been injected into them?

          62. Take a look what’s happening in TX and CA where there are oodles of illegals enrolled in the schools. The old diseases we thought were vanquished are making a return because of the unvaccinated foreigner kids. Those kids are infecting American kids whose parents refused to vaccinate them. That’s child abuse.

          63. And that is why the border needs to be shut complete. We had those wiped out, but now it returns and yes, those that are not vaxxed do run the risk. The risk has to be weighed against the odds of the problems with the vaccines like autism, and or death. The problem is the way they give the vaccines. Decades back it was 1 in 10,000 that would become autistic, now that number has dropped to about 1 in 50. But don’t let that deter the needles. Each vaccine needs to be separate and at different yrs of age. But what gets me is the ones that shout about having a kid not vaxxed in school with a class where all are. That unvaxxed child should be no threat to those that are. Yes, there can be mutations, and that can come from anywhere, not just an unvaxxed child. I was never vaxxed against measles or mumphs. And I was exposed to each as a child and never caught either. Only thing I had was the chickenpox virus. There are articles out there that tell about the polio vaccine that was given out in the 50’s and 60’s that was contaminated with a cancer virus due to it’s production method. Look it up. I am in that age group and am fighting cancer as well as a lot of people my age, and the numbers are growing. Oh, and of course they knew it was contaminated but used it anyway.
            And think about this, when was the last time any virus or disease was wiped out? We have advanced so far in medicine, but yet nothing has been wiped out since polio. No cures or vaccines for anything that completely eradicates it from society.

          64. Go rent or somehow watch the documentary named “Vaxxed”. That is where that came from. Even shows where two of the doctors on that doctor show in the afternoon changed their decisions on the vaccines. You get educated, and quit living in ignorance.

          65. Of which the origin of the infestation lies directly at the feet of the Liberal Democrats since they insist on allowing illegal immigration to happen no matter what the cost. I think we should start prosecution there.

          66. IT’s government abuse of power. Those foreign children should not be in the schools in the first place…

          67. They used to “delouse” invaders from turd world nations. Now the liberal wackos welcome them to America with a big fat kiss on the lips.

          68. Theres a polio like virus spreading among unvaxed kids as we speak. Not to mention an unvaxed girl down the street from us got spinal meningitous and almost died. I new the head nurse that worked on her and doctors were saying she got it from being unvaccinated.

          69. there are all kinds of new ailments going around…we are being bombarded in a million different ways with full approval by the government…do you actually think they give a hoot about you. PLEASE tell me you are not that naive!!!!

          70. i live in a town with mostly mexicans…you are full of crap. no one here is any sicker than anywhere else…you are too busy listening to mainstream propaganda to have a clue about the truth.

          71. Actually, they’re infecting even the vaccinated kids because the vaccine doesn’t work.

          72. Sounds like you don’t have much faith in your heavy metal laden miracle vaccines.

          73. Should you have a concern if your children are indeed vaccinated, and therefore, theoretically immune?

          74. If your kid is vaccinated then your good moron! That’s what the vaccine is for, isn’t it or are you admitting vaccinated kids can still get what they were vaccinated for? You worship at the alter of authority and take whatever they tell you as truth! You are the problem.

          75. Easy peasy! You kid is going to catch it anyway! Besides, they’ll be so lonely being at home alone suffering from the side effects!!!!

            Question: …put on your thinking cap! You get your child vaccinated so they won’t catch the disease, right? Then what’s the problem? That’s the reason for the vaccine, right? THINK….or put the pipe down!

          76. You mean your kid that got vaccinated and is autistic or has Downs or mental retardation from the mercury injected into them.

          77. Yeah, the school district will put illegal immigrant children next to yours and get them sick. Remember they do not have to vaccinate. Stupid idiot liberals lose again.

          78. So I suppose all the ppl coming down with the flu are un-vaccinated? And the re-emergence of flu among areas of the country already hit is happening because people refused flu vaccine? I have news for you Spunky, the flu vaccine you allow your kids to get isn’t effective against N3H2, and additionally it is mutating after infection so this flu leaves a host as a completely different strain from that which entered.

          79. For starters, maybe you should do a little more research before accusing someone else of being dopey…..the movie VAXXED…Dr. Suzanne Humphrey and countless molecular biologists and family doctors and whistle blowers will gladly explain why almost no one at the CDC gets the flu shot…and most medical personnel would never get the flu shot if not mandated by law……not to mention the ever increasing mountain of vaccines given to babies on a rigorous schedule, and the long term consequences of that.

          80. Like your name suggests- just rather mealy, tasteless and not as good as those exposed to the light.

          81. The flu vaccine may be at least 10% effective so how do you have any confidence that your children are protected? What if you in fact are harming your children? Live cancer virus has been found in vaccine. Google it!

          82. That’s fine as long as you understand that you unvaccinated kids will likely come down with many of the diseases they are not vaccinated for. I talked to a well informed and enthusiastic anti-vaxxer after I had my first child and was skeptical about vaccinating her. I wanted her to be healthy and happy and not to have chemicals and viruses pumped into her body with needles stuck in her skin. This man told me how disease after disease that his children contracted “wasn’t that bad” (he, himself had been vaccinated) and then I met his teenage son, he bore the physical scars of the diseases he had suffered and mild brain damage from a particularly serious bout with pertussis. My decision was made, at our next doctor appointment I started my own daughter, slowly into the vaccine process. We did them later than other kids and actually she actually didn’t have as many injections because she was older. Today at 17 she is very healthy, smart, driven, successful and bears small scars from her mistakes not mine.

