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NEW YORK — How much joy do you experience every month? If you’re a wine drinker, the answer may surprise you in a good way. A new survey finds a third of your month is bound to be “extraordinary.” The poll of 2,000 American wine drinkers found the average person has 10 extraordinary days each month — adding up to 120 every year.

If you live in Hawaii, Idaho, or South Dakota, you can bump that number up to 13 days, or nearly half of every month. Three in four people (74%) believe living a joyful lifestyle is subjective and unique to everyone. However, many agreed on what defines a joyful life, including feeling happy (77%), being healthy (71%), having positive personal and family relationships (69%), and feeling comfortable (69%).

The survey, commissioned by Santa Margherita and conducted by Talker Research, aimed to figure out exactly how often Americans treat themselves and which occasions call for indulgences the most. Researchers found half the poll believes “any day is a good day” to treat themselves, and another 62 percent enjoy spending their most joyful days with family and friends. In fact, 76 percent prefer sharing their joyful feelings with others whenever they can.

People are most likely to treat themselves to something nice on their birthday (66%), although many others believe they should treat themselves while on vacation (59%) or if they’re having a good day (48%). For vacations, Americans would most like to travel abroad this summer. The top choices are Italy (22%), the United Kingdom (9%), and Japan (8%).

Those who said they would want to go to Italy are going to experience the food (79%), the culture (72%), and to drink Italian wine (66%). Sixty-one percent consider a nice meal to be the perfect treat for an extraordinary day, along with a nice beverage (58%).

According to these joyful drinkers, the most indulgent beverages are red wine (63%), white wine (52%), and beer (43%). Over seven in 10 (71%) said indulgences like these are best shared with others — especially their significant others (75%), family members (72%), and close friends (65%).

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The poll of 2,000 American wine drinkers found the average person has 10 extraordinary days each month. (© Kirsten Davis/ –

More than three-quarters (78%) like to host family and friends in their homes for dinners, and another 80 percent believe pairing food and wine typically enhances the overall dining experience. Two in three respondents said wine pairings enhance the flavor of what they’re cooking (68%), while close to half the poll added it makes the meal feel fancier (46%) and makes them appreciate what they’re eating more (41%).

“We encourage people to join in on the journey to make a positive impact in life in an extraordinary way. The answer to what makes life sweet and extraordinary is a little different for all of us, but at its core, it’s about appreciating the simple things around us,” says Jane Scott, Marketing Vice President at Santa Margherita USA, in a statement. “Sharing experiences with the people we love the most is the true meaning of leading a joyful lifestyle.”

The survey also found that of all popular wine nations, Americans believe Italy has the nicest quality wine (67%), compared to France (53%), America (36%), and Spain (24%).

As a result, residents in Maryland (40%), Georgia (38%), Virginia (36%), Illinois (35%), and Alabama (34%) say their favorite “luxury” Italian wine is Rosé. Meanwhile, Pinot Noir was favored by Americans in Utah (34%), Maine (33%), California (32%), Minnesota (32%) and Wisconsin (32%).

Pinot Grigio was the drink of choice in Kentucky (33%), Oklahoma (32%), Kansas (30%), and South Carolina (30%). Prosecco was a fan favorite in New Hampshire (36%), Oregon (30%), Alaska (29%), Massachusetts (27%), and Nevada (27%).

Finally, residents in West Virginia (23%) and Arizona (22%) love pairing their meals with a nice Chianti.

“Wine is a great connector for people,” Scott continues. “For those that enjoy it, sharing a favorite bottle over dinner or get-together is a perfect way to savor those extraordinary moments.”

Survey methodology:

This random double-opt-in survey of 2,000 Americans aged 21+ who spend at least $20 on a bottle of wine and drink wine was commissioned by Santa Margherita between Apr. 25 and May 13, 2024. It was conducted by market research company Talker Research, whose team members are members of the Market Research Society (MRS) and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).

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