How do you spell ‘independence’? Turns out 1 in 3 Americans have no idea!

Survey reveals that 2 in 3 young adults don’t know who America declared its independence from in 1776!

NEW YORK — Independence Day may be synonymous with summer, but a new survey finds many Americans should go back to school! It turns out one in three people don’t know how to spell “independence” — and even fewer know why Americans celebrate on the Fourth of July!

Specifically, the poll of 1,030 Americans, commissioned by, found over a third spell independence incorrectly. Moreover, researchers add that internet searches for “how to spell independence” skyrocket by 85 percent during the July 4th holiday weekend.

The most common way people misspell this important word in the American lexicon is by using an “a” — spelling it “independance.”

Other common misspellings include independense, indpendence, indiependence, and independents — which is actually a real word, but there’s no such thing as Independents Day.

Are you an indepen-dunce?

Spelling isn’t the only thing giving many people trouble on the Fourth of July. The survey also discovered that plenty of respondents deserve an F in American history.

As most elementary school students could tell you, July 4th commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 — signaling the nation’s freedom from British rule. However, the poll found two in three young adults in Gen Z don’t know who America declared its independence from.

In fact, one in three Gen Zers think July 4th celebrates America’s independence from the Native Americans!

Overall, less than 58 percent of all respondents correctly answered that America gained its freedom from Great Britain. Nearly eight percent said “Europe.” Over eight percent said “South America” and more than 12 percent chose “none of the above!” Perhaps these respondents think the sci-fi blockbuster “Independence Day” is a documentary.

July 4th knowledge

The embarrassing American trivia doesn’t end there. The poll also found plenty of people who need a refresher course on the American flag.

One in 10 respondents didn’t know how many stripes are on the American flag. While red, white, and blue may be easy to remember, the poll finds the average American thinks there are 14 stripes on the flag — instead of the correct answer of 13, which symbolize the original 13 colonies.

So, regardless of how you spell it, Happy independance… independense… (oh, the heck with it) Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. This is what happens when you have too many immigrants. You get a country of retards who dont know anything about America and the Gen Z lost 2 years of school because of covid so they will be retards as well. America is doomed in roughly 20 years. Its over, start preparing now. The democrats f**ked us for votes

    1. Doomed for 20 years?

      LOL.. You have been doomed for the last 40 years.

      And while you were jabbering nonsense about “American exceptionalism”, the world was laughing at you, and your obvious path to oblivion.

      Americans can now smell the rotting flesh of their country, but can’t believe that they have been an ignorant and willing participant in their own nation’s death.

      Civil War is upon you.

  2. Reporters claims do not align with his chart. As a former mathematics teacher, I find this poorly written inaccurate story to be very sad.

  3. Not shocked they are taught now if they are a boy they should be a girl and vice versa and they owe blacks a living and to trust a lying corrupt government to get the vaccines and it is normal to have two daddys and two mommies and it is OK to kill a unborn miracle from God and that God does not exist and we wonder why things are like they are now fighting to stop oppression is not important anymore If they read history they would see every race and nationality was slaves in the USA I think the Indians got it the worse I have heard whites called ho’s crackers racist and honkies but I have not heard what they call another black like those in Chicago and other places who kill blacks I guess because it is OK because it is a black killing a black. How come the news doesn’t report the black cops who kill blacks and whites

    1. David Allan Smith, is a trained barking dog, and is upset that the world is leaving him behind.

      Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… Poor Baby…

      We will rattle a rattle in honor of you when you come to your end.

      Then we will laugh.

  4. Vendicar you mock Trump and loathe Republicans so tell me you wisdom on Joe Biden Hunter Biden The Clinton’s Aoc Pelosi you must love those people would you like me to go down the list??

    1. Hunter Biden like his Sister are drug abusers who are self destructive.

      Biden sees the world correctly, but like most of the old geezers in the Democratic party, they lack the guts to take on and wipe out the Republicans.

      So in the coming American Civil war, bullets will be used to do that.

  5. My last comment was not allowed so much for free speech Maybe thought I would hyrt someones feelings get over it

    1. That is odd because above, one Republican writes…

      “The failed California liberal experiment is proof of where the country is going. What good has come out of California? Yet liberals are enthralled with it. Failure since the late 90’s has caught up with the state. Now a plague that has crept into everything it touches nationwide.

      Bring on the the civil war, I have a bullet for ever liberal media member that pushes communism, death of America, and the “me” agenda.”

  6. my comments all not allowed I will just get off this site when you can’t voice your opinion then you become a slave

    1. America is rife with censorship.

      Typically in America, censorship allows Republicans to spread lies, while the truth is censored.

      Americans hate free speech.

  7. Nowadays the comments section of every online article is full of Americans tearing each other apart. This is particularly depressing when it’s about 4th of July ‘celebrations’. It looks like you all want independence from each other!

    Interesting article. I think it’s universally common that a lot of people no longer understand the origins of their most famous national holidays and celebrations.

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