            Whooping Cough (pertussis) is a horrible disease, my family had a mutated version that was tempered by our previous vaccinations to be a “mild case”, none of us had to be hospitalized, it can cause permanent brain damage if you get a full blown case, recovery of our mild variant was three months and each of us welcomed death in the thick of the illness. Rubella is supposedly “not that bad” unless your daughter happens to be pregnant when she gets it, then your grandchildren will pay the price in birth defects, Measles kills 1 in 500 people infected, one in ten children under 5 will develop an ear infection that leads to permanent deafness, one in 20 will develop pneumonia. Polio leaves children permanently disfigured, I know a man who had polio when he was 3, he still struggles every day to lead a normal life. Heck, kids die from chicken pox every year. 10 times as many people died from mumps in the 2010’s than in the 2000’s because of the anti-vaxx crowd and unvaccinated illegal immigrants from Mexico and other nations.

            I say if you don’t mind your kids suffering these preventable diseases, that’s fine but don’t rely on the vaccinations of others to protect your kids, that’s just not working anymore.

          83. …and you forgot sterilize!!!! I grew up when fertility clinics were practically unheard of…not anymore!

          84. I don’t buy all the vaccinations today, but I am damned glad I got the polio vaccine. (Even if it did contain monkey virus way back them). I DO like bananas.

        3. Geoengineering? weather modification? Solar radiation mgt? is that why Al gore admitted to these experiments on the Ellen show? or Climate scientist david keith on steven Colbert show? look for yourself. SINCE YOU KNOW IT ALL

        4. Really? Look up! Planes flying over leaving no trails, at the exact same time as planes leaving thick trails. Trails that stop mid-flight and the plane flies on. Look up and use your brain.

        5. Some still fall victim to guilt and self-loathing. Birds are often vectors and this proves that theory. There is yet another theory about panspermia. I honestly believe the next killer comet need not hit the planet to kill us. It only needs to get close or be in our path.

        6. it doesn’t matter the party…these are scary times, humans need to stand together…the genocide is happening to all of us!!

        7. I’m a lifelong Conservative. I think it’s the Liberals who are gullible. And if you do not think the Chem Trail program is real then you just haven’t been paying attention.

      1. Right wing, left wing. Neither wing is spray. It’s uneducated people wanting to believe in something that is not.

        1. Again not a liberal, but judging by your kid like response you must have the same IQ as one. Come at people with something other than a fact less, immature, uneducated response and maybe youll have a wife one day.

          1. Wow again another witty response. Anyway i have a life, so off to enjoy my weekend. Enjoy selling movie tickets to your peers, little boy!

          2. Oh? Your mama giving another performance tonight? Sure, I’ll help you with the tickets son.

          3. You’re right. I was wrong. I mistook you for a leftwingnut. I’m sorry. I took down the offensive comments I made after reading your previous posts and realizing you are not a leftwingnutjob at all. My apologies and I hope you have a great weekend.

    1. You do realize that jet fuel burns in the engine around 2,700F degrees? Tell me…how does anything survive that intense heat? The cloud left behind is simply the heated air cooling and condensing moisture. Much like when you step outside and it’s -20F degrees and you exhale. You breathe out more germs than a jet engine could ever possibly create.

      1. I can’t believe how people are so gullible as to be taken in by the “chemtrail” nonsense. Hey goofballs, it’s condensed water vapor – water being a by-product of combustion.

        1. Yep. Uneducated, flat-Earthers. I’m Conservative, but I also find aviation interesting and have taken the time to learn how jet engines operate. A jet engine is nothing more than an air compressor. Sucks in lots of air, forces it out the rear along with the heated air which expanded to turn the engine. Once it exits the rear, the air condenses and expands. There’s the magic behind the so-called Chem-trails.

          1. Don’t forget that water is a voluminous by-product of hydrocarbon combustion, and it is that which condenses.

      2. but…but…”Look at it, it’s such an obvious way to spread pathogens and mind controlling substances.” Says the person with tin foil covering their windows.
        Once shunned and given a wide berth, when seen on the streets spewing unintelligible nonsense. Now an anonymous communications can be spread instantaneously.
        Like a needy social media addict derives self satisfaction from the “likes” they receive, a weird street corner delusional schizo, now is seen as relevant.
        Or something like that.

      3. Chris, I am 46 and I can tell you with 100% certainty that as a child, Contrails were seen often, but would also dissipate in a matter of minutes. I believe that something in the fuel formula changed drastically and we are seeing the result. It wan’t until the early 90’s that we started seeing trails that lasted an entire day. As a matter of fact, the contrails I remember as a child didn’t form immediately behind the plane. They were a few 100′ behind the plane and the contrail would literally chase the plane across the sky.

        1. We are the same age. You do realize that jet engines in the last 20 , 30 years have become many times more efficient? They’re pushing more air with less fuel than they did 30 years ago. The people who fuel the planes , do you see them dressed in special gear to protect them from the so-called viruses or chemicals intended to harm humans? It would have to be so concentrated in the fuel that these personnel working on the ground would have to become infected and contagious.

          1. From what I have seen, the theory is that they are spraying some kind of aerosol solution, not that we are seeing contrails. IOW, it has nothing to do with the fuel…

        2. How do the perpetrators of chem-trails, also living among us on the ground, prevent being affected by the chemicals themselves? Maybe the chemicals are blocked by their tinfoil hats?

