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LONDON — With heatwaves breaking out across the globe, there’s no question — summer is here and it’s time to stay cool. However, when air conditioning isn’t good enough, the wackiest ways to beat the heat include stealing the dog’s cool mat, putting bedsheets in the freezer, and spraying blankets with water before bedtime.

A survey of 2,000 adults found the top 25 ways people like to cool down in the hotter weather, with some tactics being more obscure than others. Some are sleeping naked and lying on ceramic or stone floors, while others will sit in a stationary car with the air conditioning on full blast.

Hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window to cool the breeze is also popular and many simply like to sit with their feet in icy water. As a result, 57 percent admit they will try just about anything to keep cool when temperatures soar.

“We all have a trick to two to help cool down – and some will be more effective than others,” says Stephan Lang, product specialist at Daikin, which commissioned the research, in a statement.

“With the summers now getting hotter, Brits are going to use them more and more frequently. While many will embrace the warmer weather with open arms, for large swathes of the country it will be met with trepidation – because they know how tough it can be to cool down.”

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How do you prep for a heatwave?

The research went on to find not being able to sleep (55%) and being sweatier (51%) are the most annoying parts of a heatwave. When one is on the horizon, 39 percent ensure they are prepared to cope with the sweltering conditions.

Six in 10 of these respondents will dust off their fans, while 45 percent will ensure the freezer is packed to the brim with ice cream. Another 18 percent will make sure their air conditioner is in good working order before being engulfed in the hot spell.

Looking back on last summer’s record temperatures, one in three (32%) were looking forward to a heatwave — until it actually arrived! As a result of the scorching summer, 12 percent decided to sleep in a spare room so they didn’t have to share a bed with their partner.

Nine percent went into their office more to make the most of the air conditioning and eight percent made an emergency trip to the store to buy their own AC. In fact, of those who now own an air conditioning system, two in three (67%) don’t know how they survived without one before during the warmer months.

The OnePoll research also found that 45 percent of Brits are concerned this summer’s temperatures might even surpass what the nation experienced in 2022. Another 45 percent say the warmer months in the U.K. are already “too hot.”

“Preparation is key to coping with whatever the summer throws at us,” the Daikin spokesperson adds. “But even the most organized can still encounter some rather tough days and nights because of the heat.”

“And it’s a myth that all air conditioners are bad for the environment,” the spokesperson argues. “There are now plenty of eco-friendly air conditioning options on the market, thanks to advances in technology and a greater focus than ever on renewable energy – so people can keep cool while still doing their bit to tackle climate change.”

Top 25 Ways People Keep Cool During A Scorching Summer:

  1. Sleeping on top of the blankets
  2. Keeping all the curtains closed
  3. Sitting in front of a fan
  4. Sleeping naked
  5. Change to lighter blankets
  6. Opening up the windows even if you sleep on the ground floor
  7. Taking a cold shower just before bed
  8. Putting a wet flannel on your head
  9. Leaving your hair wet while walking around the house
  10. Drinking a glass of iced water directly before bed
  11. Putting ice in front of a fan
  12. Sleeping in a separate bed from your partner
  13. Putting your feet in a bowl of cold water
  14. Taking regular cold showers throughout the day
  15. Sit in a paddling pool
  16. Sitting in a stationary car with the air con on
  17. Filling a hot water bottle with icy water
  18. Lying on ceramic tile or stone floor
  19. Sleeping on the floor
  20. Disconnected every electric gadget in the bedroom to stop them from pumping out heat
  21. Hanging a wet sheet in front of an open window to cool the breeze
  22. Sleeping in a damp T-shirt
  23. Spraying the duvet with water
  24. Stealing the dog’s cool mat for yourself
  25. Putting sheets in the freezer before bed

South West News Service writer Oliver Lewis contributed to this report.

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