Women prefer spending time with smartphone more than their partner

Forget tall, dark, and handsome. It turns out women may prefer small, lightweight, and compact.

A recent study found that British women spend on average 12 hours more a week on their mobile phones checking emails, sending texts, or browsing social media than they do spending time with their partner.

Women prefer mobile phones to partnerPerhaps more disturbing is that the researchers found if people are unable to be on their phones, it leads to stress, anger and panic. A fifth of those surveyed said it would be harder to be without a phone for a week than their partner, and one in six said they were entirely dependent on their mobile phones.

The study, conducted by researchers with Bausch + Lomb Ultra contact lenses, also found that more than a quarter of adults check personal email on their phones, one in ten will check work email, and half will keep tabs on social media — during their honeymoon!

All this relationship strain may have another unintended result: eye strain.

“All of this interaction and addiction with our digital devices creates problems for our eyes,” Psychologist Chireal Shallow told The Sun. “More than half say their eyes feel tired at the end of the day.”

This post was originally published November 27, 2016.


  1. “….A fifth of those surveyed said it would be harder to be without a phone for a week than their partner…”.

    This is sick. These compulsive addicts need to get their priorities in order. Oh. It appears they already have. Devices are now more vitally important than their own spouse. What has the world come to ?

    This is one of the symptoms of what happens when humanity loses touch with and rejects God. It will get much worse. Transhumanism is now the trend. Ultimately the globalist elite aim to have us all merged with machine based A.I. intelligence. It’s called “the Singularity”.

  2. Forget Tinder, Instagram is the number one, under-the-radar, dating app. Women using it are often never in a relationship even when married; they are one-foot-in-one-out at all times. If you asked most women they could have the Man of their Dreams but the catch was they had to give up all their apps, they would choose The Apps. The attention, validation and dope hits their likes give are more of a priority than any man, especially if past the honeymoon high. If interested in taking a woman seriously find one who doesn’t have a smartphone; you may have to travel far, wide and abroad. Those seeking validation on insta-fiend have short lived happiness that results in dissatisfied lives, and like any desperate junkie they are always chasing the next notification “to -feel- normal.”

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