          1. You didn’t mention chemtrails, that is true. But if they are just contrails, as you stated, why is everyone so worried?
            Contrails (CONdensation TRAILS) are harmless trails of condensation (water vapor) that dissipates over time depending on the atmospheric state of the moment where they exist. If the air is capable of holding more moisture, they will stay visible longer, if not they will dissipate faster. Simple science.

          2. They are convinced that they are saving the world from manmade global warming so it’s a sacrifice they are willing to make for their liberal salvation of the planet. Chemtrails are admitted as geo engineering. If you refuse to acknowledge that or research for 10 mins to see the patents and the ‘scientific’ publications that admit to spraying nano particulate into the upper stratosphere, then i sincerely hope that you drown in your bathtub or are runover by a truck because you are an obstruction and a drag on humanity’s progress to end this nazi experiment and free ourselves from the military industrial complex and their eugenics depopulation program.

        3. I’m 50 and I can promise you chemtrails are real. contrail NEVER EXPANDED 1000 FOLD CAUSING TOTAL WHTIE OUT IN THE SKY. glad you are awake my friend

          1. You have no real way of knowing what altitude any specific airplane is traveling so even though they appear to be similar, aviation rules forbid two planes from being in the same “lane” while flying.
            Also, different weather strata in the atmosphere can vary widely just a few hundred feet apart, let alone the 1000’s of feet airplanes are restricted to fly apart from each other.
            The two you show here can be affected by a number of differences…different airplane engines, different altitudes, different fuel, different throttle position.
            Or maybe…it’s just another Photoshop edition! You don’t really know, do you?

    2. Of course it is…the mass cull has begun. Agenda 21, The Georgia Guidestones, the obvious trails across the sky. It’s all been told to us, but some are too sucked into their screens to pay attention. They purposefully dumbed everyone down, and now the cull begins.

    3. Big Pharma, CDC, Black Ops, you name it…just couldn’t pass opportunity up! While we sheeple look up to the sky and shake our fist, but don’t really know who to shake it at!

  1. Yeah, not a thing to do with that illegal alien hacking his MDR-TB sputum on the back of your neck while on public transport. Not a thing to do with international travelers traveling coach and co-mingling their multi-drug resistant bacteria and viruses across hemispheres. Miasmas coming back into fashion. Who da thunk?

    1. I buy almost everything except food and clothing from online auctions most people aren’t aware of the almost I unbelievable deals that they can get from online auction sites the site that has the best deals is >>►

      I checked with the BBB and was told that it is all legit. How they can sell gift cards, laptops, cameras, and all kinds of goodies that we all want for 50-90% off, I don’t know I do know that I bought my son an ipad there for less than $100 and my husband a $250 Loews gift

      cards for $48. Why would I even think about shopping anyþlace else?


        1. Knowing most the CRAP they sell in Walmart is made in China, why wouldn’t they spread viruses in clothes shipped to the US? Sort of like the missionaries and small pox infected blankets?

          1. Side note – the smallpox blanket story is partially myth. The science of disease transmission and biological warfare was unknown at the time of the incident. A pile of infected blankets was picked up by Native Americans in passing.
            Their bodies were unfamiliar with the diseases we brought and the result was an epidemic among the natives.
            Nobody put infected blankets out in public for the purpose of deliberately infecting tribal folks.

  2. Only if people would get their noses out of their phones and look up! Watch the sky being peppered with chemtrails and watch them slowly expand into “clouds” that block out the sun on an almost daily basis. What are they hiding? Is that sun real? Makes you wonder! No those are natural! Wake up people!

      1. Once I hear a viable explanation of why the contrails of jets, one day disappate almost immediately, and others take a clear day and obliate a blue sky with cross patterns of jet contrails, and then I believe it’s nothing more than a conspiracy. Have jets changed, the fuel, the sky and sun? I don’t ever remember seeing anything like this until about 10-15 years ago. What’s changed in that time?

        1. Nothing’s changed. It’s simply a matter of the relative humidity of the air mass the jet is passing through. High humidity – lots of condensation, low humidity – instant drying. Two days ago after a low pressure system moved through our area, the jets left no contrails. The air was extremely dry even at the ground surface.

          There are also more passenger jets in the sky than ever before too.

          1. Ditto. Good rational, scientific and completely truthful explanation.
            Wasted on this thread though. Those that believe conspiracies are unlikely to develop common sense.

          2. And those whe refuse to acknowledge publications written by the scientific community on why the gov has to spray aluminum, barium and other garbage into the upper atmosphere to slow the heating of the planet should be given a lobotomy because your mind is a waste of neurons

    1. You said it! Everyone thinks Elon Musk sent a rocket into space – HA! It may have looked like the condensation trail was a normal vapor condensation trail, but we all know you can’t trust the government. It was fake! It was a missile with a chemical trail to control the minds of the little people and poison our environment. Everyone knows it’s easier to spend a billion dollars on an extravagant missile launch to hide a chemical poison conspiracy, than to merely hire a hayseed crop duster to spread the chemicals. /sarc off

    2. Sigh. Living in fear of phantom things sucks. There are enough legitimate real things to worry about without adding a bunch of “what ifs” to the list .

    3. Um, they’re “contrails”, condensation trails. Since water is a chemical, I guess “chemtrails” will work, but it signifies something more sinister to you conspiracy types.

