No more snow? 95% chance globe sees record-breaking temperatures this winter

BEIJING, China — We could potentially forget about a white Christmas this year because of global warming. As scorching heatwaves dominated the globe throughout the summer and fall of 2023, concerns rose about the possibility of an unprecedented warm winter ahead. Now, researchers are warning that the globe could see record-breaking temperatures this winter.

From June to October 2023, global temperatures soared well above the 1991-2020 average by significant margins. August and September, in particular, exceeded historical averages by 0.62 degrees Celsius and 0.69 degrees Celsius, respectively, breaking records set in 2016. This alarming trend, fueled by both global warming and the reappearance of the El Niño phenomenon after seven years, has captured worldwide attention.

To assess the potential impact of these developments, the Short-Term Climate Prediction Team at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, undertook extensive research. Their latest findings suggest an imminent Eastern Pacific El Niño, categorized as moderate to strong, which is expected to trigger unusual weather patterns across East Asia and North America, according to a media release.

The report highlights the combined influence of the El Niño event and the ongoing global warming trend, painting a concerning picture for the 2023/24 winter. There’s a 95 percent likelihood that this winter will break historical temperature records globally, with regions in mid-low latitudes of Eurasia and most parts of the Americas bracing for an exceptionally warm season. In China, winter temperatures might even double the usual averages, potentially marking the highest winter temperatures since 1991.

Multiple Model Ensemble Prediction of Global Temperature Anomalies for the 2023/24 Winter
Multiple Model Ensemble Prediction of Global Temperature Anomalies for the 2023/24 Winter. Unit: °C. (CREDIT: Fei Zheng et al.)

Understanding climate predictions involves considering not only internal variability but also external factors. Recent research points to the impact of external forces, such as the 2019 Australian wildfires, which played a role in triggering multi-year La Niñas. These wildfires created low clouds over the Southern Ocean, reducing sea surface temperatures and influencing the climatic system.

Moreover, historical data on volcanic eruptions in the Southern Hemisphere, as studied by the Sun Yat-sen University Volcanic Research Team, reveals a correlation between eruptions and subsequent La Niña occurrences over three years. This underscores the potential cooling effect of volcanic aerosols on the Southern Ocean, similar to the cooling caused by wildfire-induced cloud formation.

As the world braces for potentially record-breaking warmth this winter, these findings underline the complex interplay of factors shaping our climate and the need for continued research to better understand and anticipate these patterns.

The study is published in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences.

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  1. AGW is a $CAM . CO2 is Plant Food . Climate Change is a Natural Repeating Cycle .
    Paying Ever increasing carbon taxes to the Global Elite Will NOT solve a Problem that Does NOT Exist !

    1. Amen Bonnie! It’s the biggest money grabbing hoax of all time! The earth has went through change after change forever. The tilt of the earth and the orbit changes constantly.

      1. At last someone with a sensible answer and planet earth will go through many more changes also,they are having us all for fools and making billions in the process.

      2. I’m more concerned that they are taking information from China and implementing it into study’s that will affect preparedness for actual threats. The earth goes through cycles of warming trends and cooling trends. On a warming Trend, if you suggest that it’s 95% probable that it’s going to get warmer half way through the trend. You are an idiot trying to get other idiots to follow or you are willingly, perpetuating the biggest scam of them all and should be hung.

    2. We’re in the 25th solar cycle, and it’s much more intense with sunspots/solar flares, than the previous 24 Cycles which are 11 years a piece, and we’ve been keeping track of the solar cycle, the Sun, since the late 1700s. But you won’t hear that on mainstream media. When I walk from the shade of my house and into the sun, you instantly know you’re picking up more infrared light spectrum. It’s winter time but in the sun it’s spring, I have to take my jacket off and then you walk underneath a few trees then it’s very cold again. That’s not greenhouse gases, sorry US Government politicians and mainstream media people! We feel infrared as heat. I saw an article recently that said the upper atmosphere is warming, and that contradicts what Google search engine provides from NASA which states that sunspots do not warm the upper atmosphere. We’re having way more sunspots now. I bet all the past historical record heat days all correspond to solar maximums.

    3. Seems they need to get together and get their story straight as well. This article claims no snow while the weather talking heads claim east coast of US will get more snow than usual this year. Of course both sides blame their estimates on Man Made Climate Change.

  2. I’m BoonieRatBob2 and I agree with BoonieRatBob! Tucker Carlson told me the Earth is doing just fine! Donald Trump is a true Christian! I make my own moonshine! I make a living selling dead possums! Hee haw!

    1. BoonieRatBob2
      Typical lefty keyboard commando. Run your mouth online while you’re hiding in your bedroom at mama’s house.

    2. The UK’s Independent newspaper in 2000 published a story saying “Snowfalls are now a thing of the past”…and here we are 23 years later repeating the same vomit inducing garbage…Gee the Ge n an Globalist scum couldn’t get the orivaye planes off the runway on Gernany this week to attend the Globull warming conference because their planes were frozen to the runway.

  3. Oohh, a whole 0.69 degree, that is less than 1 degree. Calling it record breaking, when were talkin about a few hudredths of a degree is meaningless. There will always be snow.

  4. Who has money to pay for heat? So maybe Mother Nature is taking pity on us for the joke of leadership we have right now!

  5. Why does history begin at 1991 as a baseline?

    Didn’t global temperatures drop 0.5% C between 91 and 93 due to the global environmental effects of the mount pinatubo volcanic eruption?

  6. Bull shit , we had only Three days of heat over 30 degrees in Ontario Canada , so your so called crisis is a hoax!

    1. So now China is the predictor of the world’s weather ? Our own weather scientists are predicting more snow this winter because of the change in currents back after nine years.

    2. The planet goes through cycles people are afraid of change there is no knowledge of the next natural changes of this planet or the planets in the system we also have been bombarded by solar flairs also the atmosphere is 0.03 percent co2 and the planet and the people are a drop in the bucket to contribute to that also the wild fires alot of witch were started trapped alot of heat added with cloud seeding trapping more heat in this is entry level stuff go read a book and not govt propoganda to use this as leverage to appy a tax lol taxes wont fix anything broken as the funds never go to what they are preaching about

  7. I believe global warming is a reality. Never-ending deforestations, factories, and use of fossil fuel by millions and millions of cars all over the world are the culprits causing global warming.

  8. I LOVE global warming! I can live without snow. Unfortunately, this is all just make-believe. In fact, it snowed last night. (Frowny face)

  9. This no more than pure unadulterated bull shit, no peer studies given to back these claims. Plus it goes against all the peer reviews out there. We have not been making accurate weather recording long enough to determine actual factual finding to make comparisons.

  10. And the NOAA scientists in 1971 said that Europe would be cover in a glacier by the year 2000 … what happened ? … I’m in eastern Ontario and it’s snowing right now … not to mention it was pretty dam cold yesterday ….

  11. Airports in Europe closed due to blizzards, 3-4 feet of snow in western New York and big accumulations in Western U.S. all before 1st week of December. So much for global warming.

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