      1. They ARE clouds, of condensed water vapor. The issue here is the large number of jet planes in the skies these days.

        1. Crap! Why is it then you can see several planes all flying at the same time and some have trails that stay (chem trails) and others disappear within seconds (con trails) ? Looks back at outdoor phots from prior to 1999 and you wont see any chemtrails. What has technology changed that much that they leave a trail that expands into the sky and blocks out the sun?! Give it up.

  3. The article does not mention how many survive the journey, but running a 5K event exposes a person to tens of trillions or more pathogens.

  4. Every day some Idiot comes up with something new that will wipe out the human race,yet the next day we wake up again and go on.Not everything out is going to kill you quit putting out that tripe.

  5. Bacteria have been all around us for, well … millions (billions?) of years. They often promote good body function and encourage the building up of disease resistance. Worry less about how many there are and where they come from and more about antibiotic resistant bacteria increases caused by the fallacy that if we limit exposure to all bacteria, we’re better off. Bacteria was created for a reason, and not all of it is bad.

  6. The article does not mention if the microorganisms are viable. Many, if not most, viruses and bacteria will not survive long when drying out in air. And these airborne high flyers are not significant compared to what you get on a breezy day in New York City or the poop fields of San Francisco.

    1. Not to mention the fact that direct sunlight kills most viruses and bacteria, so floating high in the atmosphere for thousands of miles will kill just about all of them.

    2. True except many bacteria and some viruses are evolving and developing a biofilm that allows them to survive for much longer. Bacteria then team up in sticky, drug-resistant communities called biofilms, they can be nearly impossible to eradicate.

      1. True, but biofilms don’t easily blow in the wind. And drug resistance weakens bacteria when in competition with non-resistance groups in absence of antibiotics.

      1. And that would of course depend on species. Spores of C. botulinum A certainly would as well as soil bacteria. How about highly invective species?

        1. You will have to do your own research or query the scientists behind
          the Smithsonian Magazine article. The point is that the Sun, radiation
          and cold of the upper atmosphere do not kill all bacteria. Fungal matter
          has an even higher survival rste of 47%. Read https://www.smithsonianmag…. It is only one page.

      2. The Smithsonian article is specifically about dustborne microbes that naturally live in the soil and are carried in dust plumes. These pathogens often live in hot, sunny, dusty areas and so are adapted to hitchhiking on dust particles. This article only mentions that in passing, and doesn’t specify that it is ONLY talking about dustborne microbes. And so appears to imply that someone sneezing in Africa can infect someone in North America with the flu. Flu viruses, like most airborne pathogens, won’t survive more than a few hours in the air, and especially in the upper atmosphere where they will be subjected to strong UV radiation. Spores are a different story as the are designed to survive hostile environments for long periods.

  7. Ben Renner- It’s curious that you only took this article so far, and without much curiosity as to the possible reasons for so many viruses in the air. Even if YOU don’t think they are real to have made your article interesting and worth sharing, you didn’t even bring up the possibility of what is being sprayed by the unmarked airplanes that deliver Chemtrails all over the skies in the U.S. and globally.

    1. I believe it’s called “jet exhaust”, and it’s harmless unless you’re behind the plane sucking it in like a bong hit.

      1. Bongs are disease ridden by themselves, and weed from the 3rd world is covered by the sneezes of the growers and mules. And of course the pesticides they use make DDT look benign. But if you wash your weed in a mild bleach solution and agitate it really well, you’ll minimize the risk to your health and your brain..

        1. That’s a brilliant inspiration Hatrad, I’m soaking my marijuana now. I wish you would have mentioned what ratio of bleach you used. I used 1/2 cup to gallon of water. Not only that, I’m erecting a frame around my bus for the plastic cover that will stop the viruses and bacterial diseases from landing on it. Also, I’ll change my hat liner from foil to a plastic film. With that and a raincoat and pants, I should be able to ward off illnesses and disease when I go to the food bank and my dealer.

  8. A monstrous lie. Viruses are being “sucked up” into the atmosphere… Yeah. Sure. They spray us daily. Look up and see for yourself. It is what it looks like. The only time there is a clear sky is after a front. That’s it. Otherwise its a hazy nasty mess. Not like the skies of my childhood.

  9. I was also thinking about the Chemtrails. I see other people have mentioned them also here. I’m sure they’re making everyone on the planet less healthy because of them.

      1. Either Dustoff is a paid troll or he is completely ignorant. A simple search of the term Geo-engineering or SRM (solar radar management) shows you all the info. The government has taken out patents for this stuff. They talk about it openly in videos on the net. Hell, just look up in the sky with your own eyes.

        1. Why would the “government” be so interested in doing these dastardly deeds you types are always bloviating about?

          1. They see it as essential to the survival of the planet and to stop the planet from heating up because of MMGW. You are either a troll or a boomer or gen x who has lost your ability to learn and research. I hope you die soon and have no children who can carry on your closed minded, arrogant ignorance. I truly hope you die of a rare and incurable disease you stupid old man

    1. Yes, the chemtrails have impaired your ability for cognitive reasoning, so that you will not be aware that the government is breeding chupacabras at the secret Grey Alien moonbase.

    2. The cloud left behind is simply the heated air cooling and condensing moisture. Much like when you step outside and it’s -20F degrees and you exhale. You breathe out more germs than a jet engine could ever possibly create. You do realize that jet fuel burns in the engine around 2,700F degrees? Tell me…how does anything survive that intense heat?

  10. So, you’re going to get it anyway. We all die. Don’t live your life being fear triggered every time some scientist tells you the world is going to end. Live for something greater than yourself and you won’t have time to be miserable worrying about it.

  11. It’s called an immune system and it’s been an essential part of us since the beginning. I’ve been around enough to know that one sure way to get sick is to spend time in a sterile environment then return to a normal environment of any and all kinds of germs. Swab a sink, light switch, or your phone and introduce it to a petri dish of agar. Maybe you should worry more about drug resistant bacteria and viruses caused by the attempt to

    protect us from everything by over-medication.

        1. i like to rub my finger on light switches and faucet handles… then massage my eyeballs to keep my immune system at defcon 5

  12. UV light kills bacteria and viruses. These may be falling from the sky, but this is not “natural”. Rewriting science now, because rewriting history just isn’t enough anymore.

    1. the tin foil hat is your first line of defense… highly under rated in its effectiveness and stylistic qualities

        1. i said it was the first line of defense… a couple of lead ingots shoved up your backside should minimize neutrino’s into the colon. good luck!

        1. i think you’d benefit from a tin foil tampon for your vagina… wear it all month, not just when you’re bleeding!

  13. More disinformation from the dishonest press. Stop illegal immigration and much illness will be prevented.

      1. Travel along the Rio Grand Valley and listen to the people that try to live there. You will find diseases coming across the border that the US has no experience in treating.

        1. i’m a UTEP grad and dated a beautiful mexican girl for a couple years… roseanne pardo. ** heavy sigh **

  14. Don’t worry …. after an hour at those altitudes UV radiation kills them. And also remember that not all viruses and bacteria are pathogenic. You would not be able to live without the critters living in your gut.

  15. I remember getting really sick with a high fever in Perth just after a wind brought dust from the arid lands to the East. Guess my body can’t take airborne wallaby poop.

  16. Nano particles consisting of heavy metals like barrium and aluminium from aviation fuel additives is a much greater health concern. Is also why airplane contrails persist and do not evaporate thus severely altering our skies and climate.

      1. Yes, I know. But I am not convincing the already convinced in an intelectual ghetto, rather I am trying to convince the unknowing without scareing him off. Dont know if you get my drift.

  17. I think you’ll find the part of the atmosphere in question is the “troposphere,” not the “toposphere.”

  18. Coal ash is used in the aerosol injections. Weather manipulation has been going on for decades. Al though the level of weather control now is extreme. Go to and learn about the junk in our skies….

  19. Medical companies use planes to spread viruses in the sky, then people get sick and medical companies profit. 😛

  20. “This study will make you think twice about stepping outside for a breath of fresh air.”
    SoyBoys find a major excuse to never leave mommy and daddies basement and continue their life of leeching.

    1. Baloney!
      My Mom told me herself that my father is Full of it..!
      She reminded him that John Boy lived on the family farm until his daddy died and he went into pot production and made his fortune.. I’m 32 and have many more years ahead of me here in Hollywood taking care of Mother and keeping daddy away from her. Plus I’m dabbling in pot growing myself.

  21. Fear mongering load of BS. Bombarded by UV rays in the upper atmosphere these viruses and bacteria are all DEAD. This is just a click bait load for the paranoid, and the study no doubt was another government funded boondoggle.

  22. So what? Like this hasn’t been going on since the beginning of time! You people are gonna melt the Snowflakes into weeping bags of mud:-)

    1. i just frantically brush myself off with my hands every five minutes or so… just to get them off of me. what are you people looking at? STOP LOOKING AT ME ! ! !

  23. Scientists have known this for over 500 years by observing the rot rate of sealed samples at different altitudes. Nothing new here, next government paid for study please.

  24. On a cold day, I can see chemtrails coming from foreign-made automobile exhaust pipes. I think the mufflers are full of virus and bacteria. Don’t doubt me… I can see it with my own eyes!!!

  25. Do not take the FLU shot, it does not work, it is the SILVER who kills the VIRUS, 100%, to find out more
    go to my Webpage on Facebook ,search,, ,the cure for any cancer, ,its free, the cure itself is so easy you can do it yourself at home, and it works 100%, cost 2-3.00$..People are spending over 100.000$ for useless treatment, at the end they still DIE… plus many more information you never heard of. GOD created Human Beings 1+billion years ago out there in our Universe, learn how they live and travel, they are far, far ahead of us, why 1/3 of the Angels rebelled against GOD, no Man has seen GOD, I did, find out what happen, it is a must read, you will be glad you did

  26. I suspect an ulterior motive in these findings. Take Zika for instance. People with Zika traveled to uninfected areas and infected the mosquitoes. Infected mosquitoes didn’t travel from Africa to Brazil. Infected people did.

  27. Gotta marvel these ” science ” based articles.
    NEWS! The Ground Being Wet Probably Caused by RAIN ! LOL!

  28. For many decades now we’ve known that viruses are ubiquitous on practically every surface on Earth and so minute and lightweight they are distributed, by the millions, in very tiny sneeze and cough droplets. Yet, people are “astonished” that they might also be found on motes of dust and sea spray that are carried thousands of feet into the atmosphere and thereby distributed intercontinentally in storms and on the jet stream!?!?!? WHAaaaat!????

    What kind of anemic imaginations do these people have that such an idea would be ASTONISHING!??

  29. So, if this is true, why were Native Americans so susceptible to small pox, given that dust particles and sea spray has existed for billions of years? Maybe when they say spread by air..does a 747 count?

    1. It sure couldn’t be because UV light, dry air or any number of other factors can neutralize viruses or that there are at least millions of varieties and only a very small percentage affect humans.

    1. You do realize that jet fuel burns in the engine around 2,700F degrees? Tell me…how does anything survive that intense heat? The cloud left behind is simply the heated air cooling and condensing moisture. Much like when you step outside and it’s -20F degrees and you exhale. You breathe out more germs than a jet engine could ever possibly create.

      1. Yes Chris, there are contrails and there are “chemtrails”. Contrails, or condensation trails evaporate. However, what we are witnessing on a daily and global scale is a phenomena which persists, expands and severely alters the sky forming an artificial overcast on a daily basis. The controversy should be seriously addressed.

  30. Like a cartoon character in mid-air who will not fall until it looks down, we are now all doomed to rot in place – transformed into oozing putrescences – if hit by a single raindrop or snowflake. Further the daily struggle! Hasten to join shock brigades of exemplary labor to end precipitation! California is the lucky one here. Laugh about tinfoil hats now, suckers.

    Do you know what fish do in water? They poo in it. Enjoy your day at the beach.

  31. To quote a cynical friend of mine, “That conclusion is intuitively obvious. Why are you astonished?”

    In other news: The Romans were right: Night air is toxic!

  32. As a right winger with a doctorate and a half, I absolutely love when the lefties try to politicize every little thing that goes on. This is not a problem brought on by global warming and this is not a government conspiracy. Viral particles which are less than a few hundred nano-meters across are so small that yes, they float in the air. For comparison, that is about 30-100 times smaller than a grain of pollen. Of course if you want to believe that Trump is spreading a “new aerosolized super AIDS” then be my guest. Idiots believe what idiots believe.

    1. “Useless eater” that was a term both the National Socialists (Nazis) and Internationalist Socialists (Communists), used as an excuse to murder thousands of innocent handicapped people across Europe. Which one are you? Nazi or Communist?

      1. Neither, I am simply pointing out how the globalist elites (who are the same group as the Nazis and Communists) see most humans on the planet. Look up the “Georgia Guidestones”.

        1. You are totally correct. The treasonous, subversive, seditious, corrupt, Communist Globalist Democrats would love to help the European Globalists kill off our nation’s legal population and replace it with illegal aliens from all over the earth.

  33. Many people believe that the Federal swamp government is killing Americans using the Chemtrails being used for Weather Modification. The Chemtrails are said to kill weakened Americans in three ways, chemical burns to the lungs as the dangerous chemical powders in the chemtrails floats down to the earth, weather modification that kills Americans with horrible storms created by the weather modification, and flu and various other pathogens that are killing our people with diseases. The Bilderburgers claim that they are getting rid of eighty percent of the worlds population in order the make it easier for the Bilderburger Globalists to control the smaller worlds population more easily.

    I do know that The Communist Democrats working inside our Federal Agencies are capable of any evil. I would not put use of the chemtrails to kill American Patriots past them but I don’t know. I do know that something is going on with the chemtrails and it isn’t good.

    The entire Chemtrail thing should be investigated from top to bottom. If there are people within our government killing our citizens with cemtrails they need to be placed on trial and executed.

  34. If viruses can float thousands of miles throughout the atmosphere, then why didn’t the indigenous populations of North America already have some exposure to the viruses introduced by first European contact 500 years ago?

  35. The more the west turns its back to God, worst things will fall from the sky. What we see today, is nothing compare to whats coming.

  36. Hey, Ben. I’m surprised you were paid to write this Chicken Little copycat. Plagiarise much? Sounds like you’re encouraging people to remain in their parents’ basements.

  37. Chem trail Program is responsible for 100% of these. Big Pharma is the big winners here. Their Vaccines, over the counter and prescriptions drugs have made them over 2 trillion dollars a year from this fiasco. WE are the victims of these corporate Giants.

  38. It is not coming from the sky. It is coming from the ground and being swept up into the sky and being deposited back down sometimes thousands of miles away. So theoretically it could be coming from a country, say Russia, and back down in another continent. Those that speculate that the pathogen’s are being killed, do not explain why they are still alive here to count. Maybe some are killed but if millions are recorded enough to write this article, that means billions are in the atmosphere being killed. Only the strongest are making it back to earth.

  39. look up if ya think those white trails following all those planes for the length of the sky are simple contrails, and Ya believe The Satanic Elite have our best interests in mind, good for you go get another flu shot and sit in front of the TV . Its all so absurd and now they are putting cartoon cars in space and landing the rockets back on the ground, wow what won’t ya’ll not believe.

  40. Lets pretend that the the new world order does not want to depopulate the earth by killing most people off. Lets pretend they are not spraying viruses and bacteria on us from jet airplanes that like to do checker board patterns in the sky. Lets pretend that morgellons is just a sickness of the imagination…sigh

  41. Even though the aerial spraying and “geo-engineering” are realities, people are still in denial. Bacteria and viruses are found in some of this stuff under microscopic examination, and I doubt it all got there naturally. Humanity has been subjected to all kinds of nefarious experiments in the past, and we likely still are.

  42. And to the vaccine debate, why is it they tell is on one hand we get to many vaccinations, we need to limit getting them, and diseases are becoming tolerant to them, but they want us to get the flu vaccine like it actually helps. Seems to the ones who get the shot/mist are rhe ones who wnd up sick. Every year they say, the vaccine doesnt have the antibodies for the flu that going around, but get it anyway! Poison! Never had one and havent been sick in years (only when Pelosi speaks)! Eat right and your body can and will do amazing things!

        1. And most doctors believe the benefit is greater than the risk. Anyway, my children are in their late teens & they did fine with Tamiflu.

        2. I’m sure the doctor prescribed Tamiflu because he felt that the risk to the child from the medication was greater than that of the illness. People die from the flu, especially children and elderly. Read up on it.

  43. If this is true, then these organisms are (more or less) ubiquitous across the planet. So…why worry about it?

  44. we that are awake all knew that certain gov planes were spraying toxic chemtrails into the atmosphere. especially populated cities. metro death dumps I call them. They are also modifying the climate through planes dumping sulfuric acid int the aky to dim the sun. no wonder we all have low vit e now. its never sunny anymore its always a plane induced white haze with artificial clouds that turn pink, purple, rainbow colors like chembows or sun halos (really chemical haze reflecting off the sunlight) these strange skies are the new norm!

  45. Until there is a nuclear holocaust, a constant rain of bio-hazards upon us, (like various flu’s), are the most efficacious way to eliminate mass groups of people…..relatively quickly, and at the same time, make a fast buck from pharma drugs.

  46. Imagine the poor an aquarium…or in the oceans..what we pour on top of them..then we eat them….sometimes..ya know..I feel like taking one big deep inhale of air..and just ending it all..

  47. All the absolutely ridiculous levels of corruption, to the point of pure evil in many cases, going on and being confirmed over the past several years.. And people still trust that the idea that this corruption could have spread into vaccine development and manufacture or chemical warfare on a global scale are ‘the talk of conspiracy nuts’? Humanity survived, and thrived, for how many hundreds of thousands of years without vaccines? Really activates the old noggin.

  48. This so-called “study” is really a COVER for the powers-that-be literally spreading these viruses through CHEM-TRAILS! They have been exposed, so they now come out with this ridiculous “study” because they believe we are too stupid to to not see right through it.

  49. I am a nurse so don’t buy into the FLU nonsense. Friends who have gotten the flu vaccine got sick within two days! Build up your immune system with a fresh fruit/vegetable smoothie twice a day. WASH your hands frequently, take sanitizer with you when you go out and USE IT OFTEN. COVER your mouth when you cough. Simple things will save you! God bless.

  50. . . . . I’ll admit, it had me worried until I read this is for the Canadians . . . . “…800 million viruses deposited per square metre … that’s 25 viruses for each person in Canada,”. Good thing those Canadians have socialized health care.

  51. So early in the year, yet I believe we may have just found the winner of “The Sky is Falling!” award for 2018.

  52. With few exceptions, there is and always has been bacteria everywhere……This article must of been written by chicken little….THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING…..

  53. Most likely a government funded study with an outcome that will ensure future government funding for follow up studies.

  54. All vaccinated people should be wearing a mask for 3 weeks so they don’t infect others. Read the Manufacturers safety data sheet!

  55. Chemtrails. Another logical conclusion about genetically similar viruses occurring in different parts of the world is because they are being engineered/cultivated from a single source and being disbursed via chemtrails.

  56. And then, right along with this story, is another story below it, entitled, “Cover Your Mouth: Airborne Viruses Live For Nearly An Hour, Study Finds.”

    So which is it? They either travel the globe or live for only an hour once airborne – You can’t have it both ways, dumbazzes.

  57. This entire article sounds too much like the fable “The sky is falling”. Just a little too much ado about nothing – except promoting pharmaceuticals.

    I’m from the “ole school”. At 83 years young I’ve had only ONE “flu shot” – and that was when exiting the US Military. [1957] We were given the “shot” without our permission – in order to receive our honorable discharge. [At least that is how it was presented.] I came down with the flu two days before the orders of discharge, which included 4 additional years inactive duty. I did not disclose my fever, that would have meant confinement to sick bay until I recovered. I wanted to go home to my wife and family.

    Since then I’ve refused any and all “offers” for vaccinations. I’ve had only one other bought with flu, for 2 days. I am on 2 prescribed medications – the same dosage since 1993. I eat what I want, when I want and as much as i want. An EKG last march provided a completely normal reading.

    I submit my health is a gift from God – and staying AWAY from doctors and medications except when ABSOLUTELY necessary…


  59. All those planes playing tic tac toe. Its used to cull the people. We’re being culled like a wild herd of animals.

  60. Amazing! And chemtrails which are sprayed all over the world, every day, with impunity, no ones what’s in it, it takes a bright an sunny day and turns into overcast? Naw, that’s not the reason! As a matter of fact they don’t exist, just another conspiracy theory! Right? Thought so!

  61. SO…….the study JUST found out that viruses,bacteria, organisms, etc, etc…fall from the sky…does that mean that before the study they did not…..what an asinine article…what happens naturally has been happening since life was created on earth….The fact remains that most parasitic organisms cannot exist away from their host for a very short time and in most cases hours…..that is why when Europeans came to North America, their exposure to Native Americans wiped out millions and some cases 100% of certain tribes, because they brought diseases, like common cold, Diphtheria, chicken pox, and other microbes that can be airborne, but were not native to this continent….you never hear of diseases specific to Africa in North America.

  62. Ah we don’t need to worry about the streets of California where peoples deposit on the grounds, the deposits dry up and become powder to become airborne, no that is all coming from overseas you say?

  63. What’a ya know! Chicken Little was right! We’re all DOOMED!
    Good thing ole Mother nature gave us inherent antiviral immune systems.

  64. OM friggin G people…. They are now telling you that the sky is falling.
    Vaccines are for morons
    Vaccines are sold based on fear and if not for fear, no one would get one and fewer people would get sick.

  65. sounds like chemtrails to me. … besides the heavy metals, they have included mold spores and who knows what else. Vaccinations carry the same stuff ~ So glad that I have a healing Jesus and He is the great physician.

  66. And to think I survived six decades of breathing in air and now I learn it can kill me. How did I ever survive this long without the government??
    This article is a big pile of leftist crap and meant to instill fear and dependency on the government to fix something that isn’t broke in the first place!
    The world is, has been and always will be filled with millions and millions of viruses and bacteria so stop reading this kind of leftist crap and get on with life!!
    Ben Renner, get a life and stop playing like H.G. Wells and trying to spread panic in the country, you stupid, leftist, jackoff face!!

  67. Must take my wife to a distant pharmacy; –non-believer in natural healing. I’m into simple, affordable, available, garlic (SAAG). Take no meds ever for viruses induced illnesses of any kind. Would take Nano Silver So1lution 10 ppm (10 ppm) important!; but it is not yet available in distributions here in the Philippines… be back… I’m heading to my 80th birthday in June!

  68. And?
    If you have proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, no big deal.
    If you’re a junk food, sick fattie, oh well. Enjoy your sickness….

  69. Viruses are vulnerable to UV. How many of these viruses are actually viable? It doesn’t sound like many, if any, would survive the trip to high elevations.

    Despite the hoopla about the ozone layer, the main body of the atmosphere is what blocks UV.

    For example, here at 3500 feet, some 30% more UV reaches the ground than at sealevel, making sunburn much easier than at sealevel. Fewer viruses survive on surfaces as a result at this elevation.

    At higher elevations, the likelyhood of a virus surviving is much less. Besides the markedly-higher UV exposure, moisture dissipates much faster in low pressure, with both UV and the drying effect being lethal to viruses.

    So, how many viruses, if any, could survive a trip into the middle atmosphere? Physics and biology suggest none or very few.

  70. We live in a biological broth on earth. We breathe each others’ DNA and that of other species. We are in a constant evolutionary battle with pathogens and parasites, thus death.

  71. 100 grant; nothing happening. 1,000 grant; I’ll check, but don’t count on it. 10,000 grant; What was the answer you were looking for? 1,000,000,00 grant; Millions and millions of virus floating and dropping on you…

  72. Chem trails? Those are CONTRAILS. No one is trying to kill you! Right??? BTW- please send us your DNA, so you can know who you are! (And so will we!) We need to know what germs to mix into the next batch.

  73. Smallpox is believed to had originated around 10,000 BC and has killed millions and millions of people with mortality rates reaching 98%. It was common knowledge that survivors of smallpox became immune to the disease. As early as 430 bc, survivors of smallpox were called upon to nurse the afflicted. Man had long been trying to find a cure for the “speckled monster.” The most successful way of combating smallpox before the discovery of vaccination was inoculation. In 1714 inoculation It was first witnessed in Istanbul in 1714. The word is derived from the Latin inoculare, meaning “to graft.” Inoculation referred to the subcutaneous instillation of smallpox virus into nonimmune individuals. The inoculator usually used a lancet wet with fresh matter taken from a ripe pustule of some person who suffered from smallpox. The material was then subcutaneously introduced on the arms or legs of the nonimmune person. Today vaccination has all but eradicated this deadly disease.

  74. My sister, when studying for nursing loved the study of viruses and microbes. Everything on earth was deemed for “purpose” by our Creator. In the 1990s microbiologists were able to look at a virus magnified at a huge power for the first time and what they saw was magnificient. They saw a small “motor” with 100,000 rpm, and deemed that if any of the parts of the complex “machine” were missing it could not operate- so they called it “intelligent design”. But that word was quickly dismissed by those stuck in the past who believe all came by accident by an explosion a fake billiion years ago. We have just begun to study the purpose of viruses and bacteria- both life giving and destructive. May science return to what it should lead: to what will prosper, heal and help humanity- and trust we will not be using Frankenstein’s evil with its “parts”. Stay clean, healthy by healthy habits and a positive attitude. Its still a beautiful world, both micro and macro.

  75. Jay V, Probably? I would say it has everything to do with Chemtrails (Geoengineering), and the writer of this article is one of the many puppets that are told to write such B.S. You would have to be an idiot to believe such nonsense, and with todays technology, etc. you would think this would have been known a long time ago. I would like to see a document to prove what Mr. Renner states in his article is real. The poisons in the tic-tac-toe patterns in the sky that we breathe is killing us all, do some research people, they are adding more deadly ingredients to the Geoengineering spraying (Chemtrails). Don’t research Chemtrails, research Geoengineering and then maybe you can open your eyes to whats really going on, and see that this article is only one that a fool would believe.

  76. I learned that in 5th grade over 60 years ago. Somebody paid for this? Worried about radiation? Everyone on the planet is bombarded with radiation from space 24/7. Want proof? Turn on a Geiger counter. No study needed.

  77. They are from sea water droplets blown into the air. Sea water is a soup of viruses and bacteria. Dirt and dust from our planet’s deserts and dry lake beds are another source.

  78. Our globalist handlers love telling us how they are killing us. It wasn’t enough to cause cardiovascular diseases, hearth attack and brain stroke. These are the result of thick blood and blood clots that are caused by aluminium/ magnesium/ fungus ion presence in the air. Added some viruses to speed things up. Notice how much they were talking about the super flu for the last few months